what router is compatible Huawei e3372

By | 10.12.2018

What routers are compatible Huawei e3372

To check the compatibility Huaweie3372 with the routers, should first read the enclosed technical documentation.

Very often it is present in the list, which contains all models of routers, routers that are maintained by the manufacturer. You should not purchase the device if it for some reason in the list is missing.


One of the most popular models of the routers which are, without any special problems identify and collaborate with Huawei modem 33372, is the TP-LinkTL-MR3442.

С какими роутерами совместим Huawei e3372

This machine has many advantages:

  • stylish design;
  • low price;
  • extraordinary ease of configuration.

    С какими роутерами совместим Huawei e3372

Camera quite nice looks, it has stylish body. An important advantage is the large coverage area – this model is available in two antenna. If for some reason a large area of coverage is not required, you can save a few hundred rubles, acquiring TL-MR3220. It differs from TL-MR3442 is only in the absence of the second antenna.

The most important advantage is the maximum ease of configuration. Immediately after purchase you can simply insert the device into a power outlet and connect the USB modem. After which Internet will immediately begin to be heard.


Asus RT-N13U

Very popular unit is the AsusRT-N13U.

It has the following advantages in front of their analogues:

  • constructive;
  • a large number of different settings;
  • stability.

    С какими роутерами совместим Huawei e3372

The first thing that catches the eye when viewed AsusRT-N113U that. It is installed in a vertical position on a broad base. This means saving a large enough amount of free space on the table or elsewhere.

This model is extremely stable. The percentage of defects of similar devices from Asus is minimal, because you can take RT-N113U without fear of any problems, problems. The only difficulty may be the setting. Because immediately after connecting the USB modem machine work alone will not.

The configuration is as follows:

  • open the WEB interface and click on the «USB application»;
  • USBмодем open the tab, put a check next to «YES»;

    С какими роутерами совместим Huawei e3372

  • page changes, you will need to enter details regarding the location as well as choosing an ISP;

    С какими роутерами совместим Huawei e3372

  • click on «apply», the router will restart independently.

After the restart all settings must be applied, AsusRT-N13U begins to self-distribute online.

Zyxel Keenetic 4G

Zyxel is one of the leading manufacturers of various wireless devices. Model called Keenetic 4GII is a device providing for the connection of the USB modem.

Considering the router has the following main advantages:

  • small dimensions and weight;
  • wide operating temperature range from 00 to +400C;
  • simple and intuitive web interface to implement the settings.

    С какими роутерами совместим Huawei e3372

But the most important advantage is the ability to maintain network type 4G. This allows you to work in a global network the Internet on extremely high speeds.

Features of using USB modem in conjunction with router

All devices of this type can be connected to each other by using special USB extender. Moreover, its length should be no more than 3 meters, as otherwise there is the likelihood of communication problems, the signal simply may be lost due to the large resistance.

If the choice fell on some already taken from production model or just released, be sure to verify compatibility with Huaweie 3372.

С какими роутерами совместим Huawei e3372

To carry out this operation can be a variety of ways:

  • to view technical information on the official website;
  • call support;
  • explore forums on the Internet.

You must also remember that if there are any problems with USB modem problems can occur because of outdated firmware. Sometimes it is enough just to update the software of the router or «whistle». Sometimes it happens on the contrary – immediately after upgrading the connection between the devices is lost. In this case you need to rollback the firmware back.

Today the modem Huaweie3372 is one of the most popular and in demand. And its speed allows you to comfortably surf the Internet to multiple users. That is why it makes sense to distribute channel using Wi-Fi router.

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