What most users want Windows 10 Technical Preview

By | 11.12.2018

What most users want Windows 10 Technical Preview

When it was launched a program testing Windows 10, Microsoft from the first minute made it clear that the goal is to collect feedback that by the time the final release to get a quality product that meets the wishes of users. Specifically for this Windows 10 Technical Preview comes with the preinstalled Windows Feedback app through which anyone can share with Microsoft your reviews.

Floor Turret received privileged access to the list of features or improvements that are most requested by users testing the Tech Preview. On his website he has published the ten most popular ideas of beta testers.

It is noteworthy that the list of the most requested features consists mainly cosmetic or minor changes. This may indicate that the preview version of Windows 10 is very good from the point of view of usability.

In particular, users are asked to Microsoft has added an animation or transition when opening menu «start». It was voted 353 of the user. In the same plane cosmetic changes, but with 293 votes, there is the proposal to add a beautiful boot screen.

Many users also propose to add an option that will allow you to move or hide the new Search button and/or Task View, located in the taskbar next to the start button. In total, these two queries are collected 701 voice, of which 286 votes were for the option to remove the search button from the taskbar.

In the category of «200 to 300 votes» came the suggestion to add the ability to select multiple tiles in start menu, using the CTRL key (as is currently done on the start screen in Windows 8.1). 296 users want Microsoft back traditional access the Charms bar, that is, by hovering the mouse cursor over the upper-right corner of the screen.

Чего больше всего хотят пользователи Windows 10 Technical Preview

Others have drawn attention to the inconsistency of the interface, asking Microsoft to unify Modern-app «PC Settings» (and thus to abandon the «control Panel»). It was voted 277 people, but half of Turret notes that Microsoft is unlikely to agree to this, but the expansion of the number of options available in «PC Settings», it is possible.

The visual system was designed in the same style, testers suggest (271 votes) completely update the icons. Most of the icons in the Technical Preview has not changed since the days of Windows Vista, but some have already been updated. This work will certainly continue and likely be completed in several stages.

Another popular query (329 votes) is to facilitate the use of local accounts. Local accounts can be used in Windows 8 and in Windows 10, but Microsoft carefully hides this ability. This is due to the new focus the company on cloud services, so it encourages users to use a Microsoft account.

And finally, last, but, in my opinion, the most useful suggestions: allow individual backgrounds and folders/shortcuts on virtual desktops (266 votes) and add tabs to file Explorer for managing multiple instances of Windows in single (this request, which is scored 325 votes, Microsoft is unable to perform for nearly a decade).

What do you think about these proposals? If you them common sense? Remember that by participating in the program Windows Insider, you can affect decision-making Microsoft about the future direction of Windows 10.

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