What means the unification of Windows?

By | 11.12.2018

What exactly does the unification of Windows?

Microsoft has already made significant progress in the implementation of the plan for the consolidation of operating systems, and comments of Satya Nadella just confirmed the serious intentions of the company to take decisive steps in this direction.

So what does the statement that the next version of Windows will combine the three major platforms of Microsoft? Mary Jo Foley of ZDNet has tried to systematize information and to weed out speculation, which appeared on the Internet. One thing will remain unchanged – the company will continue to offer different versions of Windows aimed at different users and needs – for business, for consumers, OEMs, etc.

1. Windows is developed by one team, which works from July 2013, when the group was formed Operating System under the leadership of Terry Myerson. It works on Windows Phone, Windows Embedded, Windows (for PCs and tablets) and operating system on the Xbox One.

2. The platform will use one core. Windows Phone, Windows 8, Windows RT, and Windows Server using the NT kernel, on which the company builds additional components depending on the purpose (for computers, phones or gaming consoles) specific software.

3. Microsoft will introduce a single store across all platforms, although serious steps to join the Windows Phone Store and Windows Store have already been taken. This can be done after the release of the next version of Windows Phone and Windows, which is codenamed Threshold. However, it is not clear whether the store is a place for apps for the Xbox.

4. The company is developing a single platform for developers, which will allow you to use a written application in all versions of Windows. Much of this is already available and the authors of the software for Windows and Windows Phone can use without changes a significant part of the source code for creating generic applications.

: ZDNet

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