What is waiting for Windows 7 after October 31

By | 09.12.2018

What is waiting for Windows 7 after October 31

Windows 7 remains the most popular operating system from Microsoft. Despite the wide distribution, this version of Windows is moving to the end of the mainstream support phase, but before the operating system has to overcome another stage, which will be reduced the product life cycle.

Starting from October 31, Microsoft will no longer provide its partners and PC manufacturers to Windows 7 Home Basic, Home Premium and/or Ultimate to preinstall on new PCs. OEMs to continue to sell the inventory a PC with these editions of the operating system, but will no longer be able to buy a new copy.

The foregoing does not apply to PCs with Windows 7 Professional, which will be sold, and further, because Microsoft has not yet decided on the date of termination of sales to OEMs this edition. End of sales of all editions of Windows 7 (Home Basic, Home Premium, Ultimate and Professional) end-users was authorized in October 2013.

The termination of sales of Windows 7 to OEMs and should not be confused with the main phase of support, which ends January 13, 2015 Extended support will continue until 14 January 2020.

In fact, for users who are already using a computer with Windows 7 after October 31 will not change anything. Those who are only going to buy a computer, will still be able to find the device with pre-installed Windows 7 Pro. However, computers running other editions of the OS, which still have in stock from the manufacturers and distributors, will gradually disappear from the shelves.

: ZDNet

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