What is toner on a printer

By | 10.12.2018

What is toner on a printer

Any special equipment, including printers, needs professional maintenance and periodic refilling of cartridges with the coloring substance.

Common print this category is a laser printer that uses toner. Laser printing device is widely demanded in companies and organizations working with large volumes of documentation.

What it is

The toner is a fusible particulate matter (dust), produced in the laboratory from a special polymer material and is designed for use in laser printer cartridges and copier devices.

Что такое тонер на принтере

Original toner powder was prepared by crushing the source material until the particles of faceted shape. As a result of experiments were obtained in more convenient types of spherical particles.

Modern particles have rounded outlines. The substance of such a shape provides better clarity of the resulting images, gradation colors and smooth shades, and also prevents rapid wear (abrasion) of the printing mechanism of the equipment.

What is a toner

Toner is:

  • magnetic. Consumable material has the possibility of interaction with the magnetic shaft without a mediator while serving on the drum.

    Что такое тонер на принтере

  • non-magnetic. In this case, the filler is not in contact with the shaft (magnetic) independently. The move is performed by using media (developer).

Usually the quality of the first type contains only the filler of black color.

The powder of the cartridge is divided into the following types:

  • original;
  • compatible.

The first type is issued for a certain specific model of the printing apparatus by manufacturers. Manufacturers warranty not only on the printing device, but also on the powder, as expendable in original quality.

It includes samples produced by third-party manufacturers for use in printers of famous brands. Universal compatible toner can meet under the name of the licensed toner. Often, the cost of powder is a quality indicator. Indicator of compatibility is important for the normal operation of the printing device.

The filler comes in four colors: black, cyan (blue), yellow, red (Magenta). This color scheme is called CMYK (the first symbols English symbols). Monochrome samples of work using cartridges, only one color (black), full color apparatus used all 4 colors.

Video: Refill color cartridge

The pros and cons

Among the advantages of the technology of laser printing stands out with incredible speed. This indicator is important for consumers interested in high productivity of the apparatus.

  • Laser printers are able to withstand enormous loads, which are not reflected in the quality of text documents. The resulting text maintains the saturation and clarity, as well as nativamente through the use of a special toner cartridge.
  • A fully filled cartridge lasts for a considerable number of instances of a text document, and upon exhaustion of the ink cartridge can perenapravit. Thanks to this technology the cost per page low.

Что такое тонер на принтере

The disadvantages of laser devices and cartridges include the inability to print color images of high quality even on the most expensive models. This means the unavailability of the printers transfer powder number of colors of the picture, their depth and saturation. Therefore, for color printing the preferred inkjet counterpart.

  • Toner carries a great danger for human health. Microscopic powder particles to freely penetrate into the body through the respiratory tract simultaneously with the air (for breathing).
  • The interaction with refilling the cartridges or repair of printing equipment requires strict compliance with safety regulations, the use of filter respirator and a special toner vacuum cleaner.
  • The implementation of the substance produced in sealed vials (jars) or bags. You can’t buy the stuff in bulk and packaging with a broken seal.

The principle of operation of the printer

With a laser apparatus is provided for printing the print quality in black and white, and results with the design in the available color shades.

The functioning of laser printer is based on the photoelectric principle of xerography, providing for the presence of certain elements of the device:

  • scan unit (laser);
  • the transfer device of the image;
  • element to fix the image.

Что такое тонер на принтере

Device image transfer is typically a cartridge and the charger roller transfer. In some models instead of laser is used in more cheap led scan.

The main element of the laser printer selenium rotating drum coated with photoconductive semiconductor charge transfer image on paper. During printing on the surface of the high-voltage current, which distributes the electrostatic charge across the surface of the drum.

Что такое тонер на принтере

Further, the laser discharge portion in the drum, which should form the image for transfer to paper. The drum rolls over the toner, which sticks to the charged beam. The electrified sheet of paper under high temperature equal to the melting point of the toner is moved between the rollers and the drum, pulling the particles of the coloring element.

Compatibility table of toners in laser printers

Color laser devices for printing are a collection of monochrome printers in the same housing, with 4 drums and 4 cartridges. Each cartridge contains toner for color laser printer one colour. The image is formed alternately for 4 passing for each CMYK color model. The laser devices are not very high speed and the high cost of color printing.

Что такое тонер на принтере

For laser devices the compatibility of the fillers means the permissibility to operate with consumables of the same model on different devices. The market presents a large variety of compatible cartridges and toners for printers of different manufacturers and models.

Application instead of a single cartridge offers other manufacturer or another brand greatly simplifies the process of acquiring supplies. The result when using interchangeable powders virtually indistinguishable from the print using original materials.

Printer (Fax, MFP)

Compatible model:

Good result

Mediocre results


X-X DocuPrint Р8е

X-X Phaser 31xx/32xx

Epson 5200/5700

X-X Phaser 31xx-32xx

Samsung ML-1210, X-X P8


LaserJet 4 (4M, 4+, 4M+)

LJ 4000

LJ 1100

LJ 4L/4P (4ML/4MP)

LJ 5P/6P

LJ 4200


LJ 5L/6L (5ML/6ML)

LJ 1100

LJ 5P/6P (5MP/6MP)

LJ 1200, 2100

LJ 1100

LJ 5Si/MX/NX, Mopier, 8000

LJ 1000 (1005-1200-1220)

LJ 1100-1200-210

LJ 5L/6L

LJ P1002-1003-1004-1005 (P1006-1007-1008-1009)

LJ 2400 (2410-2420-2430)

LJ 2100 (2200-2300-2400-4000-4100-4200)

LJ 4000 (4050-4100)

LJ 4

LJ 1100

LJ 8100-8150, Mopier320

LJ 4000

LJ 1100

Color LJ CP1210 (1215-1510)

Color LJ 1500, 2500

CLJ 2600, 3600, 4600


Samsung ML-1210-1710

X-X P8, Phaser 31xx

Samsung ML-2510-70-71

Samsung ML-1210, Xerox P8 Phaser 31xx

Konica, Minolta

Minolta 1200W

Epson 5200/5700

X-X P8

Konica 1380MF

Epson EPL 5000/5500

Samsung 1210

Toner for the printer allows you to get a quick and high quality results when printing text and images, despite certain shortcomings. These characteristics contributed to the wide spread universal devices have different categories of users, facilitating work with large amounts of textual information.

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