What is the card reader in the computer

By | 10.12.2018

What is a card reader in the computer

Understanding computer technology, often the question arises: what is a reader? To answer it, is more detail to understand this topic. This thing has long been popular. It is used by professionals and ordinary fans, who often have to transfer information from one place to another.

What it is

Kartrider is a device for reading various information from a memory card on the computer. This is a convenient and fast way of data transmission. A similar thing could work with a large number of different memory card formats that are used in phones, cameras, camcorders.

Что такое картридер в компьютере

The reading of information in this case is faster than using external usb, which typically goes to completion with digital technology. Moreover, in this case no need to install special software. Card is inserted is displayed as a removable disk.

The readers have different sizes and shapes. They may be portable and built. For every expert there is an option that is most convenient for him. Everything will depend on its purpose and functions that it has spawned.

Portable devices

The most popular and popular are portable device. They are made in the form of a stick. They have the same small weight and size. The exterior design of such things can be different, bright and interesting. For some it is essential.

Что такое картридер в компьютере

The main features of portable devices include:

  1. maintaining from 1 to 5 formats.
  2. low cost;
  3. various materials (leather, metal, plastic, etc.);
  4. the transmission speed of data is limited to USB 2.0.

The choice of a particular portable device will primarily depend on what format it should support. Most frequently chosen product for microsd cards, because they are most common. This format is found in most phones and some cameras.

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Selection criteria

Before you choose the equipment and make a purchase, you should consider the main criteria.

These include:

  1. the purpose of the product;
  2. diversity support type cards;
  3. speed;
  4. additions of modern devices;
  5. to combine with the OS.

Each criterion has its own characteristics. If you make the right choice, then this product will benefit and serve for the purpose.


On the readers in the first place are divided into external and internal. The first of them are portable. They can easily connect to computer and disconnect from him. They can, however, take up more space. The second is mounted in the system unit. Porting them will not work, but they are comfortable, don’t take up any extra space.

Что такое картридер в компьютере

The choice of equipment depends on the basic needs in it. In the case when need to transfer information from one computer to another, then it is better to choose a universal card reader that can be easily removed. Otherwise, it will be enough built-in products.

Regardless of the destination, the connection is via USB connector. If you need a good speed, then it is better to choose an internal device, because due to the lack of a USB cord will not occur in the damping voltage.

Support diversity maps

Any reader contains a hole for memory card. There may be several. The total number depends on how many formats supported by the specific hardware.

It can be:

  1. mini;
  2. microSD;
  3. SD, Memory Stick;
  4. SDHC;
  5. Compact Flash and more. .

Что такое картридер в компьютере

Every year this list will be amended, because technological progress does not stand still – new model.

When you purchase a certain type of card reader in the first place should consider the need and advisability of its use. Do not buy a product that will work with a large number of different kinds of media, if not expected to use them. You need to evaluate which ones are most popular and what is supposed to interact.

Note that the cost of the product depends entirely on the number of supported formats. The more, the higher the price. You can save by buying a small product with a minimum number of connectors. That is why today’s popular card readers micro usb, which is designed for one card and have the small size.


Many the choice of paying attention to the speed and data transfer. This is another criterion, which is of some importance. On most media of this type you can see the inscription 480 or 500 Mbit/s. However, these speed limits relevant for USB 2.0 ports.

The last computers are available with USB 3.0 ports. In this case, the reader will be able to maintain a speed of about 5 Gbps. This is a pretty great value.

Что такое картридер в компьютере

She maintained, it is necessary to pay attention to new models of readers. The reader should also be high speed. Otherwise, despite the USB 3.0 port, the values do not exceed 500 Mbps.

In the case when the product needs to work, and every time you have to carry a large amount of information and different data on the computer, you should consider the goods at high speed. Otherwise, a simple element with average speed values.

The add-on modern devices

Today you can buy the equipment that equipped with additional functions. First and foremost is the USB port. It can be one or several. In some cases this is very convenient because it can also be used as a storage device. You can buy this product that in appearance looks like a normal USB flash drive.

There is a disadvantage of such add-ons. First and foremost is the reduction of data rate. The less additions in this case there is, the faster it will work. Despite this, this option is quite convenient, so popular.

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When choosing be sure to look for compatibility with the operating system. The reader usually has its own software. It tunes and synchronized equipment. It is sufficient to do this once, after which you can without any settings to use any memory cards.

Modern products are synchronized with the most popular operating systems. If you’re running Windows, then most likely the driver will have to go in the kit. Much more complicated is the situation with the Macintosh. She’s not very popular, so the drivers for it in the kit may not be. All this must be clarified before purchase.

How does the reader

The appearance of the reader will depend entirely on its purpose. It can be internal, external or compact. Each of them has their own design features.


Built-in card reader has a large size. It is installed in the computer compartment, which has a size of 2.5 and 5.25 inches. It has a few sockets of different sizes. The way it looks can be seen here:

Что такое картридер в компьютере

Buying a new computer, you can pay attention to the fact that many models already have built nests under sticks have different formats. If not, you can purchase this functional part separately and insert it into the computer. While outwardly, they look pretty compact.

It all depends on how many jacks in the box.


External items are separate from the body. They can be moved to any place, and they are connected to USB port. That is why they can have different shapes and sizes. They look like you can see in the picture:

Что такое картридер в компьютере

This type has a large number of connectors, so its dimensions are quite bulky. You can pick up and at least functional thing in which there is only 1 or 2 connector USB flash drive. In this case, it is possible to observe a more compact size. During transport will not have problems, because this version can be stored in the bag with the laptop.


There is a more compact version which looks like a small stick. It can be worn just in my pocket. It looks pretty simple and may have a different design. Such an option:

Что такое картридер в компьютере

Compact size is possible while using the minimum number of cards. In this case, can be used 1 or 2 different formats. In most cases this may be sufficient, often because such a thing is acquired for a specific flash drive that is available in the camera, camcorder, phone or any other device.

Having considered what the reader and what is it for, it becomes clear that this thing is really useful. Without it, professional photographers, programmers and people working with large amount of information, can not quickly cope with their work.

Considering all the features of the selection criteria discussed above, it is possible to find such a thing, which will really help in the work.

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