what is the advantage of licensing programs?

By | 10.12.2018

Why a licensed program is better?

The computer is no longer a simple computing machine, which was required to be the work of only scientists and engineers. Now it is a universal device to work with any information and use computers to millions of people around the world. Now a laptop or a personal computer in the house is no longer a luxury in the family can be two or even three devices. But the spread of this technology even more acutely raises the question about the use of unlicensed software.

В чем преимущество лицензионных программ?

And now there is talk about licensing the software to see the benefits of installing such programs, to «pirate». And that’s just part of the advantages:

  • Legal purity. The most important and in many cases ignore the advantage. Installing unlicensed software is in conflict with the law. That is, the user of these programs can be punished by law.
  • Technical support. When using the programs often have errors or questions on their use. But only if you are installing the licensed products, you will be able to apply for quality customer support from the developers. All dishonest users will have to solve their problems themselves more complex the long way.
  • Update. Virtually no programs without errors. Because all companies constantly release updates to their products. Often the installation of such updates is not just eliminates unwanted problems programs, but also adds features, improves usability, and so on. But if the licensed products receive updates from the developer quickly and conveniently, to unlicensed software should check for updates online and pick up codes and keys, to be able to install something or
  • Additional components. The developers themselves often offer you extra components to their programs. It is usually convenient additional modules that will be more useful.
  • Reliability and protection. Only licensed software guarantee stable operation of your personal computer for a long time. What pirated program to guarantee not able to, because often they change the code for installation without a licence, which affects their proper operation.
  • The justification of costs. The money spent on licenses for software allow the company, which is developing to hire highly skilled programmers. That is, paying for the license, you make the programs better and safer.

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