What is SSHD drive

By | 10.12.2018

What is SSHD drive

Today, there are a large number of different types of devices for recording, storing and processing information. One of the most sought-after developments, already firmly entered our life, the SSHD is a hybrid device.

He is a regular hard disk, is provided with a section of solid state memory. The principle of operation of this device a kind.


A device of this type appeared some time ago, almost immediately after it was put into serial production of various kinds of solid state drives SSD style. The latter had very high performance and other advantages. But also had a little exorbitant cost relative to regular hard drives.

Что такое SSHD-накопитель

A way out of this situation was the hard disk of a hybrid type. He, in contrast to their more simple counterparts arranged, is supplied with not only the usual pancakes, rotating on a special spindle, but also the memory chip.

This kind of engineering solution is to combine two different types of memory in a single package – has reduced the cost of computers and increase their productivity.

In order to understand what is SSHD, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the device. The most important difference from the usual hard drive – the presence of memory chips.


Consider the type of device for storing and processing data consists of two main parts:

• solid state memory;

Что такое SSHD-накопитель

• hard drives.

Что такое SSHD-накопитель

Hard disks can be made of aluminum or glass plates coated in any ferromagnetic material. Solid state memory is a chip, writing data to it is non-mechanical way.

Plate, rotating on a special spindle, placed in a hermetically closed chamber filled with nitrogen or other similar gas. He is cleared of impurities, humidity its minimum. A dual cleaning system in case in containment gets dust or other foreign particles. Inside the case there is a three-phase synchronous motor and also head for reading and writing data.

The principle of operation

The principle of operation of the SSHD-the device is very simple. Arrays to record data are conventional metal discs with a special coating. Information is written into them when using the tunneling magnetoresistive effect. The resulting impact of this effect, the magnetic field affect the resistance of the magnetic disc surface. Which leads to a change of the magnetization vector of individual elements.

Similarly to read data. The head floats above the metal surface and the process is reversed – the surface resistance of the plate affects the magnetic field of the writing head. The information obtained is analyzed and decrypted.

Что такое SSHD-накопитель

The principle of operation of the hybrid drive is completely different from ordinary hard drive. In fact, this chip is a flash memory, which records various kinds of data. Speed it much higher than the standard hard drive.

The essence of the hybrid SSHD is that to embed permanently stored information are used metal plates. The use of solid-state part of the device is performed only after operating system is started. On it are written the files to which the system goes continuously. Thus, access to them is greatly simplified and accelerated.

It is due to this increases the speed of operation. As the interface is used for connection interface called SATA.

Что такое SSHD-накопитель


If you compare the speed of file transfers of conventional drive and hybrid, it will be almost the same. Have SSHD it will be slightly faster, speed boost, at the expense of solid state memory will be maximum 15%. But the difference becomes very apparent when you measure the speed of file access. This option in all applications for testing is referred to as Access Time.

For comparison, we can use the two most common models:

  • the usual drive – Seagate 500 GB ST500LT;

    Что такое SSHD-накопитель

  • hybrid – ST500LM Seagate 500 GB.

    Что такое SSHD-накопитель

The speed of data access when using ST500LT will be 24.2 m/s. ST500LM HAVE similar characteristics will be 0.3 m/s. Thus, the difference in performance is very large.

The best way to see the difference in performance when testing in any specialized work. For example, in PCMark 05.

Что такое SSHD-накопитель

Where better to use a SSHD drive?

Considering the drives are used in laptops, and in traditional, stationary computers. That is why is available as standalone version – 3.5 inches, and reduced. There is also a large number of models whose thickness is in the range of 7 mm. Because they are quite often used in laptops.

Что такое SSHD-накопитель

Often drives with SSD additional memory used in laptops, as these devices suffer from a lack of performance. This is due to the compactness of the hardware. And solid state drive allows you to compensate for the deficiency. But also often to be found considering the disk in a normal, desktop PC.

A brief overview

Most sales can be found the model, labeled as Seagate Laptop Thin SSHD. You can also find his review, in appearance it can be confused with the conventional disk drive with two metal plates coated ferromagnetic coating.

The model has dimensions of 2.5 inches. The process of data exchange through the interface under the label SATA 6. The internal memory is 500 GB. The spindle speed is not very big, only 5400 rpm./min.

Что такое SSHD-накопитель

Other performance characteristics are outstanding:

  • power consumption – 0.9 W;
  • the level of noise – 2.2 dB;
  • shock – 350/1000 g;
  • dimensions:
  1. length – 100.35 mm;
  2. height – 70.1 mm;
  3. depth – 7 mm;
  • weight – 95 g

Compact size, durability and low power consumption make the considered drive is simply indispensable when assembling laptops of the last generation. It allows to significantly increase productivity, reduce total weight.

Soon to be in transition to hybrid and solid-state storage device. As this area has large potential for development.

Extremely high speed allows a greater number of operations in the shortest period of time. Solid state permanent memory – a big step into a new future.

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