What is SAP system

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What is SAP system

System ERP SAP ERP covers all areas of financial and managerial accounting, personnel management, operational activities and services of the company. Provides full functionality necessary for the implementation of information services self-service Analytics.

Automation in industry has become a familiar process. Intelligent controllers control the technological processes in modern enterprises of all industries, transferring information to computers for analysis and decision-making person.

To automate managerial decision with a controller is impossible, therefore, developed and are successfully being implemented worldwide integrated systems such as SAP, which is a designer of interrelated modules to manage the production process.


A little bit about the company and product


Что такое SAP система

In 1972 in Germany by five former IBM employees founded SAP (System Analysis and programme Development). Their goal was to develop a standard software that integrates all business processes across the enterprise in real time.


After twenty-five years SAP has become the undisputed leader in the niche of automation in the enterprise resource planning (Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP). Today it is a Corporation, with branches and affiliated offices in all industrialized countries.

Что такое SAP система

In Russia the company’s history for 20 years. The first office of this international Corporation was opened in Moscow in 1992. Today with offices in St. Petersburg, Novosibirsk, Yekaterinburg, Rostov-on-don; Russian language became one of the major languages, localization of software products from SAP, more than 1,000 employees Russians implements basic software solutions.


What it is


SAP ERP corporate information system based on the methodology of ERP (enterprise resource planning) and aimed at achieving the optimality of the business process.


For large state-owned industrial giants needs a stable execution of the state order within the agreed time, private industry is more important than profits and return of equipment.

Что такое SAP система

The projects implemented with SAP, we help both public and private entities to optimize costs and to achieve the planned objectives at each stage of the production cycle. Thus, the basis of managerial decision-making individual laid methods and principles are only relevant in a particular case.


SAP ERP system allows the Manager to see the production process in real time, while not delving into the essence of problems, to correctly assess the dynamics of the processes in the enterprise.


video: SAP ERP — introduction



The main modules of the program


The accounting and control necessary in any business, in business, every percentage of profit on the account, so the introduction of information systems that reduce routine operations by more than 50 %, to show the transparency of the processes of production and give an easy access to any desired information is the path to the efficient working of the company. The architecture of SAP new generation allows you to effectively solve a variety of challenges facing the enterprise.

Что такое SAP система

All the key areas of activity:


    • operations management;


    • areas of accounting (accounting, Finance, warehouse, transport);


    • planning and control;


    • frames.


In the system there is not only broad functionality, but complete integration between modules.


A set of standard modules designed to control all spheres of activities is given below.


    • Module FI (Finance). One of the main, centralizes accounting data and financial management. Performs operations with creditors, debtors, improve the quality and timing of reporting;


    • Module AM (fixed assets). This includes all aspects of asset management: planning, control, repair and maintenance services throughout the cycle of operation of the equipment;


    • Module CO (Controlling). It considers the costs and profit. Forms of planned and actual cost, allows you to respond quickly to market changes, produces conditions for quality managerial decisions;


    • PS (Projects). The application module that works with a specific object that allows you to track a project using graphic elements, network graphs, charts, scheduling;


    • Module MM (Material flows). Solves the issues of logistics and inventory management by optimizing material procurement, warehouse management. Closely integrated with the financial module FI;


    • SD (Sales and distribution). Organizes the business processes for shipping and selling products with automatically billed results reporting.


    • PM (technical Maintenance and repair of equipment). Automatiseret processes of repair of the equipment, allows you to schedule preventive maintenance with further control;


    • QM (Control and quality management). Organizes planning and quality control for manufacturing and procurement. Interacts with MM;


    • HR (human resources). System to work with the staff, ranging from payroll, to hiring of new employees. This includes training, retraining of personnel and organizational management;


    • WF (Information flows). Information automated according to certain rules with the use of special procedures. E-mail, document management, integration with CAD software an integral part of the module;


    • IS (Industry solutions). Describes particular functionality that corresponds to a particular branch of production.

Additions to the package


The need for updates in the software caused by life itself, the constant movement forward of human thought. What was good 10 years ago is now in need of revision based on today’s realities. The company therefore SPA has developed a new strategy for the delivery of the software for their projects.


It’s the expansion packs that provide new functionality within a specific group of users, without affecting the architecture of the whole project.

Что такое SAP система

Today released the fourth update package that implements additional features in the area of financial management, procurement, sales, personnel, etc. It includes all previous updates, has additional capabilities and services on the WEB interface, it includes new industry-specific solutions.


An example is the RCM module is an electronic document. It is called the module of enterprise content management. A convenient element of work with documentation.


Stages of implementation


The implementation of any information system is a difficult process, a phased, long-term and expensive. But any phase of the proposed project should have a final product with a description.

Что такое SAP система

The startup process in the project SAP ERP can be divided into the following stages:


    • the creation of documentation about project management (order, Statute, schedule);


    • a survey of the automation object;


    • conceptual design. (the creation of a model of enterprise management);


    • phased implementation;


    • support and training of users.


The advantages of ERP package


What does the implementation of the system? Besides the fact that it is a very costly project, it’s also changing the management structure of the company. Therefore, to assess how the project works, without the analysis and evaluation of the effectiveness of the changes in the company impossible.

Что такое SAP система

And yet…the Implementation of programs of this class allows you to remove the pain points in the enterprise. These include transparency of production and inefficiency. The head of the company to understand «where it hurts», you need to examine the «symptoms». Here it helps to make such a system.


Even by automating a huge number of functions, it eliminates the inefficiencies of the human factor. Where a person spent to prepare the report, the system generates data in a few minutes.


Description SAP R3


On the Russian market the greatest popularity of the program SAP R3. What is it? This is a package of business applications that support in the latest 4.0 version of the full Internet access available for small and medium businesses according to price characteristics. The package allows for the standardization of internal business processes, increases efficiency of the enterprise.

Что такое SAP система

All the important areas of planning, production, control includes system. Built on the principles of client/server, it became accessible to medium-sized businesses.

Что такое SAP система

The implementation of such systems since 1995 allows us to conclude that today they operate in more than 40 countries. In Russia it is widely used for creation of the applications, holding the supply.


Increasingly, representatives of medium and small businesses realize the need for integrated automation of their businesses, contribute to innovation from SAP, which develops projects, affordable and the deadlines for this niche market, such as SAP «Finansing».


According to statistical surveys, 76% of the companies vote because IT is their helper in the business. The process of competition forces managers to come to the correct decision: to engage in the implementation of SAP projects.

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