What is not included iPhone 5s

By | 10.12.2018

What is not included iPhone 5s

Line iPhone is most popular phone in the world, breaking all sales records. After the purchase they become Pets. Agree, it is unpleasant would happen if one day the most beloved and expensive gadget will no longer be included.

How to enable iPhone 5s if it is not included? The solution to such problems will be discussed below.

Causes and solutions

The reasons for faulty iPhone 5s can be a lot, but the most common:

  • problems with the power controller;
  • after draining the battery the battery is deteriorated;
  • ingestion of water;
  • sudden changes in voltage;
  • problems with the battery;
  • broken charging connector;
  • incorrect flashing;
  • the use of low-quality car charger;
  • drop;
  • incorrect replacement of the display.

    Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

Problems with the power controller

The power controller is an element which is responsible for charge and correct operation of the battery device. For reasons of system can be poor quality charger (cheap Chinese fake original iPhone charger), the phone drop, the ingress of water.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

The interesting thing is that the failure of the power controller can be similar in symptoms to the damage the batteries, respectively, many are buying new battery. Imagine their surprise when the phone does not work with the new battery! So before something to make, we strongly advise you to take the device to service center, there will determine the exact cause of the failure.

If you broke the controller, it needs to be carefully resoldering. Yourself better not try, can ruin the charge, and it is not cheap, especially for iPhone 5s.

Video: iPhone 5s Repair


If you managed to drop the phone in water, or even in some liquid, experts recommend to immediately put the smartphone in a plastic bag or container and then transfer the container with the phone to the nearest service centre as soon as possible. If the gadget after moisture is no longer included, chances are that it will be repaired – minimum.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

If the service center nearby is not present, do the following:

  1. immediately turn off the phone and not including the drive to the service center;
  2. check the moisture indicator. It is located in the headphone Jack. If water got inside, the color of the indicator change from white to red;
  3. if you notice that the indicators are red, immediately remove from phone battery. To do the right thing, I advise you to watch training videos from professionals on the Internet.

If done properly, the chances to restore your beloved phone will be significantly larger.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

It is worth saying that after the water is beneficial to sell the phone it will not work, except the ignorant person.

The voltage drops

Apple is very picky about the quality of the incoming current, respectively, their chargers are made in a special way, have a complex structure and principle of operation. If the charge is not the original device, even a small leap voltage might put the smartphone down.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

When the voltage suffers a power controller, which was mentioned above. It can be replaced, the cost, thank God, a small, but unpleasant aftertaste remains, and did not want to leave your beloved gadget for a long time.

Old battery

Defective battery – another reason the iPhone 5s is not included. It happens still rarely, as the phone went on sale recently, but more and more often the owners are faced with this problem. The only solution is to replace the battery, it is not going to do anything.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

To buy a new battery suggest exclusively in a licensed service center Apple, so you can protect yourself from buying fakes. Before you buy be sure to give the phone to the diagnosis, to confirm whether the problem is in the battery. In the official service centers diagnostics free.

If the battery after charging less and less hold a charge, and one day the device just won’t turn on, then the problem is 99% in the battery.

the iPhone 5s is not included

Reasons why not included the phone may be too many, and they affect not only our today’s hero, the iPhone 5S.

Not included due to a broken connector for charging

If the phone is dead and will not turn on when charging, generally does not react to connection of the cable, then most likely the problem is with socket. It breaks down very rarely, but is constantly clogged. Those who just bought the iPhone 5S had not yet faced this problem, but still ahead.

Connector is badly clogged with dirt, lint, and other debris, causing the debris blocking the contacts of the charging connector, they cease to touch.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

Cleaned the connector and the usual toothpick, but not desirable, it is possible to inadvertently damage the contacts, and then have to do to change the connector, and this is a decent amount.

Much better suited tank of compressed air, but due to the fact that you only need to clean one phone, no it will not buy, unless the service centers. By the way, some STS can clean the socket with compressed air for thank you, they appreciate repeat customers and want to be more.

It should be noted that if charge not original charger, it can deform the socket, after which a standard charger will not work correctly.

After a car charging

The problem is that some do not know how to choose the right car charger for my iPhone. People are trying to save, respectively buy the cheapest options, which do not always have at least medium quality.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

After using poor charging can lead to failure:

  1. battery;
  2. connector for charging;
  3. the power supply controller;
  4. the particular circuit of the power supply.

As you can see, a small savings on the charger may result in a decent amount of repairs.

If the phone can not turn on after using low-quality car charger, nothing remains but to carry it to the service center. To try to define failure or, especially, to repair the smartphone in any case not worth it, because inexperienced hands can lead the phone into disrepair.

After flashing

iPhone – technique is very difficult to reflash it yourself in any case is not recommended. If you make one little mistake, you can get a phone that never calls, or never turn on.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

Reasons why iPhone 5S does not turn on after flashing a lot, but the most common three:

  1. broken chip Nor Flash. She is responsible for the normal operation of the GSM module. Without this chip, the smartphone will not ring, because it saved the settings for all operators in the country. Problem solved by replacing the chip in the service center;
  2. out of order chip NAND Flash. She is responsible for the safety of personal data, that is, programs, notes, contacts, photos, music and so on. Solved like the previous problem, replacing the chip in the service center.
  3. Incorrectly installed firmware. Take the device to authorised service centre, let you install a normal, working and stable version of iOS.

A failed upgrade can also be attributed to this section.

Video: method for determining the short-circuit

After the fall

If the phone does not turn on after dropped from a great height, carry to experts. No diagnosis here. If external damage is not so much affect operation, the inner it is completely able to bring the phone down.

The most popular internal breakdown when you drop iPhone 5S:

  1. damage to the printed circuit Board;
  2. disconnection or damage to the train.

In the first case, without the expert not to manage. Repair of printed circuit boards is very difficult, incompetent person to get the right parts is almost impossible. As for the train, then there is enough to order the analogue original. Anything difficult is not present, even to solder it is necessary nothing. In some cases, you can just put him in his place and it will work.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

The most important thing is to disassembly the phone to look up the relevant master classes in the Internet, otherwise you can severely damage some items.

After display replacement

If the display change service center, then everything should be fine, but if you change the house on its own and without much experience with phones from Apple, then the issue may be waiting for you at any second. Something slightly hooked, and all, when you try to enable can expect a «surprise».

iPhone 5s does not turn on, burn Apple

If when you turn on the smartphone gives you branded «Apple» and does not want to continue to boot, it means only one thing – I put a lot of. It should be noted that in this case all your personal data from phone will be lost. In order to avoid this in the future, I advise you to constantly update the backup. If there is an Apple – your data is lost. This is to put it briefly.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5s

The decision only one – to carry in service center for firmware recovery.

In conclusion, I would like to say that whatever problem happens to your beloved iPhone 5s, just carry it to the service center! Do not attempt to repair the damage yourself, otherwise there is a high probability that you will have to buy a new phone.

Even if the damage seems insignificant, not worth the risk, because the amount you plan to save money, can increase significantly the repair of damages after your repair.

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