What is not included iPhone 5

By | 10.12.2018

What is not included iPhone 5

Even the greatest phone is useless if it is not included. This problem sometimes arises before the iPhone 5. Phone charging is not responding, the power button to press is useless. What to do?

The easiest option is to refer the victim device in for repair. But part of the diagnostics can be carried out independently. Then you at least will know what happened with the smartphone and approximately how much repairs can cost.

External examination

It often happens that the IPhone 5 (and any other phone) refuses to turn on after a fall or other mechanical influences. In most cases the fall, which damaged the electronics, leave visible traces on the body.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5

If your iPhone there were fresh dents, cracks or chips, it is possible that the impact damaged the electronics.

It is often the case – the loss of battery upon impact. When it is no longer fixed within the housing and is hanging freely, this leads to the fact that frays and lead to her plume.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5

However, it happens that the electronic part is damaged and with no visible symptoms. You just need a good stretch memory and recall what happened with your cell phone in the last days before the beginning of trouble.

What’s next:

To get it repaired.

  • the display intact. To diagnose the cause is unlikely without professional assistance. Even approximately is not possible to say how much the repair will cost. But if the display is intact, then the amount is unlikely to be exorbitant. Most likely will have to change only the ribbon cable that connects the battery and charge smartphone;
  • the display is broken. The cost of replacing the electronics will have to add on a screen replacement is a very expensive component. It is not excluded that to buy a new machine will be more profitable and more enjoyable.

Fell into the water

Hard to fall with your smartphone in the water and not notice it. If it happened to you personally or at least in your presence, you know. It is clear that if water gets in the charging port, nothing good for the power controller will not do it.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5

But the really bad news is what to do to swim across the river with a smartphone in your pocket or drop it in a puddle, not necessarily. Enough to leave him with an open connector in the rain, a few drops caught in a vulnerable position, deprived of his ability to charge.

What’s next?

  • diagnosis, of course. The good news is that the replacement power controller is not the most expensive work.

The power controller

However, the above mentioned power controller – General component vulnerable. It can suffer from voltage drops in the network, the use of poorly compatible chargers (and how not to use them, if the original charger of Apple are ground in a few months?).

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5

The power controller Apple includes three circuits, each of which can fail:

  • fuse Q2;
  • controller charge and sync USB U2;

    Что делать, не включается iPhone 5

  • the main power supply controller U7.

According to statistics, quite a large proportion of damage to the iPhone 5 accounted for by these schemes. Of course, if the problem is in the controller, then after the discharge, the smartphone won’t be charged again.

What to do?

  • of course, have to address in the workshop

Video: Problems with the communication device


And this, oddly enough, one of the easiest cases (the lighter can only be the fault of the charger). If in recent months you had to charge your phone more often, and worked on a single charge it is less, then gradually the battery is exhausted.

Recall that the first iPhone 5 was introduced in 2012. In three years the battery was quite able to fulfill.

In this case, if you have hands, home workshop and wish to experiment, you can

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5

to save money and to acquire new knowledge.

You will need the following:

  • to order a new battery. Spent on it will have in any case. But if you order it on checked online, it will go rather quickly, and the risk of becoming the owner of a defective or counterfeit battery is much lower;
  • find detailed instructions for battery replacement on an iPhone 5, preferably with video. It’s easy: YouTubeдесятки and even hundreds of videos on the topic;
  • follow the instructions to replace the battery;
  • enjoy working device.

    Что делать, не включается iPhone 5

Of course, it is more profitable than to take the phone in for repair.

However, DIY-recipe has its drawbacks:

  • will have to wait until the spare battery is coming, or to spend money to buy;
  • there is no guarantee that you can handle the repair yourself;
  • the other reason, which may not be the battery

Therefore, if you are not confident in their abilities, better still, trust the experts.

Check the temperature

In the instructions to the smartphone is not accidentally prescribed allowable temperature limit of operation. If the built-in thermometer detects your iPhone around too cold or too hot, the smartphone will automatically turn off by displaying the appropriate message.

All that is necessary to diagnose the situation – to feel hot or cold around, and look at the display. If need be, to try to turn it on again.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5

Generally, of course, for use in extreme conditions, there are special models of smartphones, IPhone is not one of them. But if you hit with his «Apple» in the bitter cold or the insane heat, allow the phone to relax. Under normal conditions it will return to a normal life for himself.

What’s next?

  • do not use iPhone for this is not suitable. Better to buy a special smartphone;
  • but if you need your iPhone (assuming you are using the application or the sensors not working with Android), protect it with a special cover for extreme conditions.

Faulty charging

Very often we knowingly sin on the phone. Because to charge it, we need not only working power controller and battery, but the charger. If it doesn’t work then the phone is charging does not react, recharge it and never will.

Therefore, before considering all other options, try to check the charger.

To do this:

  • try charging your IPhone other charging device;
  • try to charge another IPhone as its charging;

    Что делать, не включается iPhone 5

  • if the phone is not charging your charging, check the same way cable and network adapter to figure out which component is faulty

Sometimes to diagnose the problem with charging is possible and visually. Alas, the original Apple cables often unforgivable ground at the plug, and it is visible to the naked eye. In this case, just buy a new charger, and make sure that it wasn’t really Chinese. Otherwise, you risk to face a damage of the controller (see above).

Video: charging but not turn on


Recall that modern mobile gadget (like a computer) is a complex of hardware-software complex. And good software is as important as serviceable hardware.

Very often does not turn on iPhone 5 after trying to flash, jailbreak or iOS upgrade through iTunes. The reason for this usually interrupted the flashing process. Not having on Board a serviceable operating system, the device will not boot.

If you have recently experimented with its software part, it’s likely the reason.

Что делать, не включается iPhone 5

What to do? Try to restore the operating system through iTunes:

  • make sure that you have installed the new version of the program;
  • if you do not want to install the latest available iOS, you must download the required version;
  • connect the mobile cable to computer and press Powerи Home. Hold them for about ten seconds;
  • press the Shift key and click on an image of your device in the upper right corner of the window
  • follow the instructions in iTunes

In most cases, this regular procedure saves. If not – you will have to turn to professionals who will use more advanced tools.

As we have seen, does not include the IPhone 5 for a variety of reasons. And if some of them are easy (well, relatively easily) be solved at home, then more complex cases anyway mean a hike in the workshop.

But the complexity of the repair depending on the damage is different. And it is better to know what to expect, so as not to face unexpected cost or attempts to play on your ignorance. I hope this article helped you understand the possible causes of the problems.

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