What is not included cell phone

By | 10.12.2018

What is not included the cell phone

To imagine the life of modern man without a mobile phone is almost impossible. Today this gadget is used constantly for personal and business communication and in the form of smartphones are great for browsing and entertainment and so on.

It’s a shame when at the most inopportune moment this device is not longer activated.

The faults of this mobile phone:

  • mechanical damage;
  • problems with electronic components;
  • incorrect operation;
  • problems with food.

The fault with any device it can happen for a variety of reasons and cell phones. Factors which can cause problems with the machine depending on the make and model.

At the same time there are basic common reasons why the phone is not included, and try to resolve them before contacting the service centre yourself.

Consider the basic problem of cell phones at which he may stop include:

  • a discharged or defective battery;
  • the problem with the charger;
  • the problem with the power button;

    Что делать, не включается сотовый телефон

  • error software;
  • moisture;
  • mechanical damages.

Check battery

The first thing to do in the absence of reaction of the gadget to press the Power button to check the battery.

Что делать, не включается сотовый телефон

The main problems that can occur with the cell phone battery:

  • low battery;
  • deterioration;
  • swelling and other damage;

A low battery may not allow the device to turn on. Depending on the remaining power level may be absent or show only some signs of life apparatus. To solve the problem easily by connecting the phone to a charger.

Important! Some models after the discharge, and the charger included is not right. In this case, it is necessary to leave the device on charging for a longer time such as for 1-2 hours.

In the case when to solve the problem by simply connecting the charger fails, you must open the rear cover and inspect the battery. If it’s bulging, replace it.

Что делать, не включается сотовый телефон

When wear of the battery is usually included, but the battery quickly diluted. If you want to check if the battery is worn you can measure the voltage and the amperage.

Council. Check the battery can also be installed in another apparatus of the same model. If everything works, then the issue with the battery can be eliminated.


If after connecting to the network the phone is charging does not occur, then in many cases the fault is not battery, and charger.

Что делать, не включается сотовый телефон

Consider the basic guidelines for Troubleshooting problems with the charger:

  • to check for voltage in the socket;
  • replace the cable;
  • to use a different charger.

First of all, you need to make sure there is current in the outlet to which the charger is connected. As funny as it may seem, but this is the most common issue with charging all of the gadgets. That is why the question about being sure whether the user is in the presence of voltage in the socket, start the conversation support specialists of large companies.

Что делать, не включается сотовый телефон

The charger cable to connect your phone suffers much more likely the adapter. This is due to the negligent maintenance, pet damaged wire and other causes. Most modern cell phones charged via mini-USB connector or micro-USB and allow you to change the cable without replacing the adapter.

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To buy such a cable is possible in any salon of communication or computer store, in addition, usually the home user is more of the same cables.

Council. Check the charger often put the device on charge from the computer. If the process runs without problems, you definitely need to replace the adapter.

The Power Button

The power button can also cause problems for the owners of mobile phones. It can fail, for example, after a stroke. Sometimes problems with the button can be seen by external examination, and in other cases to diagnose the problem alone difficult.

Что делать, не включается сотовый телефон

To solve the problem with the Power button in the home most people do not get, so if you suspect that the tube is not included due to it, you should contact the service center.


Installing updates designed to solve identified problems in the operation of the device. In practice, this operation can lead to unpredictable consequences. To execute it you need only understanding and considering all the risks. For example, running Android handset after upgrading often begin to quickly consume battery power.

In some cases, the update leads to the fact that the gadget completely stops included. With such a problem faced by many users in 2015, tried to upgrade OS to latest versions.

Что делать, не включается сотовый телефон

Consider the basic methods of solving problems after the upgrade:

  • the rollback and updates;
  • installing a different version.
  • restore of the device via a special mode.

If not one of the ways to apply yourself is impossible, you have to seek help from professionals.

Important. In some cases the upgrading can significantly improve the operation of the gadget, for example, increasing the time of Autonomous work. It is therefore necessary before performing this operation to evaluate the possible pros and cons.

Video: a Solution for advanced

Mechanical damage

Very often, the user encounter startup problems after various mechanical damage. They happen when the phone has been dropped or fallen into water.

A drop of the owners of gadgets don’t even notice or they happen even without their knowledge, for example, when using a smartphone children. But the most common cause is problems with the screen quite obvious.

Что делать, не включается сотовый телефон

Repair to perform their own in cases of mechanical damage is impossible and it is necessary to consult specialists. However, note that the cost of replacement parts can be comparable to the price of the device.

If a user accidentally drowned phone, the inside gets wet, which may damage the contacts and other electrical parts. In this case it is necessary as soon as possible to contact the service center. We should not try to turn on the machine. This can only cause additional harm.

Что делать, не включается сотовый телефон

Moisture to get into the phone and not only as a result of falling into the water. The device quite a few hours to lie in a damp location and the consequences can be irreversible. This should be considered when operating the device.

Modern cell phone is a complicated device repairing which you perform at home is almost impossible. The user, if the device does not turn on, you may try to solve only minor problems such as replacing the battery or the charger.

In other cases you will have to contact the authorized service center. It should be his choice to pay special attention, as the market has a huge number of companies and not all of them can provide a quality repair. In addition, repair of the phone can be expensive. Often it is appropriate only for more expensive models.

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