What is memory dump and how to close it

By | 10.12.2018

What is memory dump and how to close it

Sometimes even the smallest adjustment to optimize Windows XP system could have a positive impact on the entire system. Especially valuable this optimization after You first received a «black mark» — BSOD (Blue screen of death). What happens at the moment of the appearance of «Blue screen of death»? On the monitor running some strange «gibberish», the meaning of which is unclear even to experienced users. It was at this point and create a «MEMORY DUMP», very good advice on optimizing Windows XP.

What is memory dump and how to close it?

The memory dump is a record RAM in your PC on hard disk. The contents of this file may be of any interest only to a special caste of users, programmers. But for «teapot» this file does not represent absolutely no interest, so — he’s just not needed. Therefore, the function to create a memory dump can with a clear conscience to disable. By the way, so you free up hard drive of the unnecessary entries and reduce the boot time. We now turn to algorithm of closing of the dump. So!

Perform the following steps:

  1. click on the «start» button (not the start of a computer, and a virtual button that is located on the bottom left of the screen);
  2. RIGHT-click click on «My computer» and in the opened window select «Properties»;
  3. tab opens the «system Properties», where we are interested in the «Advanced»section;
  4. in this section, choose the bottom item «startup and recovery» and click the word «Settings»;
  5. will open the section called «startup and recovery». Look and select the item «Write debugging information» (highlighted in blue) and in the drop-down list, select «not found»;
  6. Click on «OK».
  7. All!

Briefly and clearly. Even if you are still not all clear, it does not matter: understanding comes with time and experience. And today You have taken the first small step in mastering the deeper principles of computer system. And let someone this lesson seems too simple, but all those who now consider themselves more or less advanced user they started from scratch.

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