what is in Windows 10, the desired file Swapfile.sys

By | 10.12.2018

Why Windows 10 needs the file Swapfile.sys

Для чего в Windows 10 нужен файл Swapfile.sys

If in Windows 8.1 and 10 to enable the display of hidden files and folders in root of the system drive in addition to the already familiar to many users pagefile.sys and hiberfil.sys you can see the file swapfile.sys that wasn’t in previous versions of the operating system. What is this file is so weird and why is it needed? Swapfile.sys something like the paging file pagefile.sys but is used for temporary storage of data of another type, namely, data store apps.

If the data is a Modern application in a given moment are not used, they are moved to swapfile.sys that does not take extra space in memory and retrieved when re will be requested by the user. Official information on swapfile.sys still very small, but judging by the terse comments of Microsoft employees, create a separate paging file was needed in connection with the specifics of store apps. That is literally two separate swap file simplify developers work.

Having similar tasks, files, swapfile and pagefile, however, differ from each other the minimum disk space requirements, read/write, dynamic extension etc.

Many people wonder whether it is possible to remove swapfile.sys? In principle it is possible, only it is not recommended, especially because the mechanisms are closely associated with the primary paging file. And the point in deleting it, no, not even on SSD small volume. The maximum size swapfile.sys usually no more than 256MB, so you won’t win if you remove it.

But if you really want to get rid of it, please do it right. Just right click the start button and select System -> advanced system settings, under Performance click «Settings» switch to the «Advanced» tab and in the «Virtual memory» click «Change».

Для чего в Windows 10 нужен файл Swapfile.sys

Now change the option «Automatically select paging file» and dragging the mouse section, enable the radio button «No paging file». Click «Set», save the settings and restart the computer.

Для чего в Windows 10 нужен файл Swapfile.sys

And the swapfile and pagefile will be deleted from disk.

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