What is disk Defragmenter in Windows

By | 10.12.2018

What is disk Defragmenter in Windows

The file system is always designed in such a way to ensure the fastest disk access at all operations: as when writing and when reading. This is especially true for the system disk or the part where the operating system files. At the same time, the disk space should be used sparingly.

The files on the disk — not a constant thing, some of them are kept for a long time, but others can be created in just a few hours or even minutes. Particularly frequently and intensively uses temporary files the operating system itself, the user doesn’t even know. A typical example is the paging file of virtual memory.

Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows

When the user or the system deletes the files on the disk are formed with free spaces of different sizes.

When writing new files, the operating system uses the first available cluster (see above comment about speed of access) and, thus, a new file can be written in fragments, separate pieces.

Particularly vulnerable to fragmentation of the file system created by Microsoft. UNIX and its clones have a much better FS, moreover, the kernel of a UNIX or Linux continuously monitors the file system automatically to prevent any reduction in its productivity. Moreover, UNIX-like operating systems can simultaneously support many different file systems.

Disk defragmentation is the process of building clusters belonging to one file, in a consistent and continuous chain, as well as the reallocation of such chains, which does not leave lost clusters between them.

What gives

Already written, it is clear that the order in the file is the speed of launching applications and opening documents. Do I need a program for defragmentation — unnecessary — it is an essential part of Windows OS. There are external utility for the same purpose. Defragmentation speeds up the operation of the system, additionally, it reduces unnecessary wear on the mechanics of hard drives.

Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows


Defragmentation of an ssd, due to its device, is not done. It store the persistent files that require high speed reading, for example, executable files and some system data. Frequent write operations on the ssd lead to a significant reduction of its service life.

How often you can perform

System where you could quickly defragment your welcome, you just need more often subjected to this procedure. The opinion that defragmentation is a pain to drive, incorrectly, as too fragmented the drive is subjected to more torment.

The answer to the question about how often to Defrag depends on the following:

  • the disk contains a large number of files;
  • the files on the disk have a small size;
  • files are frequently created, deleted, and updated;
  • the drive is a system;
  • the disk is busy with files by more than half;
  • the system is used frequently and intensively.

The more positive answers to these questions, the more often it is necessary to defragment. How long will the defragment will also depend on the above — the longer we do, the longer you wait, when it will end.

It is important to work on the computer and not starting new programs when there is a defragmentation.

Next we will explain why, and yet the answer to the main question: defragmentation should be done at least once a month or week if it is every day and for long periods.

Many tools exist to perform this process, but the best programs to defragment the disk are:

  • Auslogics Disk Defrag;
  • O&O Defrag Pro;
  • IObit Smart Defrag.

Video: step by Step instructions

What does disk Defragmenter?

Disk Defragmenter is made in several stages. First Defrag utility produces an analysis of the employment of the disk, and counts the number of fragmented files. If she decides that the existing fragmentation reduces performance, then begins the defragmentation process.

It is somewhat similar to the preparation of trains at stations or the unfolding of solitaire. For shunting Manager there are many options for moving cars, similarly to the defragmentation programs proposed various algorithms, from which it can choose the most suitable.

Preliminary analysis ascertains whether the Assembly of the clusters on the old place to collect the compact file or it is better to rewrite to a new location. Depending on this defragger takes a decision.

Disk additional free space required, which will temporarily peredatemsa chain of clusters.

After defragmentation, the company estimates the new state of the disk and clean temporary files created by the defragmentation program. Of course, when moving files to a new location, information about the starting cluster is updated in the tables.

At the end of each cluster there is information about the position of the next cluster of the same file, so clusters belonging to one file can be placed almost arbitrarily. However, for speed reading is most beneficial to place them side by side and consistently. This is the essence of fragmentation.

How to start in OS

In all versions of Windows have the command defrag, which is used by administrators in scripts or from the command line. But being a Chinese puzzle for most users, it is not used by ordinary users. Instead use a run from the graphical environment (which means calling the same utility).

Next we’ll look at how to defragment disk in each of the operating systems.

Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows

It is advisable to have a UPS for the PC, as the power failure at the wrong time can do very serious problem with access to the data on the disk. In laptops, this problem is solved by a fully charged battery.

To run Defrag you need to have administrator rights, however, individual owners of computers and laptops with them, regardless of their training, actually are.

Windows XP

In XP do the following:

  1. in the My computer folder select the desired drive;

    Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows

  2. click on the icon to open the menu;

    Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows

  3. in the context menu select Properties;

    Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows

  4. choose the tools tab in the dialog that appears;

    Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows

  5. select the button to defragment;
  6. a window will appear Defragmenter.

    Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows

Finally, we will have to start the analysis immediately or directly defragmentation (which will start with the analysis of selected drive).

Windows Vista

In Windows Vista, the Defragmenter is improved compared to XP, that allows you easier to use the schedule. The user selects the time when the computer is least busy, such as overnight, and assigns it as the time you run the utility.

If you want to do a defragment in Vista, it is like Windows XP, but here you can choose a convenient time to run.

Windows 7

In this version of Windows work the Defragmenter is automated and goes in the background mode (default on Wednesday a.m.). How to defragment, already mentioned in the previous section. This will take care of the task scheduler. He chooses a compromise solution: not only defragmented files that are too large. However, it is possible to run Defrag in manual mode at any time.

Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows

You only need to note that frequent switching on and off of the Windows 7 computer is not desirable. It quickly increases file fragmentation and disk wear.

Windows 8

Unlike Windows 7 defragmentation here is «free time», that is, when the processor is unloaded and there is enough memory to buffer the data, taking into account the possible activity of the user at any time.

Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows

Normally, Windows 8 does not require the participation of a planner in this process.

Finally, she frees and users who have nothing to do, hooked on the search for «functionals» from bad work and compulsive actions.

Software for Windows 7

Those who are interested to accelerate a standard tool, or rather, to find more rapid, it may be advisable to choose one of the following applications:

  • Auslogick Disk Defag;
  • IObit SmartDefrag;
  • Ultra Defragmenter.

Problems and their solutions

We forgot to mention an important circumstance, which may prevent to defragment. About the sudden loss of power mentioned. If it disappears, for example, when updating the MFT to read the disc, it will be possible only in special programs.

It is also important to have at least 15 percent free disk space. Otherwise it will be impossible to create temporary files when you move the clusters. If there isn’t, then you need to try to clean the disk from unnecessary and temporary files (like CCleaner program) or to move some files to another disk.

Что такое дефрагментация диска в Windows

When you try to defragment the entire disk, the command does not run, or rather, the analyzer does not allow any movement of files, even if a partial defragmentation is still possible.

We found out why defragments how to enable Defragmenter, and what problems may arise during this process. All this we owe a failed file system of Microsoft, which files are molded to each other in the beginning of the disc.

In more advanced file systems such as ext in Linux, files are distributed evenly throughout the space of the partition, causing fragmentation at all unlikely, even when filling in the section of 90%.

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