What is Android and its functions

By | 10.12.2018

What is Android and its features

What is Android and why is it needed? Many beginners buying a modern gadget, whether tablet or smartphone, ask a similar question. It is necessary to clarify the situation and to highlight some of the advantages of this platform.

The history of the emergence

At the moment there are many devices that run on the Android platform. This operating system designed for smartphones and tablets, wrist watches and electronic books, game consoles and even Google glass. Maybe soon will appear the TVs and cars with support for Android.

The story of the creation of the OS began in 2003. At that time was founded a small company called Android inc. Its founders were rich miner, Chris white, Andy Rubin and Nick Sears. Already carried out some developments that are planned to implement in the new operating system. The company carried out its activities in secrecy.

Shortly after the organization ran out of money, and significant achievements in the development of OS was not. Because of the lack of results investors to attract failed. After a time, development became interested in Google. In 2005, the company became the property of the search giant.

After this was established, the Corporation Open Handset Alliance. Its membership includes leading manufacturers of mobile devices. In 2007 was first introduced to the Android platform. As you know it is based on the Linux kernel. The first version of this operating system was released in 2008.

What it is

Android is an operating system, which is operated smartphones, tablets and many other devices. Thanks to this OS even the cheapest phone will be able to acquire new capabilities. The system will install on your device a variety of useful programs that will help to fully use all functions of the device.

Что такое Андроид и его функции

All the necessary software you can download from Play Market. On this site collected more than 700 thousand programs. The wide range allows to find any desired application. With the help of the operating system, you can easily access the Internet, watch videos, communicate in social networks, listen to music, take photos and immediately post them to your account or read e-books.

Что такое Андроид и его функции

It is worth noting that OS is absolutely free. In addition, it is very easy to use. To understand the interface does not need a lot of time. Thanks to all of its advantages it has become the most widespread in the world. In 2014 it sold more than 86% of devices operating on this platform.

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Application OS

Since the advent of the Android operating system to our time, the developers are not sitting idly by. The platform is being constantly improved. Thus its functionality is expanded by introducing new features.

Что такое Андроид и его функции

The platform has become so popular and comfortable that many companies who are developing modern gadgets, decided to release their devices based on this OS.

To use Android is not so difficult as it seems. With its help the device can perform almost the same actions as on the computer.

The system provides several standard applications. Among them are:

  • browser;
  • e-mail;
  • calendar;
  • voice search;
  • the social network;
  • Navigator;
  • weather;
  • news.

All apps from Google.

Что такое Андроид и его функции

Another nice advantage is the ability to customize your desktop yourself. You can add to the device an additional screen where you can place shortcuts or widgets. You can also set any theme or Wallpaper, thereby to alter the interface.

Что такое Андроид и его функции

Than good

This OS has a number of advantages. The main ones are:

  1. ease of use – the system is equipped with a QWERTY keyboard, use that is comfortable and familiar, and you can choose any other free and paid applications;
  2. speed of operation of the device is the device instantly responds to commands without lag, and other troubles performs tasks;
  3. a huge range of apps and games – most of them are free, in addition, open access to all Google products;
  4. there is no ban on installation of various apps and add-ons;
  5. there is no need to install any additional software to access the device memory – it needs to connect to the computer via USB.

    Что такое Андроид и его функции

Stages in the development of Android

After the presentation of the first version of the platform over the next year, she was improved, with the result that was fixed some system error.

In 2009, it was introduced five upgraded versions:

  • 1.1 – bug fixes;
  • 1.5 «Cupcake» – appeared virtual keyboard, browser, and the ability to play and record videos;

    Что такое Андроид и его функции

  • 1.6 «Donut» – addition is support for different resolutions;
  • 2.0 «Eclair» – became available to some accounts Google;
  • 2.1 «Eclair» – changed lock screen added «live Wallpaper».

2010 saw the release of two more versions. They are:

  1. 2.2 «Froyo» – increased the speed of applications, there is the option of starting programs through shortcuts, improved security system, it is possible to use the device as a wireless access point;
  2. 2.3 «Gingerbread» – was modified user interface improvements were also made to the insert function and the copy, it became possible to support multiple cameras.

    Что такое Андроид и его функции

Following the development of producers is platform 3.0, which was presented in 2011. The new OS has been specifically designed for tablets.

This system differs from the previous one:

  • improved interface;
  • possibility of synchronization of links with Google Chrome;
  • support external keyboard;
  • it is now possible to change the size of widgets on the screen;
  • work on a multi-core processor.

The developers did not stop there and created Android 4.0, called «Ice Cream Sandwich». This platform became more versatile. It can be used both in phone and tablet.

Что такое Андроид и его функции

The OS has plenty of new features and improvements:

  • changed the notification bar;
  • added a way to control Internet traffic;
  • came the voice Radicofani text;
  • the spell checker;
  • improved camera app – there are a mode of panoramic shooting, various effects and image stabilizer;
  • updated the browser;
  • support screenshots;
  • updated security system and protection of the gadget.

Throughout 2012 and 2013, manufacturers have worked to develop the OS «Jelly Bean».

Что такое Андроид и его функции

The following versions were 4.1, 4.2, 4.3. The new changes mainly touched upon the speed of operation of the interface. Thanks to new developments resulted in higher performance. Now work in parallel graphics processor and Central.

In the updated version of the framework appeared:

  1. advanced dictionary, with support for additional languages;
  2. roomy notifications panel;
  3. appeared Google Now;

    Что такое Андроид и его функции

  4. in app for photos and videos there are new opportunities;
  5. the quality of displaying the image files;
  6. updated the Linux kernel.

At the end of 2013 was announced yet another version of Android 4.4 «Kitkat». The new platform was optimized to run on cheaper devices that have RAM of 512 MB.

Что такое Андроид и его функции

Also here are some changes:

  • now smartphones the contacts with whom the user often communicates, at the top of the list.
  • voice assistant is constantly active;
  • automatic number identification;
  • the video player will now display subtitles;
  • loader file has an updated design;
  • application support pedometers;
  • was corrected numerous errors and omissions.

Company’s latest development was the version 5. The new OS is called «Lollipop». The main highlight was the Material design, which is characterized by its versatility.

Что такое Андроид и его функции


The main competitors with which the Android platform has to fight for the palm is:

  • Apple iPhoneOS;
  • Microsoft Windows Mobile;
  • RIM BlackBerry OS;
  • Maemo/MeeGo;
  • Samsung Bada OS;
  • Palm webOS;
  • The Symbian OS.

Today Android has become the most common mobile platform in the world than iOS. But soon is planned a presentation of the new Ubuntu Phone OS. Perhaps it will become another major competitor Android.

The device on Android

In 2008 was released the first device which is worked based on Android. The device was designed by HTC. It was a smartphone called the HTC Dream. After that, a few phone manufacturers have expressed a desire to release a mobile device that supports this operating system.

Что такое Андроид и его функции

Soon it was announced the tablet on the Android platform. In 2009, the market appeared a photo frame running on this OS. In addition, after 2 years, the organization Blue Sky have developed a new wrist watch called I’m Watch. They also support the system.

Manufacturers of cameras have also decided not to lag behind and introduced the first camera in the world that works on Android. The novelty was released by Nikon. In addition, the platform function game consoles, e-readers and media players. It is expected that soon there will be some more devices.

Что такое Андроид и его функции

With such a pace of development, the Android platform will become the absolute leader among the other operating systems, leaving all the competitors behind.

Thanks to high quality thought-out interface, convenient to use and reliable data protection, the device on this OS is definitely worthy of attention.

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