What is a Wi-Fi router?

By | 10.12.2018

What is a Wi-Fi router?

Today most devices are supplied with specialized radio modules with the help of technology Wi-Fi can connect to various other devices. But the main purpose of this module is access to the Internet at high speed.

Despite the development of modern technology, providers still offer an Internet by wire technology. Therefore, to replace wired routers come routers operating on Wi-Fi technology. These devices provide simultaneous access to the same Internet channel multiple devices.

Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

The definition of router

The router (or the router) is essentially a kind of mini computer. It performs the function of allocation of resources of the Internet channel. The coverage area of Wi-Fi router can be very different, it all depends on the model and type.

Use the router as an access point, which performs the following functions:

  • forwarding the data packets between separate segments of the same network;
  • connects different networks (each network can have its own architecture);
  • can realize the forwarding of various information based on the topology of network architecture.

There is some similarity between the router and the hub (concentrator). Is it in a different network layer, employing these two devices. The router works on 3 networking model called OSI. Hub works on the 1st level or on 2nd.

The purpose of the router

Wi-Fi router is designed for network space. Moreover, it is used not only as a bridge to create a connection between the ISP and other network devices, but also as a link between different LAN devices.

There are three main purpose Wi-Fi router:

  • creation of a local network (if the range allows you to perform this function);

    Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

  • implementation of Internet access on multiple devices at once (used as access point);
  • the extension of range of the local network.

    Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

The principle of operation of the router

The principle of operation of all routers of various types (mobile, home, wired and wireless) is virtually identical. It consists in finding at a special table in memory of the router, the address of the recipient of transmitted data. In the absence of the necessary recipient, the package is simply not processed, is reset to zero.

The routing table looks as follows:

Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

Information may also be transmitted by some other means, which used by:

  • the address of the sender;
  • protocols of different levels;
  • the contents of the titles of network packets;
  • various other information.

Many routers can perform the following operations:

  • broadcast address as the recipient and the sender;
  • filter and transit the data stream;
  • to encrypt and decrypt data.

Review of routers

There are many models of routers of various types.

Conditionally they can be divided into the following categories:

  • Pets (most common variant);

    Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

  • car (a compact 3G routers, powered by batteries or cigarette lighter);

    Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

  • mini-routers (compact routers for home use);

    Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

  • routers for TVs
  • 3G Wi-Fi hub.

Also, the routers are divided by connection type:

  • external Wi-Fi wireless type;
  • internal Wi-Fi hub (located inside the computer case).

    Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

Home router, the most commonly used variant hub. This network equipment has several larger dimensions than the other types (internal, mini and automotive).

But have a number of advantages over its counterparts:

  • large coverage area;
  • easy setup;
  • the ease of use.

An excellent model of a home router with a compromise price of TP — Link TL-WR841N. His work is fairly stable, and the cost is low.

Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

Car routers – the most miniature of all the varieties. They are extremely compact. Too often, manufacturers equip its shockproof housing. The disadvantages include low coverage area. Food is usually from car wiring – voltage is present 12 (B).

One of the most common router models 3G UMTS ZTE MF60. Is compact and holds a charge for battery.

Mini routers have very modest dimensions. They allow you to use it even in places where the amount of free space is very limited. This kind of network devices are also sometimes referred to pocket Wi-Fi router.

Routers for TV –highly specialized equipment intended for connection to the TV. Used with various models that are equipped with the ability to connect to the Internet.

Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

3G wifi routers- hubs, having the ability to connect to the cellular network by means of 3G technology. Equipped with special radio module that allows you to communicate using normal SIM card of the operator hundredth of communication. One of the most popular routers of this type is H25A 3G WiFi.

Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

External Wi-Fi routers call all the routers that are outside of the personal computer. Internal routers are usually a small size Board that fits inside the system unit of a personal computer. In terms of functionality, they are practically the same. In some cases, the internal routers are more convenient because they can be easily placed inside the hull. And they don’t take up space on your Desk or elsewhere.

No different than the routers from each other globally can’t. Based on all devices operate on the same principle.

The table the cost of routers

The routers are divided into different categories not only by types but also by the cost. What makes the choice of an appropriate model much easier – you can easily pick up as a very expensive model with lots of extra features, and the cheapest.


The cost

Main features


890 RUB.

compact, unusual design


6390 RUB.

a stable connection at 5GHz

D-Link DIR-320 NRU

990 RUB.

supports 3G modem

D-Link DES-1210-28

6250 RUB.

works perfectly with a large number of clients


750 RUB.

maintains good communication with the client even at a long distance

Zyxel Keenetic Lite II

1950 RUB.

is equipped with two antennas, a large coverage area

Zyxel Keenetic Extra

3490 RUB

equipped with multiple ports to connect wired LAN

Functions and features of routers

For the comfort of your home or office essential Wi-Fi router, able to maintain a sufficiently wide channel, also have good performance:

  • one of the most important characteristics of routers – support for standards like IEEE 802.11 g, IEEE 802.11 n. In the first case, it is possible to exchange data at speeds of 54 Mbps via a gateway, in the second case – up to 600 Mbps;
  • preferably the USB port and the possibility of using technology 3Gдля Internet connection. This will give the opportunity to avoid having a large number of cables underfoot;
  • it is desirable that the router supported the work with such protocols as PPTP L2TPи. Otherwise, some ISPs would simply not be possible (for example, «Beeline»).

Video: overview Wi-Fi router «Upvel UR-309BN»

Features and differences of routers

Wi-Fi router has many features:

  • in most models you can connect not only through wifi, but also using a standard network cable (twisted pair). That allows you to combine PC in one network to exchange data between them;
  • the router assigns each device on a network personal IP address from the DHCP server;
  • Internet channel from the ISP to connect to the router using the WAN interface;
  • many routers are equipped with USB connectors.

Also some routers may differ from their counterparts by the presence of various additional possibilities:

  • VoIP module allows you to use the services of IP-telephony (the case has a special connector for the connection of a telephone line);
  • the USB connector allows you to connect various devices directly to the router.

Что такое Wi-Fi-роутер?

Usually the more expensive the router, the more features it possesses. Many do not know how to use the various additional functions – all necessary information is available in the documentation provided with the device. Every year manufacturer stronger simplifies the setup and use of their devices, thereby making Wi-Fi increasingly available for the masses.

Most even not very experienced users knows already what the phrase means Wi-Fi router. As the Internet and wireless communication technologies are already a very important part of our life. That is why in most modern homes and apartments there is a device that performs the function of distribution of the Internet between the individual devices.

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