What is a torrent client and how to use it

By | 10.12.2018

What is a torrent client and how to use it

Torrent file allows you to download from the Internet, any information within a few minutes. Users have access to almost all files, works of authorship, activation keys, movies, upcoming TV screens, music, etc. Extensive palogrande palogrande created by the users of µTorrent, and all information is passed from one user to another.

What it is

A service for sharing information is a special peer-to-peer network Protocol. After connecting to the system, the user may not limit itself to the format as it download movie, program, photos you can at one time.

From the beginning, the user must:

  • to connect to the tracker;
  • after use the contents of the downloaded file;

    Что такое торрент клиент, и как им пользоватся

  • to find users for its distribution;
  • to start upload file.

The main principle of «Downloaded yourself, tell another.» For example, if the user has an interesting file, it loads it into storage, and directly transmits the other. Those, in turn, become distributors of the file and increase the speed of his pumping on the computer.

Data transfer is carried out:

  • from the owner of that file;
  • from leechers at this time, users torrent.

For example, while downloading a specific file, each of the simultaneous users that will download this file by other people.

The contents of the torrent file

  • General information about the downloadable file.
  • its benchmarks;
  • the data URL of the tracker.

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Give definition: seeds, feasts and distribution

To use file sharing you have to know what distribution, of led and what feasts. The number of seeders and peers depends on the speed of information transfer in file-sharing networks. The concept of these terms over time has changed. The number of peers and seeders can be viewed in the masonry of «Info». Interacting in the distribution of peers seen on the tab»Peers».

Distribution is an exchange of files between users on the torrent tracker.

Pier (peer)is a partner of the hand. All users of this value is assigned automatically. The number of peers indicates the total number of users, handing out the files.

Sid (seed)— a feast, having a full format of the given file. They called a user posted an interesting file and started distributing it to others. Every feast after the injection of information is a led.

How to install the program on your computer and work with it

Client programs are abundant, but the most popular Bit torrent is µTorrent. To set a torrent on the computer, all the functions and show, offered by Yandex, can be left untouched. Except Yandex services, as they can clutter up the browser with unnecessary options. By default, the file rusifitsiruetsya yourself. Different versions of the programs may differ. The client installer-torrent file can be found on the official website utorrent.com and other resources.

How to install the program:

  1. after downloading the file you need to install a torrent;
  2. run the downloaded file;
  3. choose the appropriate installation language. After you begin downloading the language pack with the subsequent automatic installation;

  4. in the resulting two Windows to choose the Next button;

    Что такое торрент клиент, и как им пользоватся

    Что такое торрент клиент, и как им пользоватся

  5. to accept the terms of agreement to use the torrent, by clicking on the I Accept button;

    Что такое торрент клиент, и как им пользоватся

  6. to nibrt folder to install the program, then click on the Next button;
  7. in the next step you need to follow to stand 2 ticks. Without this, the torrent tracker will not be able to function effectively in a filesharing system, and automatically connect to program download after you connect to the Internet.

    Что такое торрент клиент, и как им пользоватся

  8. in the next window that appears you need to remove the check mark from the automatic startup program and click Next and then Finish. The installation of uTorrent is complete.

How to work with the program

All basic information for a new user of torrent is located in the Central window of the program.

For efficient operation required configuration:

  • you need to create a folder on the archive drive for torrent files.
  • in this folder create another 2, for torrent files and existing documents;
  • the folder paths must be entered correctly.

Functions of the main window you can choose yourself. In order to start downloading from newторрента, click on the programs menu, and a checkmark to identify those tasks that will be of most interest at the time of downloading or distributing files.

Что такое торрент клиент, и как им пользоватся

For example, the user can make always visible the file size for download, view how many people have a file, what is the number of documents they give the number of peers at the moment, the time of return, etc. settings and After selecting all the desired options, you can start to download torrent files.

Features of work

  • sometimes in the process of downloading, anti-virus begins to swear on detected threats. When downloading programs, antiviruses often perceive them as Hacktools. In this case, add the file to the trusted in your antivirus program, or to recheck the file.
  • download speed specifies the upload speed, and speed characteristics of the Internet traffic in this case have no effect;
  • many sites for intensive distribution has developed a rating system. It calculates the difference between reception of information and its distribution. The default value 0.5–1, which indicates permission to download without uploading 5-10 GB. Further, the rating becomes zero, and to increase the user have to give the downloaded file;

    Что такое торрент клиент, и как им пользоватся

  • the files uploaded through the Internet using a torrent tracker, not allowed to modify or move. Otherwise, the client program µTorrent can lose them, and then issue error;
  • for security purposes, a torrent trackers not advised to place on the distribution of archived documents. The only valid format allows the user to be familiar with the information. Allowed to use the iso formats and its analogues emulsiami laser disk;
  • to remove downloaded files you will need, including from the taskbar of the client. After updating cache file deleted again stand in a queue for a fix.

What torrent client and tracker

Work torrents carry out special sites «Tracker» or «BitTorrent Trackers». They contain information of other users through which they can find each other.

The tracker maintains lists of files to be download, their descriptions and nicknames of clients, which can offer the desired files.

For a quick search often sites trackers give the ratings of files showing the statistics of the downloads and displays the new file.

To transmit information, the program creates a conduit through which will be implemented by the download process. This is the file that a person plans to share with other users, and the program automatically translates it to a file with the extension «torrent».

Что такое торрент клиент, и как им пользоватся

This format basically weighs no more than 200-300 KB. After a registered user enters the tracker and posts for public access personal torrent file. All information is provided strictly according to the categories that define the type of document. All files are backed up by corresponding description, information about size etc.

Downloadable files

After installation, the program automatically creates a shortcut on the desktop and in the notification area showing other running programs. To download torrent file, the first thing the user need to register and then upload the desired file.

The user then opens that file in the program and starts the download process, giving you the opportunity to download the same file to others. To understand how to swing the game the user must select the desired torrent tracker, open the hand to read all the specifications, features, reviews about the game and choose the corresponding size of the downloaded document. Next, the user needs to download the torrent file to your computer.

A place to store files, you can specify your own or choose default. After downloaded, the file opens in the installed program torrent, and they will continue to participate in downloading. The exchange of files between users provides a maximum download speed. After the loading percentage reaches 100%, the person can open the file.

Video: How the service works

Error during operation

  • the most common errors program can be attributed to the loss of the file after it is moved. To avoid this, the user should click on the file and select «Update hash», and the client updates the file information;
  • often, the file loses some information after changing the owner of the file. Sometimes it could trigger the antivirus, blocking suspicious data. In this case, you must also update the hash.

The principle of operation of torrent simple. Any downloaded file became assistant in download for other users. The program distributes all the smallest parts of which consist of files between users seeking absolutely identical information. If the user decides to remove the hand, the torrent file will start downloading from another person. The more visitors is the same file, the less effort the computer expends to return data.

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