What is a clean boot Windows and what is it for

By | 11.12.2018

What is a clean boot Windows and why it is needed

The causes of errors and failures in Windows can be very diverse. Computer viruses, incorrect operation of programs, services and drivers, hardware problems can all cause performance problems, hangs, drop in and even BSOD the computer is automatically restarted. Getting the diagnosis of problems, the first thing you need to eliminate possible viruses and conflicts caused by drivers, services and third-party applications.

To search for malware traditionally used anti-virus utility to eliminate software conflicts by performing a clean boot in Windows. Do not confuse this method boot in safe mode, although in principle they are very close. The essence of it is to disable services and features Microsoft and third-party applications.

So, click the + R and the window that opens, run the command msconfig.

Что такое чистая загрузка Windows и для чего она нужна

Will run configuration utility system configuration. Switch to the Services tab, uncheck all items, click «Apply» then «OK».

Что такое чистая загрузка Windows и для чего она нужна

When this happens, Windows will ask you to restart.

Что такое чистая загрузка Windows и для чего она нужнаReboot and see if the issue continues in the system or not. If not, then the cause is hiding in one of these services. You can detect it by process of elimination, successively including the services and observing the behavior of the system.

The work is painstaking and slow and this is the main drawback of the method, but it allows you to pinpoint problems, of course, if the problem were related to Windows services. As for the drivers, test the correctness of their work still better in safe mode because disabling the above settings, msconfig, the part of the driver continues to work.

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