What is a 3G tablet

By | 10.12.2018

What is a 3G tablet

Many people buy tablet for entertainment, using it for gaming, watching movies and listening to music.

Choosing a model for yourself, each takes into account its characteristics, such as:

  • operation time without recharging;
  • the speed of the graphics and the Central processor;
  • the size and screen parameters;
  • the amount of RAM.

About such things as support for working with wireless networks, nobody thinks, because she just has to be. And of such other capabilities as the presence of support 3G and GPRS, almost no one suspects.

What is 3G

3G – the modern standard for wireless communication of the third generation, which was replacing the legacy GSM. He is able to make your device is Autonomous and not tied to the presence of wi-fi signal, what it means to provide Internet connection at a fairly high speed from anywhere.Что такое 3G в планшете

3G technology allows you to enjoy a global network to 14 Mbit/s or more from any point, allowing you to do things, camping, on the road or even on another job.

Two standard network

The third generation connection, you can work with two different network standards:

  1. CDMA (Code Division Multiple Access) – connection to the network to transfer information, where the formation of subscribers on the code. That is, all use the same frequency, not different as in GSM. All network distribution takes place from the operator providing the connection.

    Что такое 3G в планшете

  2. UMTS (Univeral Mobile Telecommunications System) – it uses data transfer technology HSDPA, which enables to develop a high speed due to the modulation and two carrier channels frequency of 5 MHz.

There is also the standard EDGE (Enhanced Data-rates for GSM Evolution), which was originally developed as an easy modification of the GSM networks running on older hardware, requiring virtually no investment and major changes. Allowed twice to increase the speed of data transmission. However, many operators around the world did not support EDGE, believing that they have no future, and staying on UMTS.

What is needed

Today thousands of people work and receive salaries from the comfort of home. The whole world revolves around mobile technologies, global and social networks. But working from home can have not only advantages, but also disadvantages such as the attachment to the chair and wi-fi access.

Thanks to the tablet with an integrated 3g modem and special SIM card provided by mobile operator, the opportunity to use the global network will always be, regardless of location.

Что такое 3G в планшете

In third generation technology opens up in front of the user all the advantages of high-speed Internet that enables you to use:

  • video transmission and communication via skype;
  • excellent sound quality without interruption;
  • good speed of file download and page display;
  • without the congestion of the network and, therefore, without interruption both during communication and while using the Internet.

You can say that it was possible to obtain when connecting to Wi-Fi, and this is true, but on a journey or on holiday it will not take.

Video: how to connect to the network

Connectivity options to the tablet

For a 3G connection to the tablet will need a SIM card from the operator and the authorization data in the mobile network. Not seldom require account, as most providers give access to the Internet «prepaid».

There are several options for the use of the third-generation tablet:

  1. direct connection. Your tablet should work with 3G modules, as well as the need to install any special software to connect and identify the network;
  2. through external 3g modem for Android tablet. Externally, the device looks like a USB flash drive and is often sold from mobile operators. In this case, your device will not need support and a built-in module, however, still have to install in advance (many of the tablet is missing a USB port, but you can use the adapter with micro USB);

    Что такое 3G в планшете

  3. connectivity via a router. You will need a router with an integrated 3G chip or port and support plug modem. In this case you can connect via Wi-Fi to the router with multiple devices;

    Что такое 3G в планшете

  4. through the computer. If you have forgotten to install the software, and the Internet needed, you can use it through the computer by connecting USB modem or tablet;
  5. teaming with a PC or laptop two devices by connecting them to USB ports. In the role of a modem connection is established the smartphone, and the tablet is configured as the consumer.

You can choose any of the options to connect your device to 3G network. However, the best choice will be the possibility of using the integrated module, as it will enable you to avoid buying additional devices as well as saves a lot of autonomy (in the case of connection via wi-fi).

Network setup on the device

To external 3g modem for Android tablet started to work, you need to turn it on.

To do this, perform the following steps:

  1. go to the settings of the apparatus;
  2. open the tab «Wireless…»;
  3. click «More»;
  4. choose «Mobile networks»;

Что такое 3G в планшете

  1. in the opened settings window, to allow transmission of data to go to the «access Point APN»;
  2. create a new point by typing information about authorization and connection from the operator.

Что такое 3G в планшете

When you enter parameters you need to save them. If the connection is established successfully, the connection will happen automatically and will appear in the status window.

In order for the connection to 3G is successful, don’t forget to insert the SIM card before the setting.

How to enable 3G on the tablet via smartphone

Any device that runs on Android and is equipped with two interfaces connect to the network can act as access point.

Why, in this case two different types of connections? The fact that for such a connection you will need:

  1. the connection point to the Internet;
  2. pairing one device with another.

To organize such a connection you can use one of two wireless technologies:

  • wi-fi;
  • bluetooth.

Smartphone as a hotspot

Any modern phone supports the formats that can use 3G network, provided that access to it provides the operator.

If you want to configure the phone so that it distributed the Internet, acting as the access point, follow these steps:

  1. go to manage wireless networks and click «More»;

Что такое 3G в планшете

to select modem mode and activate one of the ways to pair devices:

  • wi-fi;
  • bluetooth;
  • USB.

Through USBможно to connect in case if you are using a desktop computer or laptop.

If you need a special network connection settings can be configured in the «configuring access point pairing». If you have chosen one of the wireless networks, be sure to set authorization parameters.

Что такое 3G в планшете

After all parameters are selected and entered, you can activate the access point. Every time you don’t need to create it again and enter all the parameters. The smartphone will remember them and will use.

Connect the tablet to the access point

Now you have a made hand. In order to connect to the Internet and see the wireless access point, you need to:

  • enable wi-fi adapter;
  • choose a name for the connection.
  • enter the authorization settings that are configured on the smartphone.

Что такое 3G в планшете

When a connection is used via a smartphone on it, you can see all paired devices, regardless of connection type, check data usage and even restrict it.

Что такое 3G в планшете

If your device connects via Bluetooth, easier and safer to use special software that allows you to create a VPN tunnel and to avoid loss of data. One of these programs – BlueVPN.

Setup is very simple. To start pairing, just turn on Bluetooth on both devices and install the program. Depending on the operator and operating system may require additional configuration.

The access point can also be created with specialized software, but it is setup and so are quite simple.

Что такое 3G в планшете

As you can see, to connect the tablet to 3G can be in many ways, especially easy and fast to do it via phone. However, to save time, Autonomous operation of each of the devices is better to use the built-in module for third-generation networks.

Wi-Fi connectivity is not available everywhere and not always, when there is a need to use the Internet. Saving a small amount of money and buying a tablet without 3G support, you can lose not only money, but work, not having to perform it in time.

If you are unable to create a connection one way, you can always try another. Organizing and distributing the Internet in a public place, don’t forget to protect your network with a complex password and a good encryption, especially if your mobile traffic is charged.

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