What if strongly heated laptop

By | 10.12.2018

What if strongly heated laptop

The performance of PCs and laptops in recent years has grown substantially. This has led to improved performance in demanding applications and games, as well as to increased heat dissipation during device operation.

To the greatest heat subject to the following laptop components:

  • processor;
  • video card;
  • South and North bridge.

In the worst case, increased temperature can result in damage to the mobile PC and costly repairs.

The design of the cooling system

Each laptop has a special compact cooling system, which is designed to remove excess heat and ensure the normal operation of components.

Consider the main types of cooling systems:

  • passive;
  • active;
  • liquid.

Passive systems are composed of a number of radiators and thermal tubes. They are used most often in devices characterized by relatively low productivity.

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Active system in addition to the radiators and pipes is composed of radiators, heat pipes and fans. The latter are responsible for blowing the heated passive elements and thereby improve heat transfer. This system is used in most modern laptops.

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Liquid systems are somewhat different in structure. Instead of air for heat dissipation, they use a liquid passing through a special tube, and cooling the heated components of your PC. In laptops, the cooling fluid is used very rarely, for example, in some experimental models Toshiba.

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Standard laptop cooling system consists of the following parts:

  • radiators;
  • heat-conducting copper plates and tubes;
  • thermal grease;
  • one or more fans.

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In operation, the radiators and pipes get hot and the fans are roaring past them, blowing hot air through the holes in the housing of the mobile computer. Thermal grease is used to improve the contact between the chip and the heat sink, which improves heat transfer.

Signs of heat

The lifetime of the mobile computer depends on the operating conditions and the maximum temperatures to which it is subject. In some cases, overheating can even melt the casing. To recognize cooling problems can be quite simple.

Consider the basic signs of excessive heat PC:

  • increased noise;
  • heating of the case;

    Что делать, если сильно греется ноутбук

  • hang or unexpected shutdown;
  • too slow for some applications;
  • error messages fan.

If things have not gone too far, then the problem can only manifest if you use demanding applications or during the game. It is not necessary to postpone the issue for later, as this may cause failure of the device.

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Causes and solutions

Causes of overheating can be quite a lot. Most of them the user is able to correct yourself.

The main causes of overheating:

  • the dust and pollution of the internal parts;
  • dried up thermal grease;
  • malfunction of the cooling system;
  • the failure of elements of the motherboard.


Over time, the inside of the PC case builds up dust, hair, this laptop gets very hot. This problem does not arise if periodic preventative cleaning using a can of compressed air, which can be purchased at any computer store.

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If the computer was overheating, then the steps for removing the dust is the first thing you need to do.

The stages of purification portable PC dust:

  • disassembly;
  • removal of heat sinks, fans and heat-conducting tubes;
  • cleaning from a dust;
  • lubrication of the fan and replace the thermal paste;
  • Assembly;
  • check the temperature of important elements (CPU, video card, etc.).

It should be noted that the user who first seeks to answer the question: «Why is the laptop noisy and hot?» to clean themselves without any professional assistance is not recommended, as it is likely to damage the fine details on the stages of Assembly and disassembly.

Dried up thermal paste

Usually the replacement of the thermal interface is carried out 1-2 times a year with the purpose of prevention. If this is not done is that dried thermal paste can cause the mobile computer slowing down while playing or working. In this case, you need immediate intervention, cleaning and replacement of the old thermal paste on the new.

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The market has a huge number of fakes due to choose quality thermal compound independently is quite difficult. It is better to find reliable service centers, or even conduct your own testing on drying time and other characteristics.

Что делать, если сильно греется ноутбук

After replacing the thermal paste you need to clean the laptop from dust and check your CPU temperature and video card. For this you can use special utilities, for example, AIDA 64 or the standard BIOS, if available.

The run modern games

Modern games and some programs, for example, for video processing or 3D modeling heavily load the processor and graphics card. In some embodiments, the computer when performing these tasks is overheating and too slow or even hangs.

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To try to solve the problem of excessive heating at the start of the modern games in the following ways:

  1. often clean the laptop from dust;
  2. to replace the thermal compound;
  3. to limit CPU performance to 70-80%;
  4. to use a cooling stand.

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Important! Laptops are quite compact device and all the parts inside their casings are located close to each other. This hinders efficient cooling. Therefore, it is recommended to always use cooling pad when you run modern games, applications, video or graphics.


The problem with some of the components can cause the laptop will overheat. While it can happen just when you turn on the computer with no load.

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Parts, damage to which can lead to excessive overheating of the computer:

  • cooling system;
  • South bridge and other elements of the motherboard.

Cooling system

Cooling system modern laptops consists of several parts and is responsible for the efficient removal of heat from the main elements of the PC. A cooling system failure can lead to overheating and as a result the brakes or a complete freeze of the computer. As a rule, out of order fans that draw hot air from the case.

Consider the main causes of output failure of the cooling system:

  • power failure;
  • a manufacturing defect;
  • mechanical damage;
  • excessive accumulation of dust.

Power failure can bring down the fan motors, causing them to stop working. In this case, most of the heat will stay inside the case and components will be prone to overheating.

Poor quality fan that is installed inside a portable PC, fast enough can fail and disrupt the normal operation of the device. Fortunately, most laptop manufacturers are trying to test components and the condition is rare.

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Unlike the previous two problems causing the failure of the cooling system for dust and mechanical damage responsible the user. The computer must be cleaned regularly to avoid blows to avoid this problem.

Board elements

Overheating can be combined with the failure of some Board elements. For example, South or North of the bridge. In this case, when a complete malfunction of the IC mobile PC will no longer be included, and if partial can appear a variety of glitches.

Что делать, если сильно греется ноутбук

Consider the main manifestations of problems with the southern bridge due to overheating:

  • frequent shutdown of the laptop;
  • hangup;
  • failures keyboard, touchpad or USB ports;
  • strong heating of the laptop;
  • sound problems;
  • incorrect information about the charge level.

There are problems with the southern bridge as for reasons of manufacturing defects, and from-for short circuit which can occur, for example, the sudden pulling USB drive or other device from the USB port.

Danger of overheating

Overheating is very dangerous for any high-precision devices and laptops in particular. As a result of increased temperature can be observed a problem with the device or its complete failure.

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Consider the main possible consequences of overheating:

  • slow;
  • sudden hang or reboot;
  • failure of the graphics card;
  • damage to the components on the Board.

Many of the consequences are irreversible and require expensive repairs. Therefore, you should not allow the situation when the mobile computer is overheating.

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How to check whether the laptop is hot

Overheating is dangerous for the computers. The best time to identify excessive temperature rise and to remove the cause or ask for help to specialists of the service center.

Heat can specify the following factors:

  • slow performance;
  • increased body temperature;
  • strong fan noise;
  • the appearance of image defects;
  • random hang or restart.

Today, all the important parts are equipped with temperature sensors. After reviewing the information with them can determine whether or not overheating and by how much. For this you can use special utilities, for example AIDA64.

Что делать, если сильно греется ноутбук

We give the rate of temperature for the main components of the laptop:

  • CPU up to 70 degrees, in rare exceptions under load is allowed to heat to 75-80 degrees;
  • video card – up to 85 degrees under load and 40-65 in idle mode;
  • Winchester – up to 45 degrees, it is recommended not above 30-40.

Exceeding the standard testimony clearly indicates overheating. Urgently need to contact the experts or resolve the problem yourself.

Prevention tips

Prevention of overheating allows you to avoid costly and lengthy repair, and also increases the life of the laptop.

A few tips that will help to avoid overheating:

  1. do not use a laptop PC on a soft surface (sofas, beds etc.);
  2. regularly check the temperature of important components;
  3. if possible, try to use a cooling pad, especially when operating under load;
  4. timely clean dust, dirt and replacement of thermal paste.

    Что делать, если сильно греется ноутбук

Doing these simple actions will help to protect the laptop from overheating and ensure its long-term reliable operation.

The laptop is a complex device and operation at elevated temperatures inside the body can cause him great harm. In case there are suspicions on overheating laptop, you should immediately check with the help of specialized tools and, if necessary, contact the service center.

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