What firm better to buy a laptop in 2015

By | 10.12.2018

Which company is better to buy a laptop in 2015

The choice of laptop is not a trivial task. Attention should be paid to its technical parameters due to the range of tasks. It is extremely important to correctly determine the manufacturer of the mobile computer.

Overview of manufacturers of laptops

Leading suppliers of mobile computers on the market at the moment are Acer, Asus, HP, Samsung, Lenovo. The share of these brands accounted for more than 75% of the market.

Consider the leading manufacturers:

  • Acer. Acer products are famous for reasonable prices. On the world market, the company is among the three largest manufacturers of portable computers. Laptops are generally powerful and modern, despite its low price. However, there are also weaknesses. First of all, the screen and build quality;

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  • Apple. Apple laptops are the most prestigious in the world. They have the highest build quality, great screen and stylish aluminium casing. However to pay for it will have more than $ 2,000;

    Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

  • Asus. In the lineup of this producer is and multimedia, and gaming, and laptops. The device Asus usually have better combination of ‘price-quality’;

    Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

  • Dell. The lion’s share of portable computers, the company refers to the budget segment. Naturally, the quality is quite adequate. Problems occur with technical support;

    Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

  • HP. Hewlett Packard focuses on the affordable price of their products, and constantly compromises for this. The most advanced laptops HP refer to a series of Envy, and they are comparable with the products of Sony and Apple. But Compaq and Pavilion are not always able to satisfy demanding customers;

    Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

  • Lenovo. Lenovo is the former IBM well-known. Currently Lenovo are doing well; the company produces an inexpensive but pretty high quality laptops and tablets;

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  • MSI. The developers of MSI enough to successfully complement budget laptops relatively powerful filling. Now the company focuses on the production of entertainment and game models. And it should be recognized that pick on them at times difficult to impossible;

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  • Samsung. Attractive design and low cost characterize the laptops. The model range of the manufacturer there are no laptops that can frankly be called a failure. But the pricing of Samsung do not like many fans of this brand, the prices have recently inflated unreasonable;

    Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

  • Sony. Sony is the most expensive brand in the world of electronics. Of course, the company know this only too well, and almost always inflate the prices of products, despite the fact that disadvantages are not so rare. The build quality and used inside of laptop computers Sony, will not disappoint the most critical of users;

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  • Toshiba. Toshiba Qosmio is one of the best gaming notebooks. Technical innovations are usually impeccable and justifies the money invested.

    Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

Selection criteria

An important criterion when choosing a laptop is reliability. Very often, the reliability of a specific model is inextricably linked to the reliability of the manufacturer as a whole. In addition to reliability it is necessary to pay attention to the basic characteristics of the mobile computer, defining its performance.

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Reliability is the most important criterion which should be taken into consideration when purchasing a portable computer. Although, frankly, credible information about the reliability of laptops of different brands. A comparison of the reliability of mobile computers from various brands as a whole is not logical. Fairer and more informative to consider specific models. That is, to compare right models only one price category.

To determine the reliability of the used parameter is the average number of failures over a certain period of time. Normally expect to measure in three years of operation.

Accurate information on the number of marriage in their products has a manufacturer, but often it is silent that information to competitors has not exercised it for their own purposes. It is important to note that the manufacturer receives information on failures only during the warranty period.

Therefore, full and objective data about the reliability of laptops is practically nonexistent. And even that incomplete information can be provided by the manufacturer, is not always true.

Objectively, only three important components to characterize the reliability, namely:

  1. the reliability of the design. When choosing a reliable mobile computer should not be considered news, because in these models the probability of marriage is slightly higher compared to a model already tested. The life time model about 1 year. Reliability innovations can only be assessed after a few months since its appearance on the market;

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  2. the quality of the components. Quality components are quite expensive. Therefore, buying cheap laptop, it should be understood that hardly it will be high-quality components. Manufacturer to reduce the cost of model probably have to skimp on many things, including the quality of the hardware. Laptops business series, characterizing high reliability, have a corresponding and considerable price;
  3. the build quality is. This parameter has clear leaders and Laggards in the market. It is necessary to give preference to proven famous brands.


When buying a portable computer should be kept in mind that it is not subject to modernization. In this regard, choosing it, you must clearly know — what tasks need functionality and performance. It is not necessary to purchase the most powerful, and most expensive model, as new in a few months, much cheaper after the release of more cool models.

Performance depends on the characteristics of CPU, RAM and motherboard. The main competitors in this field are Intel and AMD. Intel products have excellent performance, but it has to pay a serious amount. AMD have lower performance at a much more attractive price. If the laptop is required for the newest games and graphics, then the choice is, of course, is to do in favor of Intel. For office work AMD is fine. The most important parameter RAM is its size.

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The graphics card is largely responsible for processing graphics and this is important, mainly for game models. For leadership in the production of fight cards nVidia Geforce and AMD. Nvidia specializiruetsya on computer games.

But for the opportunity to play at the maximum resolution you need to pay. AMD radeon can boast more affordable prices, and their relatively high performance suitable for graphics work.

Which company is better to take the laptop

When choosing a portable computer, the main task is to choose the manufacturer. Global IT industry leaders offer a rich assortment of various models, and determine in this matter is very difficult. In addition to the choice of the manufacturer of the laptop is extremely important to assess the characteristics of the chosen model and carefully review the feedback.

Selection by characteristics

When choosing a laptop, be sure to consider the following factors:

  • the weight and dimensions. Weight and screen size – these two parameters are closely linked. The wider the display, the greater the weight of the computer. The weight of the computer also depends on the material of manufacture. With a sturdy and reliable option – aluminum housing.
  • characteristics of the screen matrix. Screen size is one of the most important characteristics of the laptop. Choose the size you need based on the range of tasks. Matrix quality is an important feature when selecting screen. Also pay attention to the brightness and contrast of the display;

    Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

  • battery. The normal period of operation from one battery without charging is 2-3 hours. Li-Ion batteries are recognized as the best. They have less weight and longer working time;

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  • processor. Lately laptop processors almost caught up with the parameters of processors for personal computers. For office work are quite CPU-1.5 GHz. For more demanding applications it is better to use a more powerful processor;

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  • the motherboard and RAM. An important aspect of your motherboard – you have free slot for RAM, which for normal operation is 4 GB;

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  • hard disk. It is very important to determine the size.

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Buyers opinion

Before you purchase, it is necessary to read reviews about which company is better to buy a laptop. But do not forget that if everything works fine, the buyer just enjoy the novelty, and the reviews are usually written by those who have some claim to the purchased goods.

Often, these negative reviews are subjective, so they can be present even in very high-quality goods. Be alerted should the fact that such opinions and many different people have the same problem.

Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

The perfect laptop does not exist. You can look for a long time the best, to read hundreds of reviews and never find the ideal. In any device there will always be at least some drawbacks, the main challenge when choosing a mobile computer — that they were small and not critical.

Best laptops winter 2014-2015

Determine the best laptop in 3 categories.

Tablet type Lenovo IdeaPad Yoga 2 Pro.

This stylish device is more focused on the work laptop, though tablet of it is quite good. The latest hardware made him the most attractive among hybrids.

Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

The game version of Dell Alienware 14.

This is a great model if you need a good laptop for gaming, but the budget is limited. In addition to memorable and stylish design, it has a rich set of interfaces, high quality display and powerful hardware required to run the latest games.

Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

Option for Internet Acer C720P Chromebook.

Series laptops Chromebook designed for web browsing. Model Chromebook equipped with a touch screen. This laptop features a compact size and powerful battery that provides up to 7.5 hours.

Какой фирмы лучше купить ноутбук в 2015

Wanting to buy a laptop, it is best to choose the manufacturer with the history for which the production of mobile computers one of the main areas of business — Lenovo, Acer and Asus. Laptops Apple and Sony are much higher, as the price of their products too high brand share.

According to popular belief, the optimal choice would be Asus. High performance at a low price provide mobile computers Dell, Acer and Lenovo, second to Asus in quality and reliability.

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