What fate has in store for Windows 10 in 2015?

By | 10.12.2018

What fate has in store for Windows 10 in 2015?

2015 will be a chance for Microsoft to bring back long lost glory, as this year they will release their new flagship, cross-platform Windows 10 operating system. In this article you will know that it has happened with Windows 10 in 2014 and what to expect in 2015.

That was until now

In April Microsoft released the latest major update for Windows 8.1, which took into account many of the user requests, with the exception of the start menu. Later, in August, Windows 8.1 has received another update, and the tech world, fuelled by rumors and leaks of screenshots, he began to talk about Windows 9.

September 30, the company revealed Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Why Windows 10? Our reasoning on this subject you can read here.

After a few promising preliminary builds of Windows 10 in November, the company released build number 9879, which is distinguished by some problems, including unsuccessful attempts to install Office and Windows Explorer crashes. However, Microsoft quickly released a hotfix.

In the autumn the company also decided that in December, users need to prepare for the New year and Christmas, not to spend my time testing new builds, so in the last month of the year we had no new technical preview, apart from the leak of a couple of internal builds that are not intended for the General public.

Also at the end of the year, Gabriel Aul, head of the program Windows Insider, tell us a little more about the next build of Windows 10, which will likely be released in late January. He said that within the company the Assembly called FBL_AWESOME, however, still remains unclear whether it is ultimately the Consumer Preview or another build of the Technical Preview.

And now that we are waiting for.

The next Chapter, 21 January

On January 21 Microsoft will hold a press conference dedicated to Windows 10 on their home turf in Redmond. As expected, one of the speakers at this event will be Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella. The event will be broadcast online, details will be announced soon in the blog of Microsoft Windows.

All other expectations from this event based on insider information or data obtained from internal builds that are available for download unofficially. For example, it is expected that the next build will be unlocked virtual assistant Cortana, and the tool is Continuum that will determine the type of device and configure the operating system behavior according to it.

Monthly builds of Windows 10

Journalist Mary Jo Foley writes that the next build of Windows 10 will be called the January Technical Preview (JTP), and not the Consumer Preview. It and also claim that JTP will begin monthly assemblies called February Technical Preview, March Technical Preview, etc.

Windows 10 Preview for mobile devices

It is not clear when will be released the first preview version of Windows 10 for phones and tablets, but Mary Jo Foley predicts that Microsoft will show it in a press conference on January 21. The mobile version of Windows 10, as they say, along with the ARM will support the Intel x86 architecture.

BUILD April / May 2015

Every year Microsoft holds a conference BUILD, which is mainly aimed at Windows developers. This year the conference will be held in the period from 29 April to 1 may.

During the event, 30 September 2014, when Microsoft for the first time showed of Windows 10, it was announced that the Developer Preview will be released at BUILD 2015. But even if this does not happen during this event, of course, we will learn more about chart final release of Windows 10.

The business model is Windows, Spring / Summer 2015

During BUILD 2015 or shortly thereafter can be declared a business model for Windows 10. At the moment, the users expect free or cheap upgrades.

There is speculation that Windows 10 will monetize as a service. The company may issue Windows components as services (Software as a Service, SaaS), i.e. to apply a subscription model, as in the case of Office 365. More about this we need to know in spring or summer.

The final release, Summer / Fall 2015

This is the most precarious milestone, as many things can go not as planned, and the company may not be able. However, it is most likely that the final version of Windows 10 will be released in late summer – for manufacturers, and in the autumn, probably in October, for the mass market.

Are you ready for Windows 10?

If you want to try pre-release version that will be released in January, you can prepare your computer to install Windows 10 with the official tool from Microsoft that will allow you to get a January build through Windows Update on computers running Windows 7 or 8.1.

In addition, you can also manually download and install the ISO file of Windows 10 Preview, which will provide more flexibility of when, where and how to install the operating system. For example, you can try Windows 10 on your computer with Linux, installing pre-assembled on a virtual machine, or to arrange a dual boot on a computer with Windows 7 or 8.1.

What happens with the Preview at the end of 2015?

Finally some good news for those who have already fully moved to Windows 10. According to Gabriel Aul, Microsoft plans to support a direct upgrade from Windows 10 TP to RTM (Release To Manufacturing). If that is done, users can easily switch to the final version while preserving all your settings and installed applications. It would be really cool!

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