What does the ultrabook and how to choose

By | 10.12.2018

What does the ultrabook and how to choose

Today one of the most convenient for the operation of the devices is an ultrabook. Its price and performance is slightly higher than that of conventional laptop.

High technology is very firmly in our everyday lives. Various electronic devices are becoming smaller, more compact, but at the same time more powerful and more productive. Almost every day in the market there are all sorts of innovations, the use of which is becoming more and more comfortable.

What is it?

Что значит ультрабук и как выбрать

Ultrabook is called a laptop with a small thickness (typically 20 mm) and weight (under 2 kg). Although he can have any screen size. Despite very compact size, most ultrabooks today have excellent performance. Since the lack of space inside the case kompensiruet high efficiency electronic components.

The term ultrabook, it became widespread after 2011. It was then presented joint development of Intel and Apple. It combines all the advantages of the products of both manufacturers. A prototype of the first ultrabook is considered a sub-notebook from Apple MacBook Air 2008. This year was kind of a new era in the sphere of high technologies.

Different from laptops

The difference between a notebook and ultrabook is not only in dimensions but also some other important details:

Что значит ультрабук и как выбрать

  • nowadays there are no drives to read CD/DVD/Blu-Ray discs.
  • the battery is built into the motherboard;
  • graphics accelerator ultrabook is built into its CPU;
  • the price of the considered techniques, sometimes several times more costly than conventional, more dimensional, analogue;
  • some versions are equipped with a touch screen (the usual laptops most of them are not equipped with this option).

The first thing that catches the eye when viewed from (the compact size) is the lack of a device for reading discs. But the disadvantage is difficult to call. Since the discs are already almost out of use, and all communications are via a USB port. Therefore, the inability to use disc-based media does not cause serious inconvenience.

Что значит ультрабук и как выбрать

The main feature of ultrabook is the inability to quickly replace the battery, since most of his contacts are soldered to the motherboard.

To remove the battery, its replacement requires special equipment and skills that work.

Most often, a graphics accelerator built into the CPU that allows you to save a certain amount of free space. However, power is not affected. High efficiency is achieved through the use of latest technology. At smaller sizes of modern electronic components is able to process more information with greater speed.

Usually the cheapest ultrabook is 2-3 times more expensive than its bigger «brother», with standard sizes and similar performance. At such prices there is a serious justification – the cost of small parts and assemblies is relatively high, as it implies greater complexity.

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Which ultrabook should you choose?

Today in the segment of ultra-thin laptop computers has a large number of different modifications. To choose among all this variety suitable device person ignorant is problematic.

When choosing you must first determine the following points:

  1. price category;
  2. what is purchased.

    Что значит ультрабук и как выбрать

Accordingly, you should review the descriptions of the different modifications, and then to choose the optimal variant.

Technical characteristics

When you select the device in the store the first thing you should pay attention to is the technical parameters. Since almost all modifications of the same light, have a similar thickness and weight with the same diagonal.

The most important parameters that should be followed during the selection and purchase of equipment under consideration:

  • battery capacity;
  • screen resolution;
  • the frequency of the processor;

    Что значит ультрабук и как выбрать

  • features video;
  • interfaces for data transfer.

The capacity and quality of the battery – very important factors, because to replace the battery in this technique very problematic. So you should pay attention to its capacity and type. Optimal for today’s battery – lithium-polymer. They are much more durable than other battery types and have a large capacity in a comparable size.

The larger the screen resolution the purchased PC, the easier to exploit it. Because of this depends directly on how quickly the user gets tired. Optimal resolution at a diagonal of 13.3 inches screen — 1920×1080 pix.

Что значит ультрабук и как выбрать

For comfortable use of most modern programs require pretty powerful CPUs. Looking at any model, should focus on the processors with a frequency of at least 1900 MHz. Number of cores shall be not less than 2. otherwise, problems may arise not just any applications, but also with the launch of the operating system.

As inside the case of equipment of the type under consideration very little free space to accommodate graphics cards it is usually not enough. That is why budget and more expensive models are equipped with embedded graphics processors.

If there is a need to work in any program that requires graphics card performance, you should consider buying ultrabook with GPU, the performance index of which is not less than 910 (according to Futuremark).

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Despite the fact that almost all of the model is set integrated graphics processor, productivity is not falling. As the lack of a discrete GPU kompensiruet using disk type SSD and high speed RAM.

Ultrabooks don’t have drives to read disks. That’s why you should check the availability of multiple USB ports, the presence of the module Wi-Fi and Bluetooth, and other interfaces and options needed for comfortable use.

For whom is suitable

Ultra thin laptops – the device-specific and expensive. To buy such a device makes sense only if it is really needed. The most important advantage of the technique of this category is its compactness. That is why suitable such devices are for people who travel often, for which the presence of a few extra kilos of baggage is a serious problem.

Что значит ультрабук и как выбрать

Ultrabook often necessary for businessmen and travelers, to students. All these categories of people often move, move. To carry a heavy bag weighing 4-5 kg are uncomfortable and impractical. Ultrathin apparatus in this case is a great solution.

Price and performance

Summary table of relationship of prices to the performance models from each segment:

The cost


The parameters that affect the performance

20 to 25 thousand rubles

13.3″ Laptop Acer V3-371-33EC (HD)

CPU frequency – 1900 MHz (2 cores);the L1 cache-512 KB, cache L2 3072 KB;RAM – 4 GB.

From 70 to 80 thousand rubles

Lenovo THINKPAD X1 Carbon Gen 1 Ultrabook

CPU frequency – 2000 MHz (2 cores);the L1 cache-1 MB cache L2 – 4 MB RAM – 8 GB.

From 100 to 110 thousand rubles


processor frequency – 1600 MHz (2 core);cache L2-512 KB;L2 cache – 3072 KB;RAM – 8GB;

device – SSD;

video memory SMA

There is a direct correlation between the cost of the device and its performance. The price is affected by many factors. The better the technical characteristics of the model, the higher its cost. Direct influence upon the price the manufacturer.

It is conditionally possible to divide the considered technique into three categories according to their value:

  • budget;
  • middle class;
  • premium.

Pretty high quality models in the budget category of devices manufactured by Acer. One of the best models is the Aspire V3-371. It is equipped with a quite efficient processor Intel Core i3 (1.9 Hz) and fast RAM. Its volume is about 4 GB. The cost of this model varies between 20 and 25 thousand rubles.

Что значит ультрабук и как выбрать

In the mid-market are more productive device. For example, the Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Carbon is equipped with very fast SSD hard disk-type, as well as a large amount of RAM is 8 GB. But for such a high performance it is necessary to pay the cost of this model varies in the range of 70 – 80 thousand rubles.

Что значит ультрабук и как выбрать

The category of «premium» can be attributed to the laptops, the cost of which exceeds 80 thousand. As is Asus UX301LA. Its price is 100 – 110 thousand rubles. The speed is extremely high due to the powerful processor (i7 3.1 GHz, dual core) and SSD-drive.

Thus, we can conclude that the ultrabook is a device whose performance has a direct relationship to cost. And the more expensive the product, the probably better will be its operational parameters.

Что значит ультрабук и как выбрать

Analysts forecast conventional laptops in a short time will be almost totally supplanted by ultra-thin analogues, having the same performance and screen resolution, but at the same time is extremely light and compact.

Ultrabooks – the next stage of development of the computer industry. Leading manufacturers every day to achieve increasing miniaturization of electronic components. That is why case the considered technique will eventually become less, and the technique is even more convenient and functional.

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