What do you mean RAM, and where is the computer

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What do you mean RAM, and where is the computer

If your computer is slower, the solution to this problem would be additional RAM. In this case, you need to understand what is RAM and why is it necessary to find out its parameters, and also read the guidelines for the installation and replacement of the module.

What is RAM?

RAM means random access memory. It is also called:

  1. RAM (Random Access Memory);
  2. the random access memory;
  3. or just RAM.

Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

RAM is the volatile memory of the computer, which has random access. During operation of the computer there are all the intermediate, input and output data processed by the processor. All data stored in RAM can be accessed and stored only when the device is powered up. Even a short power outage information can be distorted or completely destroyed.

Between Random Access Memory and CPU data exchange happens:

  • directly;
  • using registers to ALU;
  • through the cache.

OP is:

  1. a separate module that can be replaced or, if necessary, add additional – used for computers.
  2. a separate unit or a chip used in a semiconductor device.

    Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

RAM usage

Operating systems for information processing and data storage that you often use, used memory. If modern devices were not Random Access Memory, all operations were carried out much slower, since it would require much more time to read information from a permanent memory source.

In addition, the multithreaded processing would be impossible. Due to the presence of OP all apps and programs run faster. Thus nothing hinders the processing of all the data that are in the queue. Some operating systems like Windows 7 tend to save files, applications and other information, which the user often uses.

Thus, there is no need to waste time on something until they start to boot from the disc, as the process will start immediately.

Usually, because of this Random Access Memory is continuously loaded with more than 50%. This information can be viewed in task Manager. The data tend to accumulate and the applications that are used less frequently will be pushed out more than necessary.

Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

At the moment the most common is the dynamic memory with random access (DRAM). It is used in many devices. While it is relatively inexpensive, but is slower than static (SRAM).

SRAM has found its application in controllers and GPUs, and is also used in the cache memory of the processors. This memory has higher speed, but it takes a lot of space on the chip. In turn, the producers decided that volume is more important than fast work, so in the computer peripherals used DRAM. In addition, the dynamic memory is cheaper than static. While it has a high density. Because of this, in exactly the same silicon crystal is placed more cells with the memory. The only drawback is its not so fast as SRAM.

It is worth considering that all of the information that is contained on the OP can be available only when the device is switched on. After the user will perform a program exit, all data will be deleted. So before you exit the application, you must save all changes or additions that have been made.

OP consists of several cells. It was there and posted all the data. Each saved change, the latest information is removed, and in its place a new one is written. The number of cells depends on the amount of Random Access Memory. The larger the volume, the better the performance of the entire system.

To find out RAM on the computer you must perform the following steps:

  • for Windows XP:
  1. put the cursor on the label «My computer»;
  2. then you should click the right button of the mouse;
  3. choose «Properties»;
  4. go to the tab «General»;
  • for Windows 7:
  1. put the cursor on the label «My computer»;
  2. to click right mouse button;

    Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

  3. from the list select «Properties».

    Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере


Additional OP will help improve greatly the performance of the device. It can be installed on a desktop computer and a laptop.

Installing RAM on computer

First we need to know what type of OP you want. Its appearance depends on the motherboard. In order to know what type is compatible with the motherboard you should check the documents to your device or visit the manufacturer’s website. When choosing RAM, it is recommended to purchase 2 or 4 modules. Thus, if you need 8 GB of the OP, it’s better to buy 2 4GB or 4 2GB. It is worth to pay attention to their bandwidth and speed. All the data should be the same. Otherwise, the system will tune to the most minimal settings. Because of this, the performance may decrease.

Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

To install the RAM should perform the following recommendations:

  1. have to be removed from the device monitor, mouse, printer and keyboard;
  2. make sure there is no static charge;
  3. remove the old modules – it is necessary to open the clips located on both sides and withdraw the module;

Important! A new module of OP should be kept so as not to touch the chips, which are located on the side and bottom contacts.

  1. RAM you need to insert so that the groove precisely aligned with the notch placed in the connector;
  2. to put pressure on the Board and fix it, the clamps should be closed;
  3. collect computer;
  4. turn on the device;
  5. to check OP.

Installing RAM on a laptop

To do this:

  1. to properly determine the type of OP;
  2. to eliminate static charge;
  3. to disconnect the laptop from power and remove the battery;
  4. remove the right panel on the bottom surface of the laptop;

Important! Most laptops do not require paired modules.

  1. to retrieve the old boards you must open the clips and pull the module;
  2. to insert the new OP at an angle of 45 degrees;
  3. you then easily click on the Board so that the clips engage;

    Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

  4. next you should connect the laptop and to verify that the installation was performed correctly;
  5. after that it is necessary to collect the device.

The type and amount of

At the moment there are several types of OP. This:

  • DDR RAM;
  • DDR2 RAM;
  • DDR3 RAM.

They differ in strap design, and performance.

Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

Important! It should be noted that the modules between them are completely incompatible, as they have different connectors for installation.

In most modern laptops installed OP kind of DDR2 or DDR3. Older models work with DDR. From the amount of memory directly affects the speed and performance of your computer.

Now on the market have modules of:

  1. 512 MB;
  2. 1 GB;
  3. 2 GB;
  4. 4 GB;
  5. 8 GB.

Before you purchase the additional module it is worth considering that the 32-bit operating system can recognize only 4 GB. So there is no need to spend money on fees with a large amount of due to the fact that he still will not be used. But if the operating system is 64 bit, you can set 8, 16 or even 32 gigabytes of memory.

Video: increase RAM

The frequency and other parameters

Among the main parameters of the Random Access Memory need to allocate the following:

  • the types and amount of RAM (mentioned above).
  • frequency OP. This parameter is bandwidth, according to him, all the information goes to the motherboard, and from there is transmitted to the processor. The frequency must match the allowable frequency of the motherboard. Is measured in MHz.
  • timings. They are called the delays or latency OP. This parameter specifies the delay information when it moves between the chip module. At high frequency RAM hold more temporary. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the most optimal timings and frequency.

    Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

  • the working voltage. The smaller this parameter is, the better. Voltage default:
  1. DDR – 2.2 Volts;
  2. DDR2 is 1.8 Volts;
  3. DDR3 – 1.65 Volts.
  • the manufacturer of the module. You should prefer well-known brands and models that have the highest number of positive reviews. This will help eliminate the possibility of buying a faulty part and the warranty period will be longer.

Looks like RAM in the computer?

OP computer is a plate consisting of multiple layers of the PCB. It has:

  • printed circuit Board;
  • soldered memory chips;
  • there is also a special connector to connect.

Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

Where is RAM? OP is located directly on the motherboard.

Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

For modules there are slots, usually 2 or 4. They are located near the processor.

Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

OP for PC and laptop

RAM designed for a laptop, has a few differences from the OP, which is used in PC, namely:

  1. the modules differ in their size – insert for the laptop is much shorter than the standard for computer;
  2. on the strap there are also unique connectors.

Что значит ОЗУ, и где находится на компьютере

Thus, the module used for PC cannot be installed in the laptop.

Memory is one of the main parts in the computer. She is responsible for the speed run different programs and applications and for temporary storage of information. In addition, it is intended for the connection of external devices and hard disk by the processor.

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