What can I do if my computer does not recognize the USB drive?

By | 10.12.2018

What can I do if my computer does not recognize the USB drive?

It’s always frustrating when connecting the old and true USB flash drive to the computer, instead of the expected list of files, get the amazing system message informing you that the device is not recognized. Do not rush to panic and mourn forever the lost data! Often this result is a consequence of quite trivial reasons, and is rarely a symptom of a serious and unrecoverable hardware problems. So before you write off a flash drive, first try to perform several actions, which can force the computer to recognize it.

Plug the thumbdrive to another USB port

Although this is the most obvious solution is often neglected. However, in many cases, the computer cannot recognize the drive because of problems with a specific USB port to which it is connected.

Just try another – possibly one of those, located on the rear panel of the computer (if it is a desktop system). Avoid connecting flash memory through a USB hub (hub), as this type of peripheral devices often causes problems of a similar nature («USB Device not recognized»).

If not even that helps, do not hurry to surrender. Try on another computer or laptop – it is possible that the cause of the problem is rooted in the source system but not in the USB memory.

Check to see if the device in the tool menu the «disk Management»

Disk Management is a useful, but little known and seldom used tool, which is part of the so-called «Administrative tools» Windows.

To start it, right-click the mouse on the «start» button and in context menu select «disk Management» (in Windows 8.x and Windows 10), or press on the keyboard <

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