ways to set the password on a Windows 7 computer

By | 09.12.2018

Ways to set the password on a Windows 7 computer

Security of home or work PC is an important issue that should not be overlooked. Each user stores on their device a large amount of information which may be confidential.

To avoid leakage and to protect their privacy, a simple way password, which is provided in each version of Windows.

Why put a password

The personal computer has become a repository of personal information – documents, photos or videos. It can store more important things, such as passwords to various online accounts, contact lists, rooms the personal Bank accounts of others, not intended for prying eyes data. To protect them, a simple and reliable way – to set a passphrase for entry into the computer.

Installation methods

The main ways of setting the password are:

  1. installing the control panel;
  2. installing using menu local users and groups;
  3. the use of third-party software.

Способы установки пароля на компьютере Windows 7

It is worth noting that the how to set password on PC great variety. For this you can use as available device resources, and more – third-party program.

What to prefer? More reliable and secure is, of course, use your own PC software that eliminates the risk of infecting your computer with viruses and spyware which often accompany programs from unverified publishers.

Control panel

Consider the first and the easiest way to set protection when entering the system.

Following this step-by-step instructions, anyone can quickly cope with this task:

  1. open the «start menu» and then «control Panel»;

    Способы установки пароля на компьютере Windows 7

  2. in the resulting list of links, click «user Accounts and family safety»;

    Способы установки пароля на компьютере Windows 7

  3. go to «user Accounts» where you can find the item «create a password for your account».

    Способы установки пароля на компьютере Windows 7

Open the preferences window

This menu in Windows 7 is a settings window that will help to create a code combination. It must be entered twice to eliminate the possibility of error, and then confirm your choice by clicking on «Create a password».

Способы установки пароля на компьютере Windows 7

To set the password

Recommendations for choosing a password:

  1. it needs to be at least 8 characters, combining numbers and letters in upper and lower case;
  2. good to be memorable for the user, but at the same time, the residual heavy so that others are not able to «guess»;
  3. it is better to avoid the use of names and important dates, because they primarily pay attention to hackers;
  4. it is not necessary to use whole words and passwords that was already installed;
  5. the ideal option is a random sequence of characters, specially fitted for this purpose.

Способы установки пароля на компьютере Windows 7

When you create a password the system also prompts you to select a clue for him. Is every sentence a question or a numerical combination that will help to remember it and restore if necessary. It will be visible to anyone with access to a computer, so her choice is to be careful not making it too obvious.

Video: password in Windows

Password created

After all the above steps, the computer finally protected. Now when it starts to appear a special window that verifies the user’s identity. As we have seen, to put a password on a computer windows 7 when you enable quite simply. Menu create an account, you can also ask her name, and choose an avatar from the list or load any image from your hard drive.

How to put a password on Windows 7 using the Local users and groups

In Windows there is the possibility of creating not only individual users and passwords for them, but groups have equal opportunities. In a particular group can log in multiple accounts registered on the computer.

It is possible to create a single password, and assign or limit rights on the device. This feature is widely applicable on the office PC used by several people.

To create a group you must:

  1. in the menu «start» select «Run»;
  2. at the prompt, enter the command «mmc»to open the management console (you may need to enter the administrator password);

    Способы установки пароля на компьютере Windows 7

  3. here, select the «Local users and groups» and then the tab «Groups»;

    Способы установки пароля на компьютере Windows 7

  4. select the tab «Action» and «Create group»;
  5. in this interface you can specify the group name, its description, and add users who will be blocked;

    Способы установки пароля на компьютере Windows 7

  6. when ready, simply click «Create»;
  7. to set a password for the group can be in the same way as an individual user, which we discussed above.

Important! Creating user groups is not supported by some versions of Windows 7: starter, home basic and home extended.

Such a simple and quick procedure will help to protect the user account on a personal computer or laptop.

The most important thing – it is quite simple and does not require much knowledge in software. Just a couple of steps and data on your PC will not fall into the wrong hands.

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