Ways to remove Yandex Bar from Firefox

By | 10.12.2018

Ways to remove Yandex Bar from Firefox

In the heyday of the Internet technologies there are many optional software. So, when installing a particular product, you can pick up from the toolbar Yandex, which seriously slows down the system.

What is Yandex Bar

If you believe the developers, the Yandex bar is a free software, which is designed to optimize your surfing the Internet. It accelerates and simplifies the work of the browser and the Internet in General.

Способы удаления Яндекс Бар из Firefox

However, in practice it is not so, that is why many people decide to remove Yandex bar from firefox.

Unfortunately, this utility carries a lot of drawbacks, namely:

  1. slows down surfing the Internet. It would seem that the utility is created for speed, but is actually the exact opposite. Installing this annoying application, you can forget about quick download;
  2. increased risk of infection. As a rule, toolbars and additional panels are kind of a conduit for viruses and Trojans. Through such additions often seep a unauthorized application. It’s all fraught with serious consequences;

Tip: today it is very common viruses that target user information entered on the web. It is very dangerous for those people who pays for goods or services online.

  1. reduce visual space. Hardly someone will be like, when a third of the screen is unused panel;
  2. the complexity of the uninstallation. To remove this miracle, will have to work hard. The persistence of these viral tools knows no bounds.

    Способы удаления Яндекс Бар из Firefox

It is because of these facts, this utility gets on the computers was mostly by accident. However, removing it can handle virtually any user. The information below will help in this.

Disposal options

Ways to remove Yandex bar may be several. The most optimal option depends on how much the utility is «stuck» to your system. In some cases it can be quite simple.

The standard way

If the toolbar is not crept far into the system, that is, its file is not in the registry and system folders, the deletion will not require special powers and skills.

In particular, it will be enough to delete the app itself in the following way:

  1. open the start menu;
  2. in it we find the item «control panel»;
  3. next, look for the section «add or remove programs» and open it by double-clicking the mouse.

    Способы удаления Яндекс Бар из Firefox

  4. in the list of all software installed on the computer, looking for the right. The name may differ, so it is best to look at the icon or on the developer;
  5. finding not need the tool, remove it by clicking on the appropriate button from the top;
  6. that’s it, the toolbar will be removed.

Способы удаления Яндекс Бар из Firefox

Unfortunately, in most cases, this technique does not work, because the toolbar climbs far into the browser and it will not be removed. In some cases, can help a program to clean the system data of the computer. They will analyze the system and find.

Video: remove Yandex from Mozilla

Deleting via the Browser menu

If the previous method does not work, it means Yandex is to be removed from the list of extensions. Is made this procedure a little more complicated, but it can deal any.

It is implemented like this:

  1. open the browser and click on the orange button that says Firefox.

    Способы удаления Яндекс Бар из Firefox

  2. in the opened list of options select «add-ons». However, you can instead click on Ctrl+A+Shift;

    Способы удаления Яндекс Бар из Firefox

  3. Interesting: fortunately, Firefox can integrate only one panel, while many other browsers support installing multiple. Multiple toolbars can turn the Internet into a living hell.

  4. this will open a window where you need to select «extensions»;
  5. thus, we get to the control centre with all available extensions integrated into the browser. Among them choose not to need (several) and delete it.
  6. now you will need to restart the browser, causing the annoying toolbar will be erased.

Способы удаления Яндекс Бар из Firefox

In addition, you will need to change the home page settings and search engine by default. The fact that the toolbar sets these parameters for Yandex.

Способы удаления Яндекс Бар из Firefox

As you can see, get rid of the annoying software is a snap. Important to remember that when installing any application you should carefully consider the attached products.

It often happens that some of them may be ones you don’t need.

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