Ways to remove satellite @mail ru Chrome

By | 10.12.2018

Ways to remove satellite @mail ru in Chrome

This program managed to gain «fame» among PC owners. In addition to its presence did not petition on the device, it makes changes to the user settings, sometimes changing the browser beyond recognition.

It is worth noting that this software does not damage the system, so it is wrong to call it a virus. It’s just the app, whose main objective is to promote the aforementioned search engine and its services.

What it is

What exactly is wrong with «Companion» to the owners of the computers?

Once on the device, this program is then taken to be the case:

  • changes the settings of installed browsers;
  • change home page;
  • make Mail the default search;
  • adds to the browser the new toolbar, and bookmarks.

Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

Such arbitrariness few people will like, so users can immediately try to remove the program, but immediately faced a number of difficulties. The developers have taken care to get rid of her was not the easiest. That is why we will look at ways to remove satellite @mail ru in Chrome once and for all.

Ways to remove

There are several ways to remove this program:

  1. through «installation and removal» in the menu «start»;
  2. using the program CCleaner;
  3. using a full wipe via the command line.

Video: Removing Search Mail.ru and Satellite

The standard method

The most common method of disposal is as follows:

  1. click on the icon «start menu» in the lower left corner of the screen;
  2. select «control Panel» and then find the Programs section;

    Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

  3. click on «add or remove programs»;
  4. you’ll see a list of everything installed on the computer software;
  5. find here Guard@Mail Ru and selecting it to be removed using the right mouse button;

    Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

  6. then they do the same with «Satellite».

    Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

Important! Removing these two components of the program need to strictly adhere to the specified order (first Guard, and then «Sputnik»), otherwise the Guard will block the process and removal will not happen.

With Cclinear

CCleaner is a very useful and freeware program that performs many functions. She has tools that will help to cope with this gift from @Mail Ru.

To begin the process you must:

  1. to install (or already have installed) CCleaner;
  2. run the program and find in the left pane of the tools tab;
  3. here you must choose «Remove programs», then you will see a list of them;
  4. find the Guard and pressing the right mouse button, select «Remove»;
  5. repeat the process with the «Companion».

Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

Cleaning and setting up Google Chrome

After getting rid of the main components of this Intrusive software, there are still a few details to attend to. In the browser still remains active with the installed program bookmark and homepage.

Visual bookmarking Mail.ru

In addition to the usual tabs in the Chrome browser is present and visuals are placed in each new open tab. They can serve as a convenient navigation tool and help to always have handy links to frequently visited and favorite websites just user.

Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

By default, it contains the last visited page. When set to «Satellite» referred to in this article, they added a new one, leading to resources Mail.ru. After immediate removal of the program remain in the browser and the user must delete them manually.

To do this:

  • go to your visual bookmarks in a new tab;
  • find the junk and delete them by clicking on the option appearing in the upper right corner.

The vacated space is immediately filled by another tab. If you want to customize the appearance according to your taste, the next point will help in this.

Change appearance

To restore the look of your browser or install a new bookmark in place of remote is a snap.

It’s enough to:

  • put the cursor on the empty tab and click on «+»;
  • select from the list one of the sites that you visited previously or to add new, putting a link to it.

If a blank space is missing, you can edit an existing link, replacing it with a new one.

Here you can re-set all the necessary parameters:

  • the number of tabs horizontally and vertically;
  • the background of the page;
  • other custom settings disappeared after the appearance of Sputnik.

Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

Custom home page

After cleaning the computer remain unchanged, another important detail – the home page. Not petition the program and changed it, so let’s replace and configuration.

To begin the process you must:

  1. click on the icon located in the upper right corner of the screen, there are all the settings on your browser;

    Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

  2. in the appeared menu select the item «Settings» («Settings»);
  3. in the new (or blank) tab opens the tools we need;
  4. find the subtitle appearance («Appearance») and put a checkmark in the «Show button «Main page» (it will appear to the left of the address bar).

    Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

Please note! The presence of this button to change the home page. By default, the button is not active in the browser, so the user will have to add it manually.

When the button is installed and appears in the browser, you can begin to change your home page:

  • right under the option «Show Home button» is the option for change;
  • click «Edit» in the appeared window, enter the new address now and will be home for the browser;
  • click «OK» and save the entered data, then the tab can be closed.

Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

Attention! As the home page can be used and a blank tab. To do this, in the above window you need to tick the «Use new tab».

Usually in this browser the home page is Google, but Sputnik, hitting the computer, changes it.

The second way to work with homepage is the option «At startup open», also located in the settings:

  1. go to the menu by pressing the icon in the top right corner of the screen (next to the address bar);
  2. next, go to «Settings» («Settings»);
  3. here we draw attention to the second column — «When you start to open» (or «On startup» in the English version of the search engine);

    Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

  4. in this menu there are three options that come in handy:
  • the option «a new tab» — speaks for itself: when you run the search engine will open a blank page or tab;
  • «previously opened tabs» — will open the page, which was launched during last closed Chrome, this is a good option because it restores not only the tabs, but the cookies at open sites, eliminating the need for re-authorization (it is necessary, however, to note that this method is suitable only for personal computer, and by doing so the entered data can easily be relegated to third hand);
  • the third option will help you to set a page (or several) that will open when you launch the browser.
  1. we are interested in the last option, where you specify the address of the page (if the user wishes to add more pages, you can do so after adding the first by clicking on the option «Add new page» or «Add a new page»);
  2. save the settings by pressing «OK», then the settings tab can be closed.

Please note! The methods described above are based on the Google Chrome version 10 and above. The settings menu earlier is slightly different from that described.

Set search engine

Move to the last component affected by the installation of the aforementioned soft – search engine. Now it changed to Mail Ru. To remedy the situation, you need to complete the following procedure:

  1. open the Chrome menu by clicking the icon in the top right of the screen;
  2. go to «Settings» and select «Search»;
  3. here we find the «Manage search engines» and section «Other search engines»;

    Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

  4. tools this menu helps:
  • set a new search by entering its address in the corresponding field;
  • to edit the existing by modifying the desired data;
  • completely remove active search engine (it is enough to click on the cross located at the end of the line);
  • to configure the default search (use the button «Use default» after changing the text string).

    Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

    by default

  1. After making changes, click «finish» and close the settings.

Full cleanup using the command «MSConfig»

Not many users know that Windows itself there is a very useful utility, which helps to cope with many encountered when working problems. It does not need to install any additional software, because everything necessary is already built into the operating system itself.

In the context of our problem it is useful because it helps to clear the unnecessary startup programs and other «garbage». It helps to deal with hidden programs that are often «bundled» with popular products and hiding in inconspicuous places installer (additional tabs that appear only if the corresponding checkboxes).

Start working:

  1. click on the icon «start menu» and select «Run»;

Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

  1. in the line below the option «Open» enter «MSConfig» and click «OK»;

Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

  1. in the menu «system Configuration» go to the tab «startup»;
  2. here you can either disable all startup items system (not recommended) or find the junk and remove the check mark next to them;
  3. select in the list all elements associated with the Satellite @Mail Ru (they are easy to identify by name) and deprive them of the right of unauthorized downloads;
  4. click «OK» then the window will close and the changes will take effect.

Способы удаления спутника @mail ru из Chrome

It is easy to conclude that such a small program can cause a lot of inconvenience. Restore all original settings and delete satellites @mail ru from Chrome may take some time, so it is highly recommended to prevent its unauthorized installation on a personal computer.

To do this, always check the «hidden» items installer that offers additional software together with other programs and games. Be vigilant, and if the «Satellite» will once again be able to sneak on your device – use this article.

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