Ways to reboot the tablet if it is stuck

By | 10.12.2018

Ways to reboot the tablet if it is stuck

From failures of a device no one is immune. They occur with tablets that are firmly established in the everyday life of many users. One of the most frequent problems is lagging when the device stops responding to user commands – what to do in this case? This and devoted this article.


The causes of this problem can be many.

Conditionally they can be divided into two main groups:

  • mechanical;
  • software.

Let us consider each of these groups separately.

Mechanical problems include:

  • failures power related to the adapter or the internal «stuffing»;
  • the connection of devices that were broken or not compatible with your tablet;
  • damage to the hardware due to different types of mechanical impact – shock, moisture or fluctuations in temperature.

    Способы перезагрузки планшета, если он завис

To violate the integrity of software can the following factors:

  • the effect of the failed application;
  • the impact of viruses and spyware;
  • damaged system files necessary for the correct operation of the device;
  • critical violation important settings.

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Ways reboot

So, let’s get to solving this problem. How to restart your tablet if it is stuck? First, try to determine the cause that led to the failure in his work. Very often it is a specific application. In this case, the device freezes not completely, but only for a while or slowing down his work.

Recovery need only to close and then delete the problematic program.

This can be done in the following way:

  1. go to «Settings» then «Applications»;
  2. open the «Running applications»;

    Способы перезагрузки планшета, если он завис

  3. to choose a program affecting so on the tablet and complete its work;
  4. then remove or reinstall the problematic software.

To determine such a program is not difficult, as is often the crash occurs immediately after it starts. In that case, if you are not sure which of the apps is the problem, only to find that out experimentally, alternately launching frequently used programs. This is one of the «easy» examples, which does not require a special approach. The rest we’ll talk further.

Key on/off

When the device is hung completely and not responding, help only reboot it:

  • turn off the tablet;
  • take out his SIM card and memory card;

    Способы перезагрузки планшета, если он завис

  • re-run the device, after which the cards can be inserted back.

Reset Button

But what if the off button does not react on clicking? To restart there is another way – the reset button. She’s hiding in a small hole, which can be found on the device. Using a pen or paperclip to hold it for a few seconds. Then will restart.

Procedure Hard Reset

In severe cases, when pressing the off button and the reset does not lead to the desired result, will help the so-called «Hard Reset». To resort to this method should only in extreme cases, because it leads to a complete loss of all information stored on the device.

Attention! This applies only to data stored in the internal memory of the tablet. The information recorded on the removable memory card can easily be saved, only removing them at the time of restart of the device. However, it is important to remember that the freeze could be caused by viruses which is stored on the card. Don’t forget to scan the flash memory for their presence.

To do this by using special combinations of keys that differ for each of the mobile platforms.

For devices running on Android, do the following:

  1. simultaneously hold down the «Power» button and increase the sound level;

    Способы перезагрузки планшета, если он завис

  2. will be a special menu, where using the volume control select «Settings»;
  3. in the submenu find «Format System» and then «Reset Android»;
  4. the device will reboot and it will be deleted.

Important! For a full reset will take some time necessary to format the device and restore its configuration. Wait until a full restart without pressing other keys and not trying to re-start the process.

For the IOS platform this type of restart is somewhat simpler. It is necessary to clamp simultaneously buttons «Home» and «Power», then the tablet back to factory settings and will reboot and data will be deleted.

Способы перезагрузки планшета, если он завис

Reset via computer

If the above methods did not help to return the tablet to a working state, it is necessary to try another method. For him, we need to download and install on your PC special program – RegawMOD Rebooter, which is in the public domain in the network. You will also need the appropriate drivers.

We will describe this process step by step:

  1. download and install the utility and driver;
  2. run it using administrator rights for the PC (important for operating systems Windows 7 and 8);
  3. using the cable connect the device to the computer;
  4. using the control panel and the icon of the program performed by the software reset;
  5. turn off the tablet and wait until it restarts, which may take several minutes.

Now you can test device for errors. If they still remained, the problem will likely require some expert intervention and can only be solved by reflashing the tablet – that is, installing a new operating system. For this contact the service centre, taking the device itself, its accessories and warranty card.

We have considered the principal factors that can lead to a hang of the tablet, and tried to give an answer to the user in each particular situation. I hope this information was useful to you and helped with the solution to the problem.

Also, we have prepared a number of recommendations that will help to avoid similar problems in the future:

  • try not to use unofficial versions of the firmware, because they are not protected from failures;
  • install and constantly update your antivirus which will help to avoid viruses and other malware;
  • avoid installing untrusted apps, the origin of which is in doubt;

don’t forget to take care of the tablet, protecting it from mechanical damage, moisture, various contaminants, direct sunlight or low temperatures.

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