Ways to enhance WIFI signal

By | 10.12.2018

How to strengthen WIFI signal

Today, the use of Wi-Fi for data transfer widely used. But one of the disadvantages of this method of Internet access is very limited range. To correct this fault, but it is necessary to use special tools. They can be both hardware and software.

Software gain

There are many ways to increase the power transmitted by a Wi-Fi router. Amplify the signal of the wifi router in your router settings is quite simple, you can do it in just a few seconds.

The main ways of improvement of the signal quality:

  • the use of WPA/WPA 2;

    Способы усиления сигнала WIFI

  • it is necessary to reduce the number of equipment that are allowed to use MAC addressing;
  • to hide the wireless network name.

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All these methods provide an opportunity to strengthen the wifi signal router without antenna or other hardware.

The use of outdated security Protocol makes the network not only vulnerable, but also very slow. Should be in the settings section of the router by logging in as administrator as default to select WPA2.

Significantly increases the speed of a wireless connection limiting the number of supported devices. Themselves MAC addresses act as identifiers.

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Do not leave the name of the network in open access. Often the quality and transmission speed fall because of various kinds of unauthorized users trying to connect. For implementation hiding, it is sufficient to untick in the settings menu next to «enable SSID broadcast».

Low power transmitter

One of the main reasons for low quality of connections, small coverage area — low power transmitter. Especially often this sin device with integrated antenna. To correct this deficiency without the usage of various kinds of improvised tools is quite difficult. But, nevertheless, real.

Many products from famous manufacturers give you the opportunity to change the data transmission speed with their hands.

For example, to do this in TP-Link

  • to go to the settings section called «Wireless Advanced»;
  • to change the parameter «Transmit Power»;

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  • setting the value to 100, we can safely restart the machine.

After applying the settings, the transmitter power must be increased. Unless, of course, before the start of the settings under consideration, the value was lower.

802.11 N

Another way to significantly increase the speed of delivery of the processed information and the quality of the connection is 802.11 n. It was commissioned quite a while ago – in 2009, September 11.

The data transfer rate when using this standard is as much as 300 Mbps switch to it is quite simple, it can be done via the WEB interface. To open the settings window, you must enter in the address bar of your browser This is the IP address of the device assigned to him by default.

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Also, some devices allow switching directly in the operating system. To do this, open the device properties in «control panel» Windows.

Setup reboot

To improve the quality of the connection via Wi-Fi can restart. Its implementation via WEB-interface allows you to clear the memory of the router from software errors. They sometimes are the main cause of malfunctions of various kinds, lowering the data rate.

To implement this operation, just go to the WEB interface as an administrator.

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This can be done in the following way:

  • enter in the address bar;
  • enter the username and password in the appropriate fields;
  • open the section «Quick setup» and click «Restart».

The coincidence of frequencies

The standard value of the working frequency is usually 2.4 GHz. It has a large number of different devices. To change the channel with the help of specialized programs. For example, Network Stumbler.

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You can also change the channel via the WEB interface.

To do this:

  • to open the settings page (type in the browser);
  • open the tab «Wireless Setting»;
  • in the field «Channel» select the desired value.

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New firmware and driver

Another way, giving the opportunity to strengthen the work – installing new drivers for the computer and its subsequent rewrite. Especially often helps replacement firmware. Often many models of routers, equipped with the old software, have a rather small bandwidth. Flashing allows you to correct the situation.

How to use the keyboard to restart the computer? There is a solution.

For example, many routers did not initially support 802.11 N, but after updating the software successfully work with him. As the hardware was originally designed with the prospect of possible use of the standard. And install updates let it work on high speed.

How to increase wifi signal with second router

Significantly extend the range of wireless coverage can be your source with the second router. This schema can be implemented in various ways. But you first need to connect the two devices.

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To implement this scheme, it is desirable to use two identical models. Excellent choice for this TP-Link TL-WA901N. The first step is to connect to the Internet and configure one of the routers. You must then carry out the adjustment of the second unit, it will work in the mode of «repeater».

The most difficult and time-consuming debugging it repeater.

She performed in several stages:

  • open «control panel»- «network and Internet»;
  • «the network control center and access»;
  • click on «change adapter settings»;
  • right mouse click on «local area Connection«;
  • in the popup list, select the item «properties»;
  • open the item «Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP/IPv4)».

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You need to set a static IP address: The subnet mask will also be constant:

After successful completion of all the above actions should:

  • go to the settings via WEB interface;
  • in the field called «mode», select «universal repeater»;

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  • press the «search» button, find the desired network;
  • click on «connect»;
  • carried out a reboot.

The last step is the choice of encryption algorithm. After you have selected the required option, to restart.

Strong signal hardware

To achieve high-quality connections with Wi-Fi equipment in various ways.

The most commonly used:

  • various kinds of amplifiers;
  • optional antenna.

Many manufacturers produce compact amplifiers, the size of which slightly more than a couple of matchboxes. They are inserted in the socket and carry out strengthening wifi, which are.

Many models are equipped with at the factory additional ports for connection of the second antenna. It significantly increases the coverage area of the apparatus, makes it possible to provide a signal to the impressive distance.

Choosing the right location

One of the most important factors that directly affect the quality of the connection is the location of the device for broadcast. The ideal situation is when the router is in the center of all the devices using the connection.

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It is very important avoid locations close to the router any bulky furniture, mirrors. It all absorbs and reflects the wave. Therefore, you should place the router in such a way that the path of action considered network were not any solid objects.

The impact of equipment

Also, in addition to various physical obstacles, all kinds of equipment can also have a negative impact on the reliability of communication through Wi-Fi.

Devices of this kind include:

  • other Wi-Fi routers;
  • Bluetooth adapters working nearby.

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Usually the thing is that the router and other equipment may operate at a frequency coinciding with the frequency of other similar products.

Do the antenna

If necessary, you can make an antenna booster to improve communication quality transmitted through the air.

For designing antennas of the kind we need:

  • foil food;
  • plastic bottle or can.

The foil is simply wrapped around bottles, cans. After that 5-10 minutes is left in this position. After this time you should place the resulting product for the back of the router. Foil reflector will focus and guide him in the right direction. That allows to avoid dead zones.

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Even if the apparatus for data transmission has a very strong signal at the output there is nothing to worry. So how to fix the situation is in your own hands. You do not even need any tools. Simply roll foil food time

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