Ways to clean the memory cache of computer

By | 10.12.2018

How to clean a cache memory of the computer

To the speed of your PC did not fall for mysterious reasons, and you don’t have to call experts to solve this problem, in this article we will talk about such an important procedure as the cache memory of the computer.

Understand the concepts and consider how this is done. And examine programs that will help with this.

What is cache and why to clean it?

Your computer a secret from you store some data – information about domains, image thumbnails, update files, error information and more. Why does he do this you ask? To improve performance.

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Cache computer memory is a multifaceted concept. There is a CPU cache and DNS, and system files. Even individual applications have their own cache. But in General it can be defined as a temporary data store to which the user has applied to, or are often drawn.

Use this repository to improve the performance and optimize the system.

In other words, a cache is a variety of temporary data stored on your PC. By default, this is drive C. Because it is stored in a stealth mode, invisible to the user.

The varieties of the cache memory and the methods of cleaning we will talk a little further. And now, actually, about why you need to clear the cache on the computer?

Способы очистки кеш памяти компьютера

Although this storage helps us to work, gradually it can grow to large limits. The system does not always automatically deletes the data in it. Because it believes that information may still be needed.

Blockage it entails unpleasant consequences in one place on your hard drive is fading away, and you can’t understand what happens to megabytes; the overall performance of the system drops, the car starts to «slow down». In such a case, immediately reinstall the system. Or go to service. The solution of a problem much easier – you need to clean the temporary memory.

How often?

How often you should be cleaning the cache on your computer? All individually. If you often watch movies or listen to music on the Internet, a lot of surf on the Network it will fill up faster. In this case, the purification can be done at least every day.

But actually doing it every day is not necessary. At least enough times a week to clean it, so he did not grown to be of immense size.

You may notice when you regularly clean the cache, the amount of liberated hard disk space is small. But if you didn’t do the procedure month, you can accumulate hundreds of megabytes and even more data!

Video: clean computer memory

Methods of cleaning

Now let’s talk about the different types of cache and how it is cleaning. We will discuss manual methods, and programs designed for this purpose.


DNS is domain name service. It is a mechanism that establishes a mapping between numeric IP addresses and textual name. Every time you accessed information about the domain is stored on your HDD. This is done in order to provide faster access to it in the future. And also to reduce the load on the DNS server.

In other words, traveling through the Internet, you constantly receive on your PC for more information about domains visited (sites). Over time, it may be a problem. If you change the IP address, you cannot open websites, domain names that refer to it.

In this case it helps cleaning the DNS. It also helps to free up space on the hard drive of your PC. How to clean the DNS cache?

This procedure is done very easily manually:

  • click start->Run;
  • in the row that appears in a small window you need to type: ipconfig /flushdns;
  • press Enter;
  • DNS cleaned!


Thumbnails – another invisible inhabitant of your PC. It holds cached thumbnails of images in folders for speedy download. It happens this way.

When you first enter a folder with images, it creates the file Thumbs.db that is stored as a hidden. It stores thumbnails of images in a folder. On subsequent visits, the system does not need to spend time and resources on re-generation. They are simply loaded from this database.

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The problem with the Thumbs.db is that it can also store thumbnails of already deleted images. This creates the risk that they can get to unauthorized persons. And simply occupy space on the HDD.

In manual mode, you can only disable the option to create Thumbs.db. If you are using Windows 7,here’s how:

  • click start, in search bar type: gpedit.msc. Press Enter;
  • a window will open local group policy Editor. You need to move the points to user Configuration -> Administrative templates -> Windows Components -> Windows Explorer;
  • right in the window that opens, find the item «turn Off caching of thumbnails in hidden thumbs file.db». It is necessary to press the right mouse button and select «Modify»

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  • in the next window, select «Enable» (Yes, you read that right – that Include. That is to turn off Thumbs.db). Click OK.

Ready! Now Thumbs.db will not be created.

For Windows XP, the procedure is even simpler:

  • in any folder select tools ->folder;
  • in the opened window go to the View tab;
  • looking for a list of Additional options «do Not cache thumbnails»;

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  • put a check. Press OK.

System files

Temporary system files – these are the main thieves of free space on the hard drive. They contain saved data from the Internet, bug reports, updates, and more. They appear in the process, and surfing the web.

Clean up system files manually is possible by standard means of the system tool «disk Cleanup». Don’t worry, it will not delete all the data on the disk. Removed are only the cached components.

Here’s how:

  1. select start->(All) Programs->Accessories->system tools->disk Cleanup. Second option: right-click on the desired section of disc in My computer, Properties. In the opened window you will see a button «disk Cleanup»;
  2. when you run from the start menu you will be prompted to specify the disk partition that will be cleared. By default, this is partition C. Select it and click OK.

    Способы очистки кеш памяти компьютера

  3. Windows will collect information about all stored temporary «residents». Wait;
  4. now the list of «Delete temporary files», select only those components that you want to remove;
  5. click OK.

When the procedure is completed you will be shown a report on the amount of data that was able to release. Sometimes I wonder, looking at these numbers!

Program to clear the cache of your computer

Despite the fact that it is possible to use manual methods, it is much easier to apply for this special utility. In them the processes are automated. You do not need to clean the DNS, system files, and its own repository of apps. All this is done with one click.

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Out of many such tools deserves special attention CCleaner. This is a very handy app that not only knows how to clean temporary data and to perform some other useful action. About it we will talk further.

Сcleaner — quick cleanup

CCleaner is a very functional program. It cleans temporary memory by removing unused and unnecessary data frees space on hard drives, optimizes the system and increases its safety. In addition, it cleans browsers history, and also contains a full registry cleaner Windows.

This is a very effective tool, besides, very simple. All actions in CCleaner is simplified to the limit. The interface is intuitive, without unnecessary controls. Finally, it is distributed for free, which is a significant advantage. For this and for all your abilities utility and liked by the users.

Способы очистки кеш памяти компьютера

Download CCleaner from the official website of the program. Setting the standard for all applications. During the installation process you can choose the language in which it will occur and at which to display the interface. The default is English, but Russian in the list, of course.

Quick cleaning the cache of your computer with CCleaner is easy to use:

  • after installation run CCleaner;
  • in the list you have already noted the components to be cleaned. You can mark your own;
  • pressing the «Analyze» button will cause the program will calculate how much space will be freed if clear selected components

    Способы очистки кеш памяти компьютера

  • press the «Cleaning» starts the process

Any difficulties. Literally within half a minute the tool to perform a task and will give you the result – the size of the freed disk space.

Please note that CCleaner cleans everything from system files, DNS, temporary storage of other apps. This is well illustrated if we consider a list with components for purification.

The cache is a temporary storage of information on your PC. It can be a system, every application stores some of its data.

While this is a useful tool for speeding up PC performance, excessive increase in its size may lead to the opposite result – «inhibition» and the loss of disk space. To avoid this, you need timely and regular cleaning.

Cleaning can be carried out in manual mode and using the standard Windows tools. It is much easier to use for this special utility. The most famous and popular of these is the program CCleaner. It allows you to quickly and easily clean all cache components.

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