Watch from Microsoft will be presented in October

By | 10.12.2018

Watch from Microsoft will be available in October

Часы от Microsoft будут представлены в октябре

In late may, Forbes reported that Microsoft is working on its smart device for wearing on the hand that has the shape of a bracelet and is equipped with various sensors for recording physical activity of the user and continuous measurement of body parameters such as heart rate. In addition, the accessory will have multiplatform support. In other words, it will work with the three main mobile platforms, which usually is a rarity.

Now reliable site Tom’s Hardware has shared more information with regards to the expected device. As suggested earlier hearing, the bracelet will indeed be multiplatform, and its display will be on the inside of your wrist to display information hidden from prying eyes.

As for the design, it will not be similar to that of the current generation of smart watches. Instead, we see a thin bracelet, which looks like a flat version of the Nike FuelBand.

Details on the characteristics of the device not a lot, but it reportedly will be equipped with 11 sensors in combination with the chips from TI and Atmel. In addition, Microsoftвыпустит open API for device integration with a variety of applications, and announcement of a bracelet to be held in October.

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