Call boot-menu on different motherboards

By | 24.04.2016

What is a boot-menu

Probably everyone knows, to boot from a floppy drive or USB drive to install the drive order in the BIOS to boot. For example, to install Windows XP from a disc to the computer , you need to drive to this very beginning of the boot. To do this in the BIOS to put the drive the first device to boot.

However, you can not get into the BIOS , and not to change anything there. Suffice it immediately after turning on the computer, press the call key in the boot menu The user is (the boot menu) and then in the list of devices to choose something from which to boot. Choose a boot device in the boot menu does not affect the settings of the BIOS . That is, the menu is influenced by a particular load, and if not after his cause, the computer or the laptop will boot the way it is configured in the BIOS.

How to call the boot menu — call button the boot menu BIOS

So, that is the boot menu in the BIOS, we understand. Now I tell by what it called hotkeys. Here some of the standard no. All depends on the motherboard manufacturer’s PC or laptop and the version of the set where the BIOS . For example call boot menu asus differ on how to call boot menu on a laptop acer or sony vaio .

In most cases, the key to display the boot device selection menu to the F12 , but some manufacturers use their own keyboard shortcuts. Special attention can be sharpened at the boot menu samsung and the HP . To get to the boot menu notebook Samsung to press the Esc (only once!). If you press the Esc at least twice, the boot menu is closed, unable to open. Therefore it is necessary to calculate and clearly there on time with a call by pressing a hot key the boot menu The user is . It can be difficult to do without a particular skill.

Call boot menu on laptops HP too specific. To do this, you first need to press the Esc , then the service laptop menu. In it we choose the item you want (by pressing a hot key). To access the boot menu HP press the F9 .

Some manufacturers of the device to download the menu is selected with the cursor keys, while others need to press a number key, indicating the serial number of the device in the list.

Below is a table that is easy to understand. This correspondence table hotkey to invoke the boot device selection menu, the manufacturer of the motherboard and BIOS.

Yes, and the latest update. In some cases, the hot default boot menu, hotkeys are disabled in the BIOS. To have the opportunity to use the boot -menu, you must enable it in the BIOS settings. Typically, this function is called the F12 the Boot the Menu . To enable this feature, you must set its value in the Enabled .

Inclusion in the BIOS boot menu

In addition to the key call the boot menu The user is , in the table shows the key to enter the BIOS .

Manufacturer / device version BIOS Call key boot menu Key to enter the BIOS
Mat. board MSI AMI F11 Del
Mat. card Gigabyte Award F12 Del
Mat. card Asus AMI F8 Del
Mat. board Intel Phoenix-Award Esc Del
Mat. board AsRock AMI F11 Del
notebooks Asus Esc F2
notebooks Acer Inside H2O F12 F2
notebooks Acer Phoenix F12 F2
notebooks Dell Dell F12 F2
notebooks HP Esc -> F9 Esc -> F10
notebooks Lenovo AMI F12 F2
notebooks Packard Bell Phoenix Secure Core F12 F2
notebooks Samsung Phoenix Secure Core The Esc
(once, when pressed again, exits the menu)
laptops Sony Vaio Inside H2O F11 F2
notebooks Toshiba Phoenix F12 F2
notebooks Toshiba Inside H2O F12 F2

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