Choosing an SEO agentsvo: love to the grave?

By | 07.04.2016

Very often, companies do not think about the fact that the choice of SEO agencies can be akin to choosing a life partner. Of course, if we are talking about modest modest company website, it is probably protected by the owner of the site. But when it comes to sites that generate revenue not only your company, but also the SEO team that promotes a website, then you need to seriously think about whom to choose and how to make your relationship.

Although the main pitfall as so often happens, it will be a break in relations. Abandon tidbits quite difficult and when you realize that here it is desirable prey out from under the nose, and is unlikely to have come back on the network, it can not help recalling the famous phrase: I gave birth to you, I’ll kill you.

It is very difficult to remember about morality, when you lose the opportunity to earn a hundred, or even several times more. And kill the site is quite simple, even if you do not formally affect the site and its promotion. DOS attack, buy the most low-brow references followed by a letter in the search — yes there where a little annoyed zavedet curve SEOs.

And no matter how you make out relations, no matter how you tried to harmony, no matter how much money or given — will not save anything.

There are much simpler and much more efficient way, which is more guaranteed results, and the consequences of failure to cooperate would be minimal. Contextual advertising, the same Yandex direct, guarantee a transition of potential buyers, and, mind you, the staff contextual advertising systems will not you take revenge for the fact that you stopped advertising. You can check the performance of each transition will be able to analyze how much profit earned every penny spent by you and will be able to advertise when you need it, that is, save yourself from having to bear the monthly tribute to the person who is promoting your website. By the way, the site is an advanced one, or rather an advanced right and good requires minimal financial impact, but without most of these injections in the desired amount of SEOs, you can not do without. Because SEO is a hook and got on it already is no way out to freedom.

So remember that progress is always with love and tender loving wife, but love to the grave, and it is unlikely to her. And contextual advertising is a relationship with a pro, but the relationship is fair and transparent as a tear baby. You pay, and search engine loves you. You do not pay and it goes away until the next time, you may once again will call her.

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