Voice assistant Siri: how to enable secure

By | 10.12.2018

Voice assistant Siri: how to safely turn

Voice assistant Siri in post-Soviet countries are rare, since Siri doesn’t support Russian language. However, there are a lot of iPhone owners regularly access the virtual interlocutor. For English-speaking enthusiasts will explain in this article how to safely activate Siri, closing another gap in the security system iOS 7.

The vulnerability created by the availability of launch Siri from the locked screen of the device, was discovered by the Sheriff Hashim. He posted a YouTube video showing the simple process of hacking password-locked iPhone. To gain access to the list of contacts is enough to run Siri from the lock screen and give the command to dial the number (Call), send message (Text) or e-mail Inbox (Email). Then Siri will ask: «who from your contacts you want to communicate?». Putting any one letter and then selecting from the proposed Siri set the option «Other…», we get access to the ENTIRE contacts list with the ability to call, send message or email!

Голосовой помощник Siri: как безопасно включить

In order to exploit this security hole, an attacker must have physical access to the smartphone (theft or loss) and launch Siri from the lock screen.

If the first possibility is precluded by the vigilance in relation to their favorite device, the second easily closed programmatically by using the correct settings. We talk about them.

Activation of password protection

Turning on Siri, it is necessary to activate the protection of the password lock screen and disable the availability of launch Siri from the lock screen in «Settings» — «Password.» The lack of password protection will not let you hide Siri from the lock screen!

If it is inconvenient to enter a password when you unlock, you can set the password prompt after a certain period of time after the screen turns off. In the presence of the TouchID sensor, it is desirable to select the request password «Immediately», as the unlocking process is maximally simplified and does not require a password manually.

These simple manipulation will guarantee integrity of the data in the smartphone, even if it fell into the wrong hands. Surely Apple knows about the discovery of this «failure» of the security iOS7.1. 1 and it will fix in next release. Because the Camera app when launching from the lock screen, you cannot view the contents of the camera Roll without entering the password!

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