Voice assistant in Windows Phone 8.1 will be based on Foursquare

By | 10.12.2018

Voice assistant in Windows Phone 8.1 will be based on Foursquare

Recently, the whole tech world has heard the news that Microsoft invested in Foursquare a significant amount. Both companies call it a strategic partnership in which the company Foursquare received $ 15 million and Microsoft acquired access to a huge database of the social network with the intention to improve your Bing search and mobile services in General.

According to Bloomberg News, the company will benefit from the information array Foursquare and voice assistant for Windows Phone – Cortana.

Expected similar to Siri and Google Now will be available in April along with Windows Phone 8.1. In the words of Zig seraphina from Microsoft, information from Foursquare will be implemented wherever there is a Bing.

However, most likely, in the beginning Cortana will only work in the US based on an extremely detailed database of Foursquare in the country.

According to information leaked on Cortana, a voice assistant from Microsoft will work with your calendar, GPS-module, weather, missed calls and alarms. In addition, it is expected that the assistant will offer places in the immediate vicinity of the user, taking into account the context of other applications.

By the way, the emergence of new smartphones with Windows Phone is expected later this month at MWC.

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