VLC ready for Windows 10: new interface, a mini player and other changes

By | 09.12.2018

VLC ready for Windows 10: new interface, a mini player and other changes

The team of developers of the popular media player VLC has released an update version for Windows 8 and 10. Change begins with the title: the app formerly known as VLC for Windows 8 is now called VLC for Windows Store.

The second, more significant change concerns the user interface: on the home page appeared recommended performers, changed the way of representing music libraries and individual artists; in General, the style of the interface has been aligned with Windows 10. Also, the developers have added animation, the beta version of Win2D to change the background image while playing and have improved performance even on devices class Surface RT.

Special attention deserves the emergence of the functions of the Mini Player. This is a compact version of the user interface which contains all the necessary elements to control playback of audio/video and, if necessary, can be expanded to view the playlist.

VLC готов к Windows 10: новый интерфейс, мини-плеер и другие изменения

With regard to changes «under the hood», the developers completely rewrote the search engine, boosting its performance and improving efficiency, and optimizing the DLNA function. In addition, the metadata in the library now pulled directly from the files. On a pilot basis, was introduced the function of hardware decoding – it is disabled by default but can be enabled in the video settings.

By the way, has been simplified, but it gives more features: you can change home screen by default, to enable or disable animation, etc.

In the current version there may be no sound while playing some video and music files (the fix will be in next update) and observed some problems with the included hardware video decoding.

Pay no attention to the fact that the Store page of the app still contains the old name of VLC for Windows 8 and screenshots of the previous version – just the developers have not yet updated it.

VLC for Windows Store

Developer: VideoLAN

Price: Free

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