visual bookmarks Remove Yandex from Mozilla Firefox

By | 10.12.2018

Remove visual bookmarks, Yandex from Mozilla Firefox

A visual bookmarks in Mozilla rather weak, so many users are hesitant to install third-party products. Often it is not in their direct request. The fact that Yandex has partnered with many it companies and there is the likelihood of bookmarks during the installation of any SOFTWARE.

Thanks to the efforts of the developers, in the absence of adequate information, it becomes a very difficult task. However, if it exists, deal with it absolute by any user.

What is visual bookmarks from Yandex

They represent a kind of extension from Yandex, which allows to simplify the work with Internet resources.

So, it is possible to allocate following functions:

Удаляем визуальные закладки Яндекс из Mozilla Firefox

  • built-in search of Yandex, located at the top. In an existing line, you can immediately enter a query;
  • a list of most visited sites. It is possible to add resources at will.
  • the ability to change the background of the browser;

Interesting: you can upload any picture you desire.

  • comfortable operation with a history of visits and downloads;

Удаляем визуальные закладки Яндекс из Mozilla Firefox

Despite the apparent advantages of such items may not like for several reasons. First, they are without knowledge of the user change all the settings (from default search, home page). Second, their presence might affect the safety of your computer.

Удаляем визуальные закладки Яндекс из Mozilla Firefox

All supposedly useful functions aimed at the promotion of Yandex services. In this case, such agitation can seriously impact the performance of your Internet connection. In this regard, many decide to uninstall visual bookmarks, Yandex from Mozilla Firefox. To uninstall this extension will require a little effort.

The way to remove

To get rid of this annoying extension, perhaps most importantly strictly to act of the user. This task will require completion of several actions.

video: Visual bookmarks for Mozilla Firefox

Open add-ons Manager

The first thing you’ll need to open the tab, responsible for the management of additions.

Do everything in this order:

  • open the browser;
  • click on the bright orange button that says Firefox.
  • this will open a list of options. Select the menu item «extras». It is opposite the icon that looks like a blue piece of the puzzle;

Удаляем визуальные закладки Яндекс из Mozilla Firefox

The described operation can be performed much easier: simultaneously press Shift+Ctrl+A. in General, should know the basic keyboard shortcuts, because they are much easier to work.

Remove bookmarks

So, we opened a window showing information about all the extensions integrated into the browser. At the same time near each of them there is two buttons «remove» and «disable».

Удаляем визуальные закладки Яндекс из Mozilla Firefox

Tip: if you often use the software downloaded from the Internet, then most likely you have quite a lot of unnecessary extensions. They can slow down the work on the Internet. So better remove them all.

If you press the button «disable», then the extension is deactivated. It would seem, why then remove it? The fact that such software often is configured for forced labor. That is, with high probability, after the computer is restarted, then the extension is re-booting.

Удаляем визуальные закладки Яндекс из Mozilla Firefox

Therefore, it is best to resort to the most radical solution. This will completely get rid of unnecessary add-ons.

Do the following:

  • click on the button «remove»;
  • the result will be a system message that the Supplement successfully uninstalled;
  • if not, you need to delete Yandex elements of the control panel;

    Удаляем визуальные закладки Яндекс из Mozilla Firefox

  • in some situations, you may need to first stop all processes (in task Manager) associated with the extension;

The completion of the procedure

Left the final chord:

  • after the uninstallation, click on the tab «restart now»;

    Удаляем визуальные закладки Яндекс из Mozilla Firefox

  • in the end, the browser will restart, applying the new settings. Visual bookmark will disappear;
  • now you can install any other add-ons, or to use the factory features. Experts advise not to load the browser.

Удаляем визуальные закладки Яндекс из Mozilla Firefox

Most likely, some of the settings remained unchanged. In particular, you will need to manually remove Yandex from your home page. You will also be able to choose another service as the default search.

Удаляем визуальные закладки Яндекс из Mozilla Firefox

As you can see, the procedure is quite simple. However, it was not necessary to constantly perform such an operation, it is necessary to monitor closely the installation of the software, taken from unverified sources.

Mainly because of him and appear on the computer of unnecessary utilities.

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