Virus «Petya»: what you should know and how to act

By | 11.12.2018

Hacking «Petya»: what you should know and how to act

The Ukrainian segment of the Internet is now under the largest for all time of its existence the hacking. The attack affected not only ordinary users, but also private companies, commercial organizations, and several government agencies. Under attack were the mass media, gas stations, large retail chains.

All of the above was reflected even on ordinary citizens, which are not even active PC users. A lot of people now are experiencing problems when withdrawing cash at ATMs, pay for goods and services card.

Вирус Petya: что стоит знать и как действовать

If you believe the statements of experts of IT-sphere, this type of virus uses to infiltrate a newly discovered vulnerability in Windows. Infected computers users suddenly reboot, and the files become inaccessible. Alternatively, there is a complete lock desktop, which is replaced by a message with the requirement to transfer money to a specified email account.

To prevent a possible infestation, you need to follow simple guidelines:

  • Visit the official Microsoft website and download the latest security updates. Employees are already aware of the problem, therefore, threw all resources to resolving it promptly.
  • Install anti-virus software and the latest database for it. With this type of virus copes ESET Nod 32. He also has a very useful feature of checking the relevance of updates of the operating system.
  • Temporarily refrain from active use of payment systems to pay for online purchases with credit cards.

Remember that the virus spreads through links sent to users in emails and infected files that are packaged in archives and loaded on file sharing. Emails from suspicious sources that contain references to unknown resources, it is better to ignore. Similarly, should come with references, passed through shortener (URL shortening services).

If your computer has valuable information, it’s time to make a backup of the files while retaining the data in not connected to a network external drive. It can be a portable hard drive or flash drive.

Is it worth paying the extortionists?

The most reckless which can make the victim of virus people – is to go on about the hackers. Remember! Made against the intruders, the translation doesn’t unlock the contents of your computer, it will not decode encrypted files. You just give the money to the extortionist.

The only real way to return the data to know which key was used to encrypt the data, and on the basis of this information to decode. This procedure the majority of users are not spending, therefore they have to consult specialists.

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