Virtual server: advantages of web hosting services for large sites

By | 10.12.2018

Hosting services — the advantages of renting a virtual (VPS) servers

To ensure stable operation of the site, you need to seek the services of a reliable hosting provider company. The hosting site must meet the needs of a web project. Online shop with a small database will never cause problems. However, by increasing the information on the website, increasing the selection of products for the various filters and extra services for the convenience of users, may cause additional load on the server.

The cause of high loads, the web resource may falter at the crucial moment when the website receives a large number of visitors, the site becomes inaccessible that leads to loss of potential profit.

Such a phenomenon is not dependent on the quality of hosting they are uniquely associated with preagreement servers, so many owners of Internet-shops to large portals, it is recommended to use the additional capacity to connect the service to rent a server in Moscow.

Виртуальный сервер: преимущества хостинг-услуг для крупных сайтов

Basic hosting services

Common types of hosting service are:

  • virtual hosting refers to a fairly cheap service;
  • North virtual technology VPS/VDS.
  • renting a dedicated server.

Dedicated server is the optimal solution for large web resources

Each of these hosting services has its own characteristics, which are directly related to the way host web sites. On virtual hosting, the server disk, into the thousands of sites from different users. Their work is controlled by the same server resources.

Each site uses the right size of memory, processing power, and subject to normal conditions of all sites allocated enough capacity . However, sometimes, the overall environment becomes a cause for braking the web sites, since all backend capabilities pulled. Such a situation can only allow the host disabling the website of the invader.

To prevent disabling of the web site, the host usually notifies the owner about the problems and offers to host website or online store, for the normal operation of which requires more capacity on a VPS/VDS or virtual server. The range of service optimally combines the quality and price of services.

Виртуальный сервер: преимущества хостинг-услуг для крупных сайтов

The advantages of a dedicated server

On a single physical server multiple virtual placed. The host machine does not depend on its neighbors. The lessee becomes the administrator of your virtual server, which has the same features as the real. The only difference is the allocated amount of resources consumed.

In terms of settings, the user can optimize its goals. He orders the required amount of RAM for handling multitasking activities and to maintain the operating system, installs the desired software environment.

For sites of great volume with a significant audience, working with this project requires a dedicated server. This is the same as the actual server with all its resources. This service is quite expensive, but it does not have to share the server capacity with other customers of the hosting.

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