Virtual keyboard — how to turn on the computer

By | 10.12.2018

Virtual keyboard — how to turn on the computer

Today there is probably no such person who would not use Internet, did not go to the social network or would not have a Inbox, where is stored important information to share with him. However, all logins and passwords, as well as the introduction of a number of banks allow to pay for a particular product in online stores is not safe using a regular keyboard, which is connected to the computer via USB.

To protect your data from spyware, through which they arrive in the wrong hands, you need to use a virtual keyboard.

What is virtual keyboard?

Virtual keyboard is a standard component of operating systems of the Windows family. Its use is possible not only when entering sensitive information, it will be a useful tool for people with disabilities and in cases when for some reason refused regular keyboard, but on a computer it is urgent to do something.

Виртуальная клавиатура - как включить на компьютере

The main purpose of a virtual keyboard is to protect sensitive information from intruders. Under the protection are the people who work on the computer on the following web browsers:

  • Mozilla Firefox 15.x – 17.x;
  • Internet Explorer 8 – 10;
  • Google chrome 9.x – 12.x.

In the case where the input of personal data occurs through the virtual keyboard for hacking the website, the information will not be protected, as it goes directly to the scammers.

Ways to incorporate

The virtual keyboard can be accessed in several ways:

  • with the help of key combinations you need to press directly on a conventional keyboard;
  • through the web browser;

    Виртуальная клавиатура - как включить на компьютере

  • from the context menu of the sign program.

How to enable keyboard virtual keyboard is familiar to everyone. To do this, simultaneously press the following keys: CTRL + Alt + Shift + P.

Activate the virtual keyboard through the window of the web browser is as follows: you must open a browser window and click with the mouse in a toolbar button . To enable the virtual keyboard directly through the context menu of the sign program by pressing the right mouse button on the program icon and in context menu select «Virtual keyboard».

The virtual keyboard in Windows 7 can be run as follows:

  • first you need to click on «start» and go to «All programs»;
  • after the list of deployed programs need to find the accessories group;

    Виртуальная клавиатура - как включить на компьютере

  • will reveal the list of preset programs, which will be the section «Special capabilities»;
  • in the section «Special capabilities» need to find the item «virtual keyboard» and click on it.

Browse virtual of programs — keyboards

Virtual keyboard is a standard component of operating systems of the Windows family. However, if for some reason you are not satisfied with it, such a keyboard can be easily downloaded online. Of all the currently available virtual keyboards, the most popular are:

  • ComfortOn-ScreenKeyboard 5040 (Russification of the interface is present, the volume of 3.63 MB, OS – Windows 2000 and higher);
  • FlorenceVirtualKeyboard 0.5.0 (Russification of the interface, the volume of 1.89 MB, OS Linux);
  • GreatisVirtualKeyboard 1.1 (Russification of the interface has a volume of 560 KB, OS – Windows 98/ME/XP);
  • JitbitVirtualKeyboard 2.22 (existence of Russification of the interface and the volume is 539 KB, OS – Windows 2000 and higher);
  • KeymanDesktop 8.0.3 (Russification of the interface, the volume is 7.65 MB, OS – Windows 2000 and higher);
  • Klava 4.0 (Russification interface, volume 22 KB, OS – Windows 2000 and higher);
  • Mountfocus 3.2 (Russification of the interface, the volume of 5.67 MB, OS – Windows 2000 and higher);
  • VirtualKeyboard 32.1.56 (Russification of the interface and the volume is 440 KB, OS – Windows 2000 and above).

How to turn on computer using keyboard

It happens that the system unit of a computer in a remote place, for example, hiding it from small children or simply thus freeing up space. And then many people ask this question «how to do the activation via the PC keyboard?».

In order to start the computer without pressing «Power» button located on the front housing of the system unit, you must make special settings in the BIOS that will enable your desktop via the keyboard.

It is necessary when computer is turned on continuously press the Del key. So, if such a method did not help you to enter the BIOS, you can try to press Esc, F2 or F10. The result on your monitor screen to see the BIOS menu which you want to move with the «arrows» up/down, right/left, and to edit or select parameters press «Enter».

Виртуальная клавиатура - как включить на компьютере

So, in order to make settings in the BIOS, you need to:

  • find and enter the section «Power Management Setup»;

    Виртуальная клавиатура - как включить на компьютере

  • in the window that appears, find the section «Power On By PS2 KB/MS», assign it a value of «Disabled» and to specify how the «Hot Key»;

    Виртуальная клавиатура - как включить на компьютере

  • open the «Hot Key Power On Ctrl-F1» and choose one of the suggested computer variants of combinations of «hot keys» that, when clicked in the future and will be on the computer;
  • next you need to press F10 to save changes;

    Виртуальная клавиатура - как включить на компьютере

  • a message box will appear «SAVE to CMOS and EXIT (Y/N)», enter the letter «Y» and press «Enter».

After the steps above, the computer needs to reboot. That’s it, now the computer you will be switched to with key combinations that you have selected in the BIOS. In order to switch off PC using keyboard you need:

  • on the keyboard press the Win button, which shows the Windows icon, then on the screen appear «start menu» (under menu, move by means of «arrows»);
  • even need to select «off» and press «Enter».

    Виртуальная клавиатура - как включить на компьютере

There is another option shutdown the PC via the keyboard: Alt + F4. Another window appears where you should select «shutdown» and press «Enter».

Well, if you have broken the keyboard and the PC gives an error while starting, then surely you have the question «how to turn on a computer without a keyboard». If you have the ability to borrow on the keyboard, then you need to enter the BIOS, find the section «Set UP-ehalt» and instead of the value «on errors» to put «no errors». Thus, the inclusion of PC will occur without a keyboard.

Виртуальная клавиатура - как включить на компьютере

The keyboard not only allows you to turn on/off the computer, and on/off the sound and adjust its volume.

How to enable sound on your computer with the keyboard? It’s very simple. To do this, press F10 and use the keys F11 and F12 to adjust the volume.

The on-screen keyboard in operating systems

The onscreen keyboard in Windows 7 and Windows8 look different and some features may be available only in specific OS. Therefore, when you download and install the on-screen keyboard you need to pay attention to the item «supported OS».

Виртуальная клавиатура - как включить на компьютере

This is necessary not only to the on-screen keyboard has been successfully installed on the PC, but also, in order to fully use its functions.

What to do – keyboard does not work

If keyboard does not work, you need to determine the cause of her breakdown. The reasons why may break the keyboard are divided into two types:

  • software;
  • hardware.

If the cause of failure is the hardware part of the keyboard to rectify the situation without specific knowledge and skills alone is very problematic. Easier to replace the old keyboard for a new one. But first check the cable through which the keyboard is connected to PC. Perhaps he moved or damaged. If the cable is intact and not coming off, try to restart the computer. Maybe during his work failed. If a restart of the PC was to no avail and the keyboard still does not work, try to run the panel «start» with your mouse and go to «control Panel» and then «Hardware and sound». If you have problems with the keyboard in the system, it will be marked with yellow color and exclamation point.

Using the mouse, select the keyboard and press «Delete» and then close all tabs.

Video: what to do if the keyboard does not work on the computer

Next back double click on «Hardware and sound», click «Add a device». The OS search, the keyboard is found and installed. If after these manipulations the keyboard is not working, you will need to replace it for a new one or use the virtual keyboard. In our days, the keyboard and mouse is little appreciated, however, these components are an integral part of a full-fledged PC. Virtual or on-screen keyboard are also important elements of a computer, because only they are able to protect your social network from hacking and to protect your personal information Bank details or passport from intruders.

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