Video: Microsoft called Chromebook brick

By | 10.12.2018

Video: Microsoft has named Chromebook a brick

Microsoft is continuing its campaign against Google is in full force. Now, after the start of sales of merchandise in the promotion, the software giant released a video in which mocked the laptops Chromebook.

In the absence of Internet connection, the Chromebook turns into a completely useless thing (brick), said Mr pawn in the new video.

For those who don’t know their laptops Google calls «Chromocene». They are running the Chrome OS, which includes a number of web applications from the search giant. In practice to perform virtually any tasks on the devices in this category really need an Internet connection.

Today, such devices are HP, Acer, Asus and other companies, but they are not very popular, and Microsoft uses this weakness in the camp of Google in his new video for the campaign Scroogled.

In addition to all the disadvantages of the Chromebook laptop, the video emphasizes that Google collects data from users when they are working on the network through the Chrome browser. And as the expert in the video acts as Rick from Pawn Stars is a popular reality show.

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