Video: demonstration of 3D Touch and MixView on the Lumia McLaren

By | 10.12.2018

Video: demonstration of 3D Touch and MixView on the Lumia McLaren

Видео: демонстрация работы 3D Touch и MixView на Lumia McLaren

Long before the world learned about the Lumia 950 and 950 XL, Nokia/Microsoft has developed a flagship smartphone codenamed Lumia McLaren. Its main feature was to be a new control system 3D Touch, which unlike the technology in the iPhone 6S allows you to operate it without touching the screen.

Subsequently, the company canceled the development of the smartphone and the 3D Touch technology in the performance of Microsoft never saw the light.

Yesterday on YouTube there was a video with one of the prototypes of the McLaren. The author of the video demonstrates the 3D Touch and MixView feature that allows you to access secondary functions without having to open the app. In particular, the video shows that when performing contactless gesture (it just has a 3D Touch) on the Internet Explorer tile on the screen there is a multiple child tiles (MixView) to access bookmarks, and open a new tab, and in the case of tile before eyes appear favorite contacts and other relevant functions.

The reasons why Microsoft decided to abandon further development of 3D Touch is unknown, but they may be of a technical nature. However, the company could simply question the real benefits of 3D sensor- the speed and responsiveness of the system leave much to be desired, and poke a finger in the air is not very convenient. However, the MixView concept in one form or another can be implemented in future updates of Windows 10 Mobile, but this is unlikely to happen this year, as the mobile trend was removed from the list of priorities for Microsoft.

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