very hot hard drive

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Very hot hard disk

Hard drive or HDD is a magnetic storage medium on a personal computer. Is the most important device that reads the data while working of the PC.

Winchester – this is called HDD in a computer language – is a circular plate of light metal or of glass, covered with a layer of chromium dioxide.

Like everything else, the main memory is peculiar to malfunction, the most common of which is the inhibition from overheating. However, significant heat can and does cause damage that threatens data loss and replacing the whole Assembly.

Сильно греется жесткий диск

Try to understand why heated hard disk how to eliminate negative impact on the hard drive and whether it is possible to promptly monitor the change of temperature.

The causes of heating

The signs by which we can understand that Winchester overheats, it freezes programs, complete shutdown, sudden restart. From the «material» signs, you can highlight the cracks in the system unit and even a slight burning smell.

For anybody not a secret that the struggle with the consequences any result does not give. So, for example, it is pointless to organize, if he, literally, burst from the heat. It would be logical to eliminate the reasons why the problem has arisen. Moreover, this must be done quickly, otherwise you can wait for a complete replacement of the HDD, and that hardly anyone will want.

Сильно греется жесткий диск

Common reasons are:

  • long life;
  • fault in the contacts breaks or, more often, the oxides;
  • bad connection of the ribbon cable;
  • poor ventilation due to breakage of the cooler.

It is also worth considering and the relative position of the hard drive with other elements in the system unit. So, Winchester, closely adjacent to other drives, the processor or the graphics card, the risk of overheating is more due to the additional dissipation of heat by the other components.

Old disk

There are several varieties of running HDD that are installed on your PC. They can vary between material, speed of the read head or the operating temperature range. But on average, the valid lifetime of the hard drive — about 6 years.

Сильно греется жесткий диск

Of course, there are «animals» who have no problems serving 10 years, but this is the exception rather the rule. At the end of its life it begins to noticeably hang out and overheat. The only possible way to restore the normal operation of the computer will be full replacement with copying all necessary information.

Video: Heat of the hard disk to 102 degrees

Oxidation of the contacts

One of the most common, but at the same time, the cause is unknown, especially ordinary users. In the case of oxidation it is pointless to put additional devices for cooling. Also it makes no sense to limit the operation of the computer: the problem is this will remain misunderstood.

Сильно греется жесткий диск

Oxides of contacts HDD is the oxide deposits, which are formed on the contact surface of the Board. The fee of Winchester is located at the lower side of the disk and not covered. Moist air is able to very quickly oxidize, resulting in a heated and hard disk. Partly it is therefore not necessary to set the computer in rooms with high humidity levels.

Bad connection of the ribbon cable

Train Winchester is a belt that connects it to the motherboard. Stable operation of the railway, as it is a tight fit to the plume. Loose connection begins to cause destabilizing: change the amperage and voltage that in turn leads to overheating.

Сильно греется жесткий диск

Problems with a train can also be found immediately, however, the disc can overheat very much. Without disassembling the system unit and inspection is not enough. Sometimes failure can leave the loop, also the reason is complex: the fault of the tape, and weak connection.

Inadequate ventilation

The deterioration of ventilation implies a reduction in the efficiency of the cooling system.

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Devices which maintain constant temperature inside the system unit are called coolers. The total temperature increase may be caused by the following reasons:

  • the reduction in fan capacity due to old age;
  • the failure of one of the coolers;

    Сильно греется жесткий диск

  • accumulated in the computer of dust caught in the fans.

When replacing the fan, it often happens that in the system unit poor ventilation due to inappropriate cooling device power. Because of problems with the cooling system block and the Winchester in particular is quite serious, should pay more attention to the selection of a new fan.

Determine the temperature

To avoid severe overheating of the hard drive will help the current temperature control. What gives? At least you can turn off the computer and thereby save all the information.

Сильно греется жесткий диск

How to measure temperature? Not useful we with a thermometer in working the system unit? No, of course. There are special programs that allow you to record the degree of heating of all components of the computer and give commands to the fan to increase or decrease speed.

In the network there are a variety of special programs are available, for example, HDD Thermometer or SpeedFun.

The main tasks of utilities to control the temperature of the hard drive are:

  • a warning about the critical temperature;
  • dynamics of changes. The optimal rate – the lack of strong peaks on the graph.
  • fixation increased the efficiency of the cooler;
  • the change in the intensity of the fans.

On the last point is not so clear. If the coolers are old, damaged or slaboroslye the utility in this regard would be powerless.

Сильно греется жесткий диск

However, in General, such a program installed on a PC, will be a very useful addition. It is, of course, will not cure the overheating, but at least the user will know. But alone he can resist, and will discuss this further.

What to do if hard disk is heated?

Thus, the program recorded failures in the memory device. What to do in this case?

In the first place, it is possible to reduce a load on it:

  1. disable bulky applications;
  2. to try to defragment.

    Сильно греется жесткий диск

But, as practice shows, it will not be effective.

In the course of long operation of the system unit becomes clogged. The user may not know it, and meanwhile the dust and litter occur interruptions in the operation of the fans.

To clean your computer in several ways:

  • remove the cover, shake off large debris and wipe with a dry cloth panels and parts PC;
  • to purge dismantled the system unit a little cleaner using a small nozzle;
  • blowing dust from parts with a vacuum cleaner. In comparison with the previous variant, this method is more rational: the dust will not scatter and sits down again.

Cleaning the blades of a cooler to be carried out with a vacuum cleaner, a soft cloth and alcohol wipes. Before installation, the fan must be completely dry.

Attention! Before cleaning you must disconnect the system unit from the network and other devices (monitor, keyboard, speakers). Contact with details very carefully. Should not clean if the unit is never understood. It is better to call a specialist at home.

Сильно греется жесткий диск

If the problem is that the hard disk heats, not in the dust, you may have to clean the contacts from oxide.

For this you need to do the following:

  • remove the Board using the appropriate key;
  • inspect the surface for signs of plaque (oxidation of the contact surface);
  • to remove coarse particles with a toothpick;
  • gently wipe the eraser surface;
  • finally, clean the contacts of plaque alcohol;
  • gently return the fee in place.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the system unit should be in clean and dry place. The conditions of detention are of great importance in the durability of components and the computer in General.

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