Eternal themes

By | 07.04.2016

If you want to create the right site, then you need to choose the right topic. Of course, if you create a website for yourself, for the soul, the topic is not so important. You can write about the breeding of cockroaches at home, to publish information that you did last night, even if your everyday life more boring than a nun.

But if your goal — money and popularity, you have to shine and to choose a popular theme.

The leaders in the advertising market and the tourist sites of car themes. The popularity of different kinds of tips. Home snag here is that these topics are popular, but the competition is high. And do not look for something that trivial copy-paste will help you conquer the world. Over its own site will have to work hard, coming up with the original texts, and at the same time to express these thoughts have bright, clear all of the language. Preferably with mild irony.

In order to write you have to be a trend, that is, from this point on will have to read the news, glossy magazines and books Daria Series. And even if you write only about the off-road, and have to read about sports and glamor in all its manifestations. Firstly, in order to be aware of what is happening in the world, and secondly, to ensure that your brain was active and that you had the feeling to write the text without which is difficult.

And get ready for what will have to write a lot, often and long. But the result will not take long, but only in half a year or even a year.

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