Variants of the reset D LINK DIR 300

By | 10.12.2018

Options reset the router D LINK DIR 300

There are two common ways to reset to factory settings on the models of the brand D-LINK series. The first method is designed to use digital interface and resets the configuration of the control panel by the device itself respectively, it is suitable in cases when you have access to the web interface. The second method uses a mechanical interface.


How to reset to factory settings


Before doing a factory reset of the router D LINK DIR 300, make sure it is really necessary, as you will lose the unsaved data.

Варианты сброса настроек роутера D LINK DIR 300

If you have the opportunity, make a backup of the current configuration. So, let us consider the existing two ways of reset.


Configure the settings of the router Mikrotik RB2011. Details here.

Reset via the web interface



    1. enter in the address bar of your browser numbers or (more rarely) is the router IP address in the local network. That is, in simple terms, the address under which the device «sees himself»;

      Варианты сброса настроек роутера D LINK DIR 300


    1. in the resulting window you will be prompted to enter a username and password (default both values are “admin”), and after entering correct user will be available to the access panel to change the settings of the device;


    1. use this menu to find a point of “Maintenance” (“maintenance”), and the sub-item “Save and Restore”, (“Save and restore”)

      Варианты сброса настроек роутера D LINK DIR 300The name of the menu items may differ depending on the firmware of the router and type the web-interface. In some cases, instead of “Maintenance” can be used the “System” (“System”), and Configuration (“Config”);

      Варианты сброса настроек роутера D LINK DIR 300


    1. then find and click the “Restore To Factory Default: Restore the Device (Restore factory settings: Factory settings”) or “Restore to default” (the“Factory default”);


    1. to redo the settings because after you click this button, all configuration settings of the device will be returned to the factory standards, which were installed when buying a router.



Photo: configuring the router



Reset router settings D — LINK DIR 300 through mechanical interface


Reset through a mechanical interface that will suit you if the standard password вweb interface was changed and you forgot it, thereby losing access. In this case, on the rear panel where the connectors for connecting network cables and the power cord, locate the “RESET” button. To reset the current configuration should:



    1. press and hold the “RESET” button for about fifteen seconds. To understand the success of the operation, you can looking for diodes-LEDs on the front panel after you release the button for a while, all indicators will light or power indicator will flash;

      Варианты сброса настроек роутера D LINK DIR 300


    1. to configure the Internet connection in the web interface at or using to enter the standard login “admin” and password “admin”.



Varieties of web interfaces for the router D LINK DIR 300


16 Nov 2011 the company D-LINK has updated the look of web interfaces for their routers.


Depending on the date of issue of your model, it may have the following form:



    • for old models before 16.11.2011:


Варианты сброса настроек роутера D LINK DIR 300


    • for models produced after 16.11.2011.


Варианты сброса настроек роутера D LINK DIR 300

Using any of the algorithms provided here, you with equal success can reset router settings D LINK DIR 300.


It should also be noted that during this operation you will lose all data not saved on the configuration of the Internet connection and it should not hold in that case, if you have not already saved the current configuration or do not have access to information about the necessary data from your service provider.

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