Validation of accessibility from different parts of the world: monitoring UpTime

By | 10.12.2018

How to verify website availability from different parts of the world: online services for monitoring UpTime

The constant presence of the site in the network plays an important role in the promotion of the resource and directly affects the profitability of the business. Constant monitoring of the work site is necessary, no less than the regular filling with fresh content, improving behavioural factors and other actions in SEO optimization. The consequences of the lack of a website online can be disastrous for the webmaster or business owner that can be avoided if time checked availability site:

  • first, while the website is down, search engine robots can remove its pages from the index;
  • second, even after reindexing the lost pages, they may lose their position in the results;
  • thirdly, when enabled and configured contextual advertising, are made the user clicks on the broken website that eats up your advertising budget and worsens the indicators of the advertising campaign.

Проверка доступности сайта из разных точек мира: контроль UpTime

Is! Constant monitoring of website accessibility is vital, because it will not only help prevent the fall in traffic and a decrease in income, but will save from unnecessary expenses.

That affect the smooth operation of the resource and the services for monitoring sites exist, we will discuss below, but first note that they can be both paid and free.

Service availability monitoring of website Host-Tracker

Host-Tracker — service availability monitoring of web resources, allows you to check the site from different parts of the world in terms of its network presence. Service Host-Tracker is very functional and the possibility of checking the availability of website from over 140 of the world in various ways:

  • a simple request via HTTP how do Internet users through the browser;
  • by checking the connection quality of website and server via Ping;
  • using TCP port, to verify adherence to specific applications and port availability.

Additionally, the service Host-Tracker allows the monitoring of the databases and the quality of the connection, diagnose the contents of the page, measures the response time of the website and the loading speed. Host-Tracker can determine the location of the domain in the black list DNSBL, and in the case that site becomes unavailable, automatically disables the advertising campaign in Google until the resumption of its work and are other options, depending on the chosen tariff.

Проверка доступности сайта из разных точек мира: контроль UpTime

Service Host-Tracker in action, monitored site online and sent a report regarding the website

About all the problems identified during the monitoring Host-Tracker sends a notification to the user of the chosen method. In addition, the service warns you in advance about the expiration of the domain or SSL certificate. In addition to the notifications service sends a detailed report in a user-friendly form.

Tariffs the Host Tracker website monitoring

Host-Tracker offers its services of monitoring sites at multiple rates:

  • there is a free package with limited functionality, but sufficient for a small and not having the huge importance of web projects;
  • there is a range of tariffs, where the cost depends on the number of tracked URLs, frequency of inspection, number of contacts and notifications, as well as the availability of options described above.
  • a test of the 30-day free fare that includes almost all the functionality needed to monitor the site, except for some additional functions.
Проверка доступности сайта из разных точек мира: контроль UpTime

Rates at monitoring sites — prices include payment for the year

The benefits of the service monitor Host-Tracker

The main advantage of the service monitor Host-Tracker is that the user does not need to have any special skills to set up checking sites, nor for the analysis of monitoring results, all in the service interface and is extremely simple for the average user, which is not true of other services, including free, such as a Metric.

Проверка доступности сайта из разных точек мира: контроль UpTime

Yandex Metrics — a free basic service analysis and monitoring of the work site

The metric used by almost all webmasters is a powerful tool in Analytics and is available free of charge, you just have to have an account in Yandex-Mail. After you configure and install the counter code, the webmaster opens the possibility not only to get information about UpTime and the number of visits but also becomes available to a lot of other information:

  • how do users behave on the website — tool, Webvizor, showing in the form of recording all user actions on the website;
  • you can learn the basic traffic sources and their components as a percentage;
  • available information about the types of devices that move users to a website;
  • becoming known the number of visits, bounce rate, depth of page views, total time spent by users on the website, as well as their age and gender;
  • the service shows the URL most visited pages and the queries on which website go users.

Проверка доступности сайта из разных точек мира: контроль UpTime

And this is not all possible Metrics, we can say that thanks to flexible configuration, and rich functionalities, this service is the perfect tool for monitoring the operation of the site, but as we have noted above, this service should be able to use.

To receive notifications from the Metrics on the work site, when configuring a counter in the Notifications section, you need to make the necessary data and select the method of notification. After that you will receive the notification about the unavailability of the website and its appearance in the network. However, it is worth remembering that the service is not immediately receives a signal of unavailability of the site and immediately generates and sends a notification to the webmaster about the emergence of problems on the site, which is a significant disadvantage of the Metric compared to the features of the service monitor Host-Tracker. Therefore, when choosing a service for monitoring the work site, you must use the two tools presented, they perfectly complement each other.

Why the site is not available and what is the UpTime

Among the many factors that affect the uninterrupted availability of the website for users of the network, is crucial to the quality of the hosting service website. Technical problems and frequent maintenance work on the servers of the host can lead to the above-mentioned trouble associated with regular loss of the site. There is a feature evaluates job site: UpTime — a measure of the continuity of the web resource, and if it is below 100%, then the site becomes unavailable. Unfortunately, not all, even a very good hosting that is able to provide 100% UpTime, however, this figure should be taken into account when choosing a hosting provider and, even more, it is impossible to rely on the integrity and reliability of the hosting service and do not monitor the rate of UpTime with the help of specialized services.

Проверка доступности сайта из разных точек мира: контроль UpTime

Check the availability of a site per unit of time at one of the services of the monitoring sites. The example shows the service Uptime 100%

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