Check the ip address of the site. Determine the site’s IP or name of the site based on IP.

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You want to know on what the host is a particular site, but you have only the IP address of the site? Or do you want to know just ip of a site? Nothing could be easier. Please use the service site realist and identify ip or host site! Or do you want to know which sites are located on a particular IP address? Again — you can use our service! Perhaps you suspect that a particular site is owned by the same owner and want to know for sure? Then again use the service Realist site. This service does not answer many questions, but the exact answer to some of them.

IP address of the site — to determine the IP address of the site

This site is intended to determine the site of the IP-address on its domain, the DNS-records, some information on it and the user IP-address. To find out the IP-address of the site must be in the form specify the domain name and press Enter.

If the site name is spelled correctly, there is a check on its existence and, therefore, the definition of all the IP-addresses that can access it. This IP-addresses, rather than a single address, because he may be several.

Examples of sites with multiple IP there is displayed a completely different meaning at the next viewing site IP-address. This is quite normal, because it can periodically be changed / updated.

IP Site — Identifies the IP site or site name by IP

Do you want to know the IP address of the site? Or maybe you want to know the website address for its IP? It’s simple!

Check IP address of the site — Check the IP address of the site and to which he belongs

This service helps to know ip address of the site or its, to which he belongs, all sites on a single IP, operating system, host, and if you use a proxy server checks its anonymity. IP address is a unique identifier assigned to any device connected to the Internet provider it.

Check website ip address or server — This test will help you find ip address of a site or server. You can also determine the ip domain!

On this page, you can very easy to locate and the IP address of the site, as well as information about the provider. Locate the site. Determine the IP site or site name by IP

Sometimes there is also a need to determine the IP of any website. How do I know? IP-address of the site there are a number of ways, and they are all pretty simple.

The first way — is to use the Windows command line, to be exact — of certain command line tools . To access the command prompt, click «Start», select «Run …» in the line «Open» dialog box, type cmd and press OK or Enter. To access the window «Run» you can also just use the keyboard shortcut Win + R.

To find out the IP-address of the site from the command line, enter the ping command in conjunction with the domain of your website without http and www (for example, ping The utility starts to ping the site , while the command line appears similar to the following:

«Pinging [] with 32 bytes of data»

The number in brackets — this is the IP-address of the desired site . Note that if you are pinging site located on multiple servers (usually large-scale projects such as VKontakte), you will find only one of the IP servers — of which the utility has been able to «reach out».

Instead, the ping command, you can use the nslookup command . Some are used to determine the IP site tracert command (trace route to the site). She also introduced, as well as the ping command. But when using the tracert command, you get a list of all the hops that a packet takes on the path to the desired site. From the entire list you will need to select the last IP-address in square brackets, and it will be the address of the site.

You can also find out the IP-address of the site with the help of specialized web-resources . They all operate on the same principle: you enter the domain name of your site in a special line and click the button «Define IP», then the system displays the IP site (or a list of all IP, if the site is located on multiple servers).

Here are a few sites that allow to determine the IP domain for the site :


Of course, these sites are much more, but these should be enough for you to determine the IP-addresses for the domain name of the site.

If you are using a browser the Mozilla of Firefox , you can put the addition ShowIP, allowing to determine the IP-address of the site where you are . In any case, we recall, as a supplement set: Tools → Add-ons in the search field enter the name of the add-on (in this case ShowIP), presses Enter. Click on the «Install» button near the desired additions, and after the restart the browser.

Once installed ShowIP site address where you currently are, will be displayed in the lower left corner of the browser window (on additions panel). If you click on it, unfold the menu for more information : IP-address, host, ISP (Internet Service Provider), country, city.

Also on the menu is a list of links to sites that provide additional information about the domain (country, provider, DNS and etc…), In particular:


Thus, there are several ways to identify IP-address of the site. All of them are quite simple and affordable. The catch lies only in the fact that a single site can have multiple IP-address , if it is located on multiple servers. Sometimes the reverse — one IP-address can be shared between multiple sites is located on the same server.

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