Installing Windows XP from a disc

By | 24.04.2016

What you need to install Windows XP on a computer

First of all, in order to install Windows XP on a computer or laptop , you will need a Windows installation disc. If you do not, it does not matter. The following look at how to write the installation disc and install it with XP, the Windows . If Windu going to put on a netbook or just your computer does not drive, USB flash drive can do the installation the Windows XP, . Read more in the article How to install Windows XP from a USB flash drive .

Also need the device drivers installed in the computer (chipset, sound card, video card, webcam, etc.)

Write the Windows XP installation CD

To write a Windows installation disc, we need an image, CD burning software from the image, CD burner and blank CD itself itself.

The image of the Windows XP SP3 Professional Disc swing here

Suitable any program for burning, which maintains a record of the iso-image, for example, or the Nero DeepBurner, which can be downloaded for free here .

Thus, the downloaded disk image, installed the program DeepBurner. Now consider the disc burning process.

Insert a blank CD-R disc into the drive and run DeepBurner. After starting DeepBurner allows you to choose the type of project to create.

Select the ISO-image Burn and click Next.

I do not know about you, but I opened the window of the project in a compressed form. So you need to stretch out his arm grasping the lower right corner or expand to fill the screen, so that it takes the form as shown below.

In the project window, click the button with three dots (Browse) and select the file downloaded iso-image of the Windows XP installation disk. In our case it is a file ZverCDlego_9.2.3.iso .

Now you need to select the recording speed and click Burn the ISO . In order to drive better signed, the speed should be chosen slightly less than the maximum. It now remains to wait until the disk is written. After recording, the Windows XP SP3 disk drive tray eject itself. The CD is ready!

XP, the Windows (internal version — Windows NT 5.1) — Operating System (OS) family of Windows NT at Microsoft. She was released on October 25, 2001 and is an evolution of Windows 2000 Professional. XP The name comes from the English.  EXPerience (experience).Unlike previous Windows 2000, which comes in both the server and the client versions, Windows XP is the only client system.

According to web analytics since September 2003 to July 2011, Windows XP was the operating system used to access the Internet in the world. In February 2013 Windows XP was on the second place after Windows 7 with 19.1% share. The maximum of this value was 76.1% and was achieved in January 2007.

Source: the Wikipedia

How to install Windows XP from the disk via BIOS

Now it’s time to consider the process of installing Windows XP on a computer disk .

First of all, you need to configure to boot from the drive in the BIOS. To do this, go to the BIOS menu . How to do this may vary depending on the motherboard model. In most cases, this menu can be accessed by pressing the Del (on some models of motherboards need to press the F2 ) after the computer is turned on (during the start-up screen). It is better to press this button several times to be sure.

BIOS menu differs depending on the manufacturer and version. There are two main types of BIOS: AMI and AWARD.

Below are screenshots AWARD BIOS. It is necessary to go to the menu Advanced BIOS Features.

award bios - advanced

Here in the menu First Boot Device , press the Enter key and select the CD-ROM

award bios - boot configuration with drive

Then press the Esc key to return to the previous menu, where you select the Save and the Exit the Setup . All are now the first device to boot the computer to DVD-ROM drive. You can navigate the process of installing Windows XP from a disc .

Now look at how to set boot from the disc AMI BIOS

Select the tab, the Boot , and in it we go in the menu Boot Device Priority

ami bios - boot

Put the first device to boot (1st Boot Device) CD-ROM or DVD-ROM (the model of your drive)

Setup boot drive in ami bios

In some versions of the BIOS of the first device selected after clicking on the item you want the Enter key and select the device to other devices are moved up and down using the F5 and F6 keys or the + and —

Then you need to go to the main menu, press the Esc key and go to the tab the Exit . Select Exit and Save Changes to save your changes and exit.

Now consider the process of installing Windows XP from a disc to the computer .

Insert the installation CD into the drive and restart your computer. Disc Menu appears given below.

install windows xp sp3 in manual mode

Select the item Install Microsoft Windows XP SP3 in manual mode and press Enter.

It is necessary to warn that installing Windows XP SP3 on a computer takes about 40 minutes. So please be patient.

On the first screen, press the Enter key to continue the installation.

installing windows xp

The next step is to read the license agreement and press F8

Now select the partition on which to install Windows XP. If the hard drive is new and has not yet been formatted, you need to create a partition by pressing C.

Select the partition and press Enter. If the partition already exists, it is necessary to confirm the installation in this section by pressing C .

how to install windows xp from disc - choice section

The next step is the installation program offers to format the drive. Select the point Format the partition in NTFS file system (Quick) and press Enter.

installation of Windows - format

To confirm formatting press F

After the formatting process will start copying the necessary files to the hard disk.

how to install windows xp - backup to disk files

After copying the files to your computer will restart.

As the computer boots, it starts again from the boot CD. In the disc menu, select the item Boot from drive C:

Open driver package selection window for unpacking and installation. This built-in drivers for many devices, included in this assembly. If you are installing Windows XP from a distribution from Microsoft, this window will not appear.

installing windows xp zver

Select the desired driver packages, tick and click OK. If you do not know exactly what drivers are needed and which are not, select All. If you have a CD with drivers for all devices (motherboard, graphics card, etc.), remove all ticks to accelerate the OS installation process. In this case, you need to install the driver manually after the installation disks Windows. Read more here: How to install Windows XP drivers.

After pressing the OK button to start unpacking driver packages, and when it ends, continue Setup Windows.

The next will be the language selection window, and regional standards. If the distribution of the Russian version under Windows XP, there is no need to change anything.

how to install windows xp - choice of language and standards

Then you need to enter a name and organization. The name must be entered obligatory. You can use any name. The field organization can be left blank.

Installation windose xn

In the next window, you must enter the product key and click Next .

A window appears in which you must enter the computer name and administrator password. In this window, you can change nothing. Then, the administrator password is not set.

The time and date settings window set the correct date and time, and time zone.

Windows installation - installation time Idate

In the network operating parameters, select Typical settings and click Next .

how to install windose - Network Settings

The working group box, write the name of the workgroup or domain in which your computer participates. If you do not have a home or office network, you can leave it unchanged and click Next .

install windows xp on a computer - working group

Then continue Installation Windows, and the computer will automatically reboot.

We go into the BIOS and set the first boot from the hard drive, as described earlier in this article. Exit the BIOS and save changes.

Now before a fully install Windows XP on a computer were last minute.

When you boot the system will offer to automatically adjust the screen resolution. Click OK.

In the Windows XP greetings click Next .

how to install windows xp - Configuration Wizard

You will be prompted to select a mode of Windows Update.

installing windows xp - Configure Automatic Updates

Select Postpone this action to disable the automatic update system, and press Next .

In the next window will be prompted to set up an Internet connection. Click Skip .

From refuse to register proposals, selecting No, some other time , and click Next .

install windows xp sp3 - registration

In the final window, click Finish .

That’s all! Now that you know how to install Microsoft Windows XP installation disc into your computer .

Windows Xp - Welcome screen

It remains to install the drivers and software, but this is beyond the scope of this article.

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